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The Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Military-Industrial Commission held a meeting of the Scientific and Expert Council on rare and rare earth metals at Tomsk State University. Russia is in second place in the world in terms of reserves of rare earths, but less than 2% of the world market is produced from them. The goal is to become a leader.

The meeting participants examined the dynamics of the implementation of the roadmap of the agreement of intent between the Government and the State Corporation Rosatom, the purpose of which is to develop in Russia the high-tech area “Technology of new materials and substances”. Russia must become a leader in global technology markets.

The main areas of application for rare and rare earth metals are high-energy permanent magnets, advanced structural materials, catalysts for the automotive industry, high-quality optics and glass. Their presence is critically important in the creation of weapons, military and special equipment.

At the moment, this industry in Russia is just beginning to form. In terms of the volume of reserves of rare and rare earth metals, Russia is in second place in the world, but the annual production volume of them is less than 2% of the world market. Almost everything is exported, since in Russia there are no intermediate redistributions of the technological chain (separation and metallurgical production). The consumption of rare earth metals by Russian manufacturers of certain types of high-tech products (magnets, catalysts, optics, etc.) is insignificant, about 2 thousand tons per year, and is fully satisfied by imports from China, which is critical for national security and the development of domestic industry.

Members of the scientific and expert council, representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, enterprises and industrial organizations heard information from the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom on the status of the project “Creation of production on the basis of titanium-zirconium placers of the Tugan deposit” (Titan project).

According to preliminary calculations, the development of the Tugan titanium-zirconium deposit in the Tomsk region will allow, within the framework of the target indicators of the roadmap for the development of RM and REM in Russia, to ensure the production of 2.3% of the world volume of zircon concentrate and 1.3% of the world volume of titanium concentrate. In addition, Russia will be able to substitute import for 100% of zircon and 90% of titanium concentrates. More than 500 jobs will be created in production in the next two years. Tax revenues to the budgets of different levels will amount to more than 100 million rubles per year.

The operator of the project of the Tugan Ore Mining and Processing Plant Ilmenite confirmed the commissioning in the third quarter of 2021 of the first stage of the mining and processing plant with the planned production capacity of ore sands.

The proposals of Tomsk State University and the Institute of Volcanology on the extraction of rhenium and other rare and rare earth metals of volcanic origin by the example of Kudryavy volcano, as well as the development of rare and rare earth metals in Siberia and the Arctic were also considered and approved, which will ensure the creation of high-tech domestic production, and also the socio-economic development of these regions.

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