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On April 17, on the Day of the Soviet Fire Service and as part of the fire safety month, employees of the Information Policy Department of the Russian Emergencies Ministry held a fire and rescue sports day. In the 32nd specialized unit of the Moscow garrison, the firefighters prepared a unique program for their colleagues.

The employees of the department had to go through 6 tasks, each of which fully reflected the work of firefighters and rescuers. Before the start, everyone was equipped in overalls – they were given combat clothes for a firefighter, boots, helmets, belts and gloves.

The event began with an acquaintance with the fire station, which is located in the south of the capital and protects residents of the Chertanovo and Biryulyovo districts from the elements of fire. The unit is not called specialized for nothing – the technical equipment of the rescue unit is also special. In addition to tank trucks and a cranked lifting mechanism, there are some vehicles in the combat crew, whose advantage is difficult to overestimate. The base of the ABG gas and smoke protection service is capable of delivering to the fire site the equipment necessary for charging, checking, repairing compressed air breathing apparatus, which are so necessary for fighters during extinguishing, because they are the first to enter an environment unsuitable for breathing. Or, for example, a fire-fighting rescue vehicle SPASA, which ensures the work of the units of the gas and smoke protection service during extinguishing a fire. It contains the necessary equipment for carrying out various rescue operations and ensuring smoke removal in the premises. For such an intensive work, often associated with danger and risk to life, the team is selected according to special criteria.

The best employees of the 32nd main special unit and a separate post, on whose account thousands of square meters reclaimed from the fire, and hundreds of lives saved, became instructors for their colleagues, who also have important tasks on their shoulders – organizing interaction and informing the population through the media about emerging or predicted emergencies and fires and measures to ensure the safety of the population.

After the tour of the unit and the demonstration of firefighting and rescue equipment and equipment, colleagues went to the treadmill located in front of the firefighters training tower, and then a real competition awaited them, as close as possible to passing the standards for physical and firefighting training – an obstacle course. With great enthusiasm, everyone ran along the boom, crawled under the crossbars and even climbed the assault ladder to the window of the training tower. The men were so imbued with the spirit of the relay that they decided to arrange races for the best time.

As part of the passage of the strip with the help of mountaineering equipment, professional rescuers demonstrated the rescue option from the third floor window.

Then the participants had to go to the heart and pride of the firefighting and rescue garrison – to the training complex of firefighters – a heat-smoke chamber. It is in it that it is possible to simulate the most complex situation in a smoky room. The information department had to go through a real labyrinth. Those who wanted to complicate an already difficult task were invited to be included in compressed air breathing apparatus.

According to legend, the teams got into a real fire, where through a veil of smoke they had to find a conditional victim and save him. The path was complicated by the darkness, the annoying effect of strobe lights, smoke and an additional factor of realism – sound effects simulating the collapse of structures and the screams of victims. The best was the team that passed the test in 4 minutes 46 seconds.

After the most difficult test, the department employees liquidated the consequences of the conditional traffic accident. It was necessary to rescue two victims and provide them with psychological assistance. The statisticians, according to legend, were injured in the collision and were trapped in a vehicle. Special rescue tools and equipment were used.

All actions were realistic, the girls used both the cullet and the saw, the men took up the hydraulic tool, it was necessary to unclench and bite the racks. There was enough work for everyone.

In the end, the firefighters taught their colleagues how to put out a real fire. And this was one of the most serious tests, because the emergency response training included a conditional release of hazardous chemicals. In special protective insulating capsule-type suits, the participants along the perimeter with their trunks precipitated the gaseous phase of the emergency chemically hazardous substance.

Employees of the Information Policy Department were delighted with the past day. They thanked the firefighters and rescuers and congratulated the Soviet fire brigade on the holiday!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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