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In the Krasnodar Territory, representatives of the EMERCOM of Russia are testing the technology for constructing orthophotomaps and 3D terrain models for monitoring the situation using unmanned aerial systems. These works are being carried out in Apsheronsky, Mostovsky, Tuapse regions and near Sochi.

– In connection with the period of increased avalanche danger and the high probability of landslides in the Krasnodar Territory, it became necessary to apply the calculation of an unmanned aerial system for shooting problem areas, – said Sergey Ledentsov, head of the spatial data department of the space monitoring department of the Main Directorate of the National Crisis Management Center of the EMERCOM of Russia. – Based on the results of air flights, 3D relief models and orthophotomaps of the terrain are created.

Orthophotomap is a kind of terrain plan, which is formed on the basis of aerial photography. It makes it possible to present the situation on the earth’s surface in the most detailed way. Orthophotomaps in the EMERCOM of Russia system are designed to control the areas of emergency recovery and other urgent work, to simulate the consequences of natural emergencies, as well as to receive up-to-date information from the emergency area for prompt decision-making.

The initial images obtained as a result of aerosalization from unmanned aerial vehicles are processed in photogrammetric software systems. The principle of assembling is to search for the same terrain areas in different frames. In other words, one and the same piece of land is recorded at once on several images and then, according to coinciding features, is glued into a single file.

According to Sergei Ledentsov, on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory, specialists from the NTSUKS EMERCOM of Russia gained new experience in aerial surveys in mountainous areas and on the coast. Prior to this, work on the creation of 3D models and orthophotomaps of the terrain was carried out mainly in the steppes.

– In other regions of the country, we have already filmed landslide-prone areas, but in the Krasnodar Territory there is a more interesting experience. So, in one day we were able to shoot almost an entire gorge near the village of Novomikhaylovsky, Tuapse region. The next stage is to record specific landslide-prone areas near Sochi with the help of drones, – said Sergei Ledentsov, adding that according to the results of the survey, it will be clear whether there are areas of relief where it is already necessary to start strengthening work.

All orthophotomaps, as they are formed, are transferred to the disposal of the Main Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia in the Krasnodar Territory. They will be used when the weather conditions deteriorate for retrospective analysis and forecasting of the further development of the situation and changes in the situation in problem areas of the terrain.

“With the help of orthophotomaps, it is possible to understand in advance which buildings, socially significant objects fall into the zone of flooding or landslide,” Sergey Ledentsov explained. – This helps to quickly assess the situation and understand on which houses and buildings you need to focus your attention, where in the first place the population should be evacuated, etc.

As the representative of the NTSUKS EMERCOM of Russia noted, the technology for creating orthophotomaps is relatively new. The pilot launch took place in 2020. The results obtained confirm the high efficiency of this work. Moreover, in addition to improving the accuracy of forecasts in the event of an emergency, digital terrain plans also help in the current work of the EMERCOM of Russia. For example, based on orthophotomaps, it is possible to determine which areas of the relief need to build a dam, carry out bank protection measures, clean up river beds, etc. In this regard, it was decided in 2021 to involve all territorial bodies of the EMERCOM of Russia in the project for the large-scale creation of orthophotomaps for the area.

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