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Premieres and classics. A guide to the films of the Moscow International Film Festival, which can be seen in the Moschino cinemas.

The annual Moscow International Film Festival will take place from 22 to 29 April. The program includes films that have not yet appeared on the wide screen in Russia, as well as special screenings of masterpieces. We understand the films that will be shown in the Moschino network cinemas.

You can buy tickets for the show on the website “Moschino”… Visitors must maintain a social distance, wear a mask and gloves.

“The story of Oleg Vidov”, directed by Nadia Tess (2021). USA, 18+

Date and time: April 25, 16:00

Location: cinema “Yunost”

The documentary tells about the American life of the Soviet film actor Oleg Vidov. Vidov moved to the United States in the late 1980s after he met the American journalist Joan Borsten, who later became his wife and took a double surname – Borsten Vidov. Species filmed a lot in Hollywood, worked until the last years of his life (he died in 2017 in California).

The film by Nadia Tess is based on the memoir of the actor and was produced by Joan Borsten Vidov, who is now a famous Hollywood producer. The film includes interviews with the widow, his close friends and colleagues living in eight countries of the world, video and photographic materials from home archives and, of course, stills from films with Vidov’s participation. The music for the film was written by Andrea Guerra, son of the legendary Italian screenwriter Tonino Guerra.

“You, me, Lenin”, directed by Tufan Tastan (2021). Turkey, 18+

Date and time: April 22, 17:00

Location: cinema “Fakel”

Once in 1991, a statue of Lenin was nailed to the Black Sea coast in the Turkish city of Duzce. An interesting find was taken to Ankara, where it was decided to install a sculpture on the square to attract tourists. However, on the eve of the grand opening of the new sight, the stone Vladimir Ilyich disappeared – just as mysteriously as he appeared. The search for the statue turned into a real detective.

This real story formed the basis for the debut feature film “You, Me, Lenin” by the young Turkish director Tufan Tastan. Together with the writer Barysh Bychakchi, he wrote the script, in which the incidents of 30 years ago became the basis for the comedy.

Goodbye Godard, directed by Amartya Bhattacharya (2020). India, France, 18+

Date and time: April 24, 15:00

Location: cinema “Salut”

The title of the film echoes the title of one of the last works of the famous French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard “Farewell to Speech” – one of the most difficult films for an unprepared viewer, without the usual plot and actors. The tragicomedy of Amartya Bhattacharya tells just about such a clash of the most unprepared viewer with Godarov’s didactics.

The main character is a simple Indian old man who loves to watch adult films with his friends. Once something went wrong and instead of the usual spectacle, Godard’s film appears on the screen. No one understands anything, the evening is ruined for everyone except the hero. He realizes that he is suddenly faced with something important. The French director becomes his obsession, and the old man decides to organize a festival of his works in his native village.

“200 meters”, directed by Amin Naife, Palestine, Jordan, Qatar, Switzerland (2020). Italy, 18+

Date and time: April 25, 15:00 Place: Salyut cinema

200 meters is the distance that separates Mustafa’s house from the house where his ex-wife Salva and child live. But visiting them is always a difficult task: one house is located in Palestine, and the other is in Jordan. Between them is a long dividing fence with a checkpoint. One day, Mustafa receives an alarming message about his son’s illness and 200 meters becomes the longest journey in his life: he is not allowed to cross the border due to formalities, so his father can only try to get to the other side illegally, bypassing the fence.

Amin Naife was born in 1988 in Palestine. He received his education at Al-Quds University in East Jerusalem and at the Institute of Cinematic Arts of the Red Sea (Jordan). The drama “200 Meters” is his directorial debut.

“Until we die or we are free”, directed by Oliver Richs (2020.) Switzerland, Germany, 18+

Date and time: April 23, 19:15

Location: cinema “Salut”

The crime drama by Oliver Richs is based on the story of the real Swiss criminal Walter Sturm, who committed eight prison breaks between 1974 and 1995 and earned the nickname “The Escape King.” Sturm committed car thefts, burglaries, bank robberies, but did not cause an unequivocally negative reaction from residents. At the trials, he demonstrated brilliant intelligence, erudition and wit, and often accompanied the shoots with comic notes. The Escape King’s charm was also experienced by the young lawyer Barbara Hug, who first tried to use his popularity to draw attention to the need for reform of the penitentiary system.

At the time of Walter Sturm’s fame, the childhood and adolescence of the director Oliver Richs, who was born in Zurich in 1971, fell on. Richs began his career as an illustrator, but in 1996 he retrained as a social worker and looked after the elderly. Then he began to shoot his first short films.

Daniel 16, directed by Dimitris Kutsiabasakos (2020). Greece, 18+

Date and time: April 27, 19:00

Location: cinema “Yunost”

The title character, a German teenager Daniel, is forced to go to a penal colony located in a small Greek village. There, in the wilderness, a hard shell slowly begins to fall off him: it turns out that Daniel is able to experience emotions, empathize with the weak, take care of others, and admire nature. The turning point in his life is a meeting with refugees who secretly live in an abandoned house.

Director Dimitris Kutsiabasakos was born in 1967 in Greece and educated in the USSR. In 1988, he entered VGIK, studied at the workshop of Bulat Mansurov, after graduation he returned to his homeland, where he shoots films and series. Since 2018 he has been teaching at the University of Thessaloniki.

“Porcelain”, directed by Jenneke Bueyink (2019). Netherlands, 18+

Date and time: April 28, 20:30

Location: cinema “Zvezda”

The lives of Anna, Paul and their son Thomas seem as perfect as an expensive china cup. The family does not need anything: both parents are busy with an interesting and well-paid business, they have time for fun and meeting with friends, and Thomas is an excellent student and only admires everyone. But behind the beautiful façade there is something that has no name yet. One day from the school they report that Thomas bit his friend. The glossy surface of the family’s life is covered with a network of cracks. To understand the reasons for the boy’s behavior, Anna and Paul will have to pull out unsightly secrets into the light.

Before joining the Netherlands Film Academy, Jenneke Buijink studied to be a psychologist. The psychological drama Porcelain is her feature film debut.

“Lorelei”, directed by Sabrina Doyle (2020). USA, 18+

Date and time: April 23, 20:10

Location: cinema “Zvezda”

The debut feature film by British writer and director Sabrina Doyle, who works in London and Los Angeles, tells the story of another difficult family. Weiland and Dolores, who were in love at school, reunite after 15 years apart. Weiland was serving time for armed robbery, and Dolores managed to become a mother three times and part with the father of her children. They try all over again, but the reality is too harsh. Weiland does not have enough funds for such a large family, and he is about to return to the criminal path again.

“Unreality”, directors Kenul Nagieva, Korhan Ugur (2020). Turkey, Azerbaijan, 18+

Date and time: April 26, 20:20

Location: cinema “Zvezda”

When Leila was young, her parents divorced. Their unhappy marriage, full of quarrels and mutual reproaches, left an imprint on their daughter’s life. Having matured, Leila is in no hurry to enter into a relationship, because she is afraid of repeating the mistakes of her mom and dad. A meeting with street photographer Murat makes her think about the correctness of her strategy. Leila will have to choose between the calmness of loneliness and the unpredictability of relationships with another person.

“Crocodile”, directed by Kim Ki Duk (1996). Republic of Korea, 18+

Date and time: April 24, 21:15

Location: cinema “Fakel”

One of the retrospective special programs of the festival is dedicated to the work of the South Korean director Kim Ki-Duk, who passed away at the end of 2020. It includes films that brought him worldwide fame. The drama “Crocodile” is the debut of the master, in which there are elements inherent in all his work: crime, the element of water, problems of the relationship between a man and a woman, as well as characters who are fond of drawing.

Crocodile is the nickname of a homeless man living under a bridge over the Hangang River. The source of his income is the drowned: Crocodile dives into the river and cleans the pockets of their clothes. One day he saves a girl who threw herself from a bridge at night, but he cannot cope with his aggression. On the same night, the girl becomes his victim, and a strange, painful relationship is struck between them, which does not promise anything good either to him or to her.

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