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“Snesh and Ezhinka”, “Monya and Venya”, “First Job” and other books that will help make a family evening even more comfortable.

Moscow librarians continue to talk about books that will appeal to both children and parents. Tatiana Maksimova, head of library number 105, advises to read detective stories and books about animals with kids, and a science fiction novel with teenagers.


“The ship that wanted to fly” by Ekaterina Filippova

This is a story about a small Ship who was afraid of water. He watched his fellow airplanes and desperately wanted to take to the skies like they did. A friend helped him to overcome his fears and make his dreams come true. All this happens in a special kindergarten for such kids – boats, toy cars and airplanes. If your child is just starting to go to kindergarten, read this book to him. She will help you adapt.

This book came to the fund of our library after a meeting with the author – writer, animation artist of the Soyuzmultfilm studio Yekaterina Filippova. We often hold master classes and meetings with directors and animators as part of the Multkniga project. In the classroom, children create characters, come up with scenarios and shoot real cartoons.

“Smart dog Sonya” by Andrey Usachev

I would also like to recommend a collection of short stories about the “royal mongrel” Sonya, created by the wonderful writer Andrei Usachev. Sonya is a very inquisitive dog, she is interested in everything around – she wants to study and try everything, like every small child.

The stories about her are filled with light humor. The author easily and unobtrusively tells the children about important things: what is politeness, what to do if you get lost, and much more. After reading the book, be sure to watch the 1991 cartoon. Usachev himself wrote the script for him.

Older guys

“Dream and Hedgehog. Chilling story “Nadezhda Kosolapkina

I strongly advise younger students to get acquainted with the detective story created by the modern writer and teacher Nadezhda Kosolapkina. The main characters – the hedgehogs Snesh and the Hedgehog – solve the mystery of the disappearances of the inhabitants of the Snow Town. Be sure: they will definitely lead the kidnapper to clean water.

Try giving your child a Chilling Story to read on their own. A fascinating plot, interesting characters, colorful design, he will surely like it.

“Monya and Venya: cats that they love” by Martha Ketro

Many kids love to read stories about cats and cats. If your young reader is not indifferent to the mustachioed and striped, pay attention to the book by the modern Russian writer Marta Ketro. The main characters are two adorable kittens Monya and Venya. They live with their mom, who teaches them good behavior. However, the kids, as soon as they disappear from the mother’s field of vision, play pranks and seek adventure. They put on a circus show, save the butterfly – what happens to them!

When a new kitty named Khokhloma appears in the house, Monya and Venya do not want to be friends with her, but in the face of danger they unite to cope with the thief who climbed into the house. The book shows children the value of friendship, teaches kindness and mutual assistance. It is a pleasure to read it. Fun, exciting and instructive.


“The first work” by Yulia Kuznetsova

This is the story of how fifteen-year-old Masha becomes a tutor to earn money for a trip to Spain. She teaches little Dana Spanish, tries to make friends with her. This is not always easy, because her student is a spoiled child of wealthy parents. Masha gradually finds an approach to the girl, a way to captivate her with the subject.

Young writer Yulia Kuznetsova touches upon topics that concern adolescents: growing up, gaining independence, understanding and accepting themselves and others.

“Time is always good” by Andrey Zhvalevsky and Evgeniya Pasternak

I would also like to introduce you to a very popular book today, which received the Alisa Prize 10 years ago, and then took third place in the All-Russian Kniguru competition.

The action takes place in two parallel worlds: in 2018 and 1980. The boy Vitya from the past and the girl Olya, who lives in our time, change places. Back in 1980, Olya, accustomed to life with gadgets, is gradually learning to communicate. Readers who recognize themselves in the heroine are very interested in watching how she adapts to life without the usual things.

The work will tell you what childhood is without phones and computers, and will remind you of the value of real communication, games in the yard and paper books.

More great books, verified by readers of children’s libraries and their staff, – in the rubric Librarian Tips.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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