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We read fairy tales with kids, a detective story with older children, and study fantastic stories with teenagers.

On weekends, the staff of the reading rooms in Moscow talk about books that the whole family will love. Head of Library No. 10 Anna Klemina advises to acquaint children with books by Andrey Usachev, Valko, Victoria Lederman and others.


“Smart dog Sonya” by Andrey Usachev

The first book that I want to recommend for reading with children is “The Smart Dog Sonya”. I think many parents remember this wonderful piece, which does not lose its relevance. Of course, you need to read modern books, but be sure to return to the time-tested classics.

The heroine, by her own example, teaches the kids how to behave, suggests where dangers can lurk. For example, it quickly becomes clear to babies that it is best not to deal with electric shock. Useful knowledge is presented easily and is well remembered.

After meeting the heroine, you can watch cartoons about the dog Sonya. The scripts were also written by Andrei Usachev, it was with them that the book began.

“The Big Book of Fairy Tales of the Magic Forest” Valko

The second book I recommend was written by a contemporary German author and illustrator Valko (Walter Kessler). I love that he moves away from clichés in his book. The main character – a hare – is nicknamed the Knight. He’s not cowardly at all. With his friend, the bear Gourmet, the Knight always gets into different troubles. But thanks to friendship and responsiveness, they very easily get out of them.

The illustrations are real masterpieces. However, see for yourself.

Older guys

“Alya, Klyaksich and the letter A” by Irina Tokmakova

This is a funny tale-tale about how the girl Alya and the letter A travel through the alphabet in the hope of defeating the villain Klyaksich, who wants to replace all the letters with blots. You can’t cope without the help of readers – they will need to complete simple interesting tasks after each chapter. For example, draw a fence … with 1s or several lines of “bagels”.

Irina Tokmakova is a well-known children’s writer. The story “Alya, Klyaksich and the Letter A” was first published in 1967.

“Agatha Mystery” by Steve Stevenson

I would also like to recommend the Agatha Mystery series by Steven Stevenson. This name hides the Italian writer Mario Pasqualotto – he took a pseudonym in honor of his favorite author Robert Louis Stevenson. Agatha Mystery has no less exciting adventures than Treasure Island.

The main character Agatha (of course, this is a reference to the famous Agatha Christie) dreams of becoming a writer. She is inquisitive, she is interested in everything in the world. She has a cousin, Larry, who is attending detective school. He is not very resourceful, so he always turns to Agatha for help. Together they investigate mysterious cases and travel to different countries.

The Agatha series is good for broadening your horizons. Young readers not only follow the detective story, but also learn about the sights and way of life of each country where the heroes find themselves. In our library, these books are very popular and are always on hand – out of all 36 on the shelf, there are always a maximum of two or three.


“Time is always good” by Andrey Zhvalevsky and Evgeniya Pasternak

The book is about the fact that there is something unique in all times. The plot here is very interesting, fantastic: the boy from 1980 is transferred to 2018, and the girl from 2018 is sent almost 40 years ago.

We see the pros and cons of two eras: once children walked more in the yard, knew a lot of street games, but today they are good at using computers, texting in messengers. One thing is true for both the past and the present: if you have good friends, it will be fun to be with them under any circumstances.

I read the book with great pleasure. Many topics are touched upon here – the relationship between boys and girls, first love, friendship. Andrei Zhvalevsky and Evgenia Pasternak received the Russian literary prize Alice for “Time is always good”, and then the book took third place in the all-Russian competition “Kniguru”.

“Theory of improbabilities” by Victoria Lederman

The very first phrase will hook any modern teenager: “The day went wrong in the morning: the Internet was turned off.” The main character Matvey will have to spend a whole day without communication with the world. At breakfast, mom breaks the news: her friend’s daughter will temporarily live with them. Matvey does not want to share his territory, takes offense and leaves to breathe fresh air on the street, where he is overtaken by new trouble.

Running away from hooligans, Matvey climbs into an ordinary pipe, and gets out in a completely different world, where everything is turned upside down: he does not exist, and his mother’s daughter is growing up. The hero is trying to find his friends to help him return. The book shows how often we do not value what we have.

More great books, verified by readers of children’s libraries and their staff, – in the rubric Librarian Tips.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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