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April 3, 2021 11:02 am

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This is a relatively small bird with a catchy color, which is a mixture of gray (gray-haired) and olive (yellow-green) shades.

In the past few weeks in the natural and historical park “Kuzminki-Lyublino” experts Mosprirodywatching a gray-headed woodpecker. This beautiful and useful bird for the forest belongs to very rare species. It is included in the red books of many regions of our country.

In the Red Book of Moscow, the gray-headed woodpecker belongs to the first category. This means that the species is endangered. In 2020, a gray-headed woodpecker was seen in the landscape reserve “Valley of the Skhodnya River in Kurkino” and in the Bitsevsky forest.

The males of the gray-headed woodpecker call the females by drumming along the tree trunks. Courtship of birds often consists in noisy landing next to the prospective partner, and sometimes in his ritual feeding. In winter, in our area, birds live alone, often wandering, keeping in sparse forests or on their edges.

In winter, the gray-headed woodpecker feeds on lard, berries and wood dust, in spring – on the sweet sap of trees. In summer, birds eat ants and other insects and their larvae, and in autumn, ripe fruits and berries of forest trees.

The gray-headed woodpecker is a relatively small bird with a memorable coloration, which is a mixture of gray (gray-haired) and olive (yellow-green) shades. Males also have a small red speck on their head. The gray-headed woodpecker from the rainforest has crimson streaks in color all over its body.

The birds take turns hollowing out a hollow in the trunks of deciduous trees, where they then incubate and feed the chicks. Gray-headed woodpeckers need human care: when walking in the forest, you should make less noise so as not to disturb them.

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