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12 April 2021, 07:02

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Photo by E. Samarin.

Students will be able to take interactive tests, watch historical videos, and even create a model of a rocket.

“Moscow Electronic School” (“MESh”) presented a thematic selection for the Day of Cosmonautics. For the MES library it was prepared by specialists from the Institute of Content, Methods and Technologies of Education Moscow City Pedagogical University.

The first flight

Class hour “Great event” will better introduce you to the first manned flight into space. So, users will find out on which spacecraft Yuri Gagarin flew, what he saw in the window, as well as about important figures in the history of astronautics – Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and Sergei Korolev. There will be an opportunity to listen to the recording with the voice of the first cosmonaut and even try yourself in the role of a rocket designer. Students can also test their knowledge on this topic with the help of a special quiz Cosmonautics Day and history applications “Who want to be a millionaire”That can be used as a warm-up in the lesson.

Yuri Gagarin

There is also a lesson script for initial and seniorYuri Gagarin English classes. During the lesson, it will be possible not only to get acquainted with the biography of the first cosmonaut, but also to work in groups and learn new vocabulary on the topic. At the end of the lesson, the participants will complete a group project dedicated to other famous cosmonauts – Alexei Leonov and Valentina Tereshkova.

In the application Yuri Gagarin: the first man in spacepresents interesting facts from the life of the first cosmonaut of the Earth. Students will be asked to answer questions and choose the correct answer from the list. For example, they will find out what profession Yuri Gagarin received, what kind of sport he preferred and who his mother worked for.

Space trip

In the application Cosmonautics Dayit will be possible to solve problems: find out the time of the start and flight of Gagarin, the number of circles he made around the Earth, and his call sign. Here they will also offer to decipher the message of the first cosmonaut to descendants, get acquainted with the concept of “model” and make a rocket using the origami technique.

For the little ones

Lesson script Cosmonautics Dayfocused on primary school students. They will be able to guess fascinating riddle poems about space and complete tasks dedicated to the chief Soviet designer Sergei Korolev.

The videos will tell about the first manned flight into space and spacewalk, as well as about the first woman astronaut. An interactive lesson assignment will acquaint you with the call signs of the first cosmonauts and the famous sayings of the heroes.

Library “MESH” – service of the project “Moscow Electronic School”, developed by the capital Department of Education and Science together with Department of Information Technology… There are more than 50 thousand scripts of lessons, about 10 thousand video lessons, almost two thousand electronic teaching aids, 348 textbooks, about 140 thousand educational interactive applications, 11 unique laboratories and 245 works of fiction.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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