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Modern architecture, global scale and unusual sports: read about new spots on the sports map of Moscow in this article.

In Moscow, at least five million residents regularly go in for this or that kind of sport, in all districts there are 26.5 thousand sports facilities for them. More than 600 kilometers of ski slopes are opened in winter alone, and the total length of jogging tracks reaches 260 kilometers – this is the approximate distance from Moscow to Yaroslavl.

Every year, new sports complexes, swimming pools and football fields for amateurs and professionals are opened in the capital. Truly unique sports venues are also emerging. For the International Day of Sports for Peace and Development, interesting sports facilities that have opened in recent years were gathered.

New water areas

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in Moscow, with more than half a million residents. There are almost 1.5 thousand swimming pools in the capital. Over the past two years, two interesting places have appeared in Moscow for amateurs and professionals.

A modern water sports center was opened on the territory of the former ZIL industrial zone. It includes the Anastasia Davydova Olympic Synchronized Swimming Center and the Aquatoria ZIL sports complex. In a buiding “Water areas” ZIL “”built two 50-meter swimming pools – indoor and outdoor. The first was equipped with starting bollards, turning panels, a timekeeping system and an electronic scoreboard. During the competition, stands can be installed around for fans. The outdoor pool is for amateurs, it has underwater lighting and heating systems, which means that you can visit it all year round at any time of the day. The swimming pool in the Aquatoria ZIL sports complex is the only one in the Southern Administrative District and one of the few outdoor swimming pools in Moscow.

In 2019, one of the largest water sports complexes in Russia and throughout Eastern Europe was launched on the territory of Luzhniki. It also has water activities for visitors of all ages. Up to three thousand people can be received here every day. Aquacomplexopened on the site of the historic pool in 1956. Now there are three sports pools, a water park, an open-air pool, a health center, a children’s spa area with an artificial beach, restaurants and cafes. For extreme lovers, there are slides from which you can ride on inflatable rafts singly or in pairs (the longest is Aquasphere, the worst is Loop). For beginner surfers, there is a pool with a slope and imitation of a sea wave. And for a relaxing holiday, a wellness complex with thermal bowls overlooking the street is suitable.

Unique forms and content

Another new sports facility “Luzhniki” – Irina Viner-Usmanova Gymnastics Palace… It opened in June 2019 and has already received several prestigious architectural awards… The five-story building is unique primarily in the shape of the roof: it resembles a fluttering gymnastic ribbon. And the building itself was designed using the latest BIM technologies.

The heart of the Palace of Gymnastics is the arena measuring 54 by 36 meters. It can train up to 150 athletes, and on competition days it can accommodate 500 gymnasts and nearly four thousand fans. The building has halls for training, choreographic and gymnasiums, a medical center, a press center, commentary booths, rooms for athletes. The palace can also be used as a concert and entertainment complex.

Five in one

The first in Russia center for modern pentathlon opened in the North last year. In one place, athletes can practice swimming, shooting, fencing, running and equestrian sports. For the center, an equestrian arena and a professional 50-meter pool were built, next to which there is a dry swimming hall. On the territory of the center there are several shooting ranges, an arena for athletes, gyms with exercise machines and rest rooms.

The complex can host both Russian and international competitions. In their free time from professional training, everyone can attend the center. By the way, there is an interactive museum of the history of pentathlon in the building.

Stunt and Race Parks

There are also more alternatives to classic workouts. In 2019, the Children’s Cherkizovsky Park opened cluster of alternative sports… For cyclists, rollers, skateboarders and scooter riders, it has a skate park and a pump track. They were developed taking into account the wishes of professional athletes. You can get here by a separate bike path. Also in the park, a rugby field was tidied up, where you can play even in winter. A jogging track was laid around it, an area for playing ping-pong, a universal playground for volleyball, basketball, streetball and mini-football was organized nearby.

Another place for extreme sportsmen appeared in 2018 in Printers… The technical sports center “Moscow” appeared on the site of an unauthorized dump – the waste was removed, the territory was reclaimed and a modern space for competitions was made on the banks of the Moskva River. This place is located at a considerable distance from residential areas, so they decided to give it to fans of extreme sports. Now there are five zones with special tracks. The motocross track with natural obstacles stretches for 1880 meters, next to it there is a multifunctional road-ring track for auto and motor sports. Go-kart races take place in a one-kilometer-long equipped area, and bike stunts can be performed on a separate 205-meter counter-slope track.

In 2018, the largest pump track in the capital appeared in the park of the 850th anniversary of Moscow. Its area is more than five thousand square meters. The track is divided into four thematic spaces with gradation according to the level of training of athletes. There is room for beginner riders, cardio workouts and timed doubles. The most sophisticated athletes will be able to hone the technique of passing obstacles on a difficult special stage – this is a full-fledged ring for racing.

In addition, a pump track appeared nearby for young riders who are just starting their journey in two-wheeled sports. It is designed for training kids from five years old. The total length of the track is 70 meters. The track has five turning corners to change the direction of travel. Here you can practice basic skills in handling a bicycle, scooter, rollerblading or skateboard.

The park also has a professional roller ski track with a length of more than four kilometers. Rollerski and roller skis ride on it in summer, and skiers in winter. Biathlon competitions are held here, all the necessary infrastructure has been created for this.

American classics in the south of Moscow

Recently, a baseball field has been operating in Moscow, although this sport is perhaps still quite exotic for the capital. You can get acquainted with the game popular in the USA in the park “Brateevskaya Poima”… The baseball field was created according to all the canons – in the shape of a perfect diamond. There are stands, changing rooms and showers nearby.

The site hosts the games of the Moscow Amateur Baseball League. Athletes of the baseball club “Spartak” train here. By the way, in Brateyev and at the Konstruktor stadium in Fili you can watch matches for free and even enter the field if you qualify for one of the teams.

In addition to the baseball field, there are more than a dozen sports zones in the park. These are separate grounds for football and mini-football, parkour and workout, basketball and volleyball, tennis and table tennis.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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