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In total, more than five thousand people should move to new apartments under the renovation program.

A house in Danilovsky district was handed over for settlement under the renovation program… It is located at the 5th Roshinsky passage, building 1.

“Resettlement under the renovation program has begun in the Danilovsky district. Seven sites were selected, plus a monolith with underground garages was built, a smart house with modern equipment, – noted Sergei Sobyanin… “In general, a high-quality house, residents have practically no comments or refusals to relocate.”

According to him, equipment has been installed in the house, which will allow residents to save on utility bills.

A total of 31 houses in the Danilovsky District are included in the renovation program, including 19 houses intended for demolition. Another 12 houses of urban planning value are planned to be reconstructed after resettlement.

“Six sites will be commissioned in 2022–2023. So in this area, I hope, the implementation of the renovation program will not take long, ”added Sergei Sobyanin.

More than five thousand residents must move to new apartments. Seven launch sites have been identified in the region, where 81.1 thousand square meters of housing can be built.

In December 2020, the settlement of the new building in 5th Roshchinsky passage (building 1) began. As for the remaining six launch sites, work is underway on projects, or urban planning documentation is being developed, or construction has already begun.

New building in 5th Roshchinsky passage

A ten-storey monolithic residential building with underground parking in 5th Roshchinsky passage (building 1) was built according to an individual project. The Tulskaya metro station is about a 15-minute walk from the house.

The façade was decorated with orange, dark brown and white porcelain stoneware hinged panels. Loggias and balconies are glazed. Metal baskets are provided for air conditioners.

The new building has 70 apartments, including 32 one-room, 20 two-room, 16 three-room and two four-room. Their total area is 4.2 thousand square meters. Two apartments are designed for people with limited mobility and are equipped for their needs. Improved finishing of apartments and common areas is made in accordance with the requirements of the Moscow renovation standard.

The underground parking for 21 cars can be reached by elevators from your own floor. Residents of the house can purchase parking spaces with a 40 percent discount. Unsold parking spaces will be offered to residents of the area.

On the first (non-residential) floor with a modern stained-glass glazing system, there are technical rooms and premises for offices.

Like other houses being built under the renovation program, the new building in 5th Roshchinsky Proezd is equipped with smart household and apartment-based metering devices for cold and hot water supply, heat supply, electricity with the ability to automatically transfer data to city information systems. This will significantly reduce the cost of house maintenance and utility bills.

In order to ensure security, modern automatic video surveillance and fire alarm systems have been installed in the house.

A landscaped courtyard with playgrounds and sports grounds is safe for all categories of residents, including small children and people with limited mobility.

Starting from December 25, 2020, 52 families – 165 residents of buildings 9 and 19 of houses 2/1 on Malaya Tulskaya Street built in 1930, located near the new building, will move to the new building in the 5th Roshchinsky passage.

10 families are moving from building 9 – the owners of one four-room apartment and rooms in nine former communal apartments. In the new house, residents of former communal apartments will be provided with separate apartments. The remaining 30 apartments in this building were resettled in previous years, as they were uninhabitable.

Owners of 42 apartments move from building 19.

After resettlement, building 9 will be preserved and reconstructed as having urban-planning value, and in place of building 19, a small inner-quarter square for local residents will appear.

The Resettlement Information Center, where prospective newcomers receive the assistance they need, is located on the first floor of the new building. Currently, 48 families (90 percent) have agreed to resettlement, of which one family has applied for a larger apartment with a surcharge. Four more families are in the process of choosing a new home.

One of the first newcomers to the house was the family of Galina and Vladimir Chertov and their daughter Polina. In the near future they have to move from two rooms of a communal apartment located on the fourth floor of the house to be settled into a new two-room apartment with a total area of ​​67.2 square meters on the seventh floor.

Another family of new settlers is pensioners Natalya and Mikhail Sytytov, with whom their three sons and two grandchildren live. In the near future, they should move from a three-room apartment with an area of ​​79.5 square meters, located on the second floor of the house to be settled, into a new three-room apartment with a total area of ​​87.3 square meters on the seventh floor.

Sergei Sobyanin congratulated the family on the new home and examined the apartment provided to them.

Natalya Sytytova noted that she was pleased with the new bright and comfortable apartment, as well as the fact that all the neighbors remained the same.

“Moving from an old familiar place is also difficult, but here you already start to get used to it. Because, look, here from morning all day long the sun until evening, – she said. “The whole team moved, so it was a coincidence, so we don’t need to get to know anyone, we can go on a visit calmly, not being embarrassed about what kind of apartments we had.”

In addition, residents thanked the Mayor of Moscow for the fact that the resettlement takes place within the district. “We are grateful that we stayed in the same area, it is close to us, dear. We ourselves grew up in this area, now our children are growing up here. And we are very pleased that we were able to move from the old house to such a wonderful, wonderful, bright and comfortable apartment, “added Natalya Kobzeva.

Among the new settlers is the family of pensioners Lyudmila and Valida El-Itavi, who is moving from a three-room apartment with an area of ​​81.2 square meters, located on the fifth floor of the house to be settled, to a new three-room apartment with a total area of ​​89.5 square meters on the ninth floor.

500 launch sites and more than five thousand participating houses

The renovation program was approved on August 1, 2017. It includes 5175 houses – about 350 thousand apartments with a total area of ​​16.4 million square meters, which are home to about one million residents.

The first new settlers moved into new homes in February 2018. The resettlement of residents of 244 houses in 84 new buildings is underway or has already been completed. In total, 35.9 thousand residents are moving, of which 27.8 thousand people have already moved to new apartments.

During this year, it is planned to begin the resettlement of about 30 thousand residents of five-story buildings.

In order to assist citizens in resettlement, information centers have been opened, where you can get advice from representatives of the City Property Department, the Moscow Foundation for the Renovation of Housing Development, the prefecture, the management company, and the general contractor. Those who need help moving will definitely get it.

To implement the program, 500 launch sites were selected with a total area of ​​7.9 million square meters of housing. The sites are located in all administrative districts of the city as close as possible to the five-story buildings included in the program.

108 new residential buildings were built with a total area of ​​1.3 million square meters. Currently, 273 houses with a total area of ​​4.7 million square meters are being built and designed.

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