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Particular attention in the message was paid to demographic development, summing up the interim results of the fight against the pandemic, social policy, as well as the development of regions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with annual message to the Federal Assembly… The event was attended by the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin

In his speech, the President touched upon the issues of demographic development of the country, measures to support families, preservation of the environment, as well as the development of tourism and transport in the regions. Vladimir Putin paid special attention to summing up the interim results of the fight against coronavirus infection.

According to him, the solidarity of Russians, the dedication of doctors and the timely measures taken by the authorities helped to reduce the spread of the epidemic and reduce the risks of infection. Doctors, collectives of factories producing medicines, medical equipment and protective equipment, as well as volunteers, agricultural workers, workers of the continuous cycle, housing and communal services and trade made their contribution to the fight against the pandemic. “Our scientists have made a real breakthrough, and now Russia has three reliable vaccines against coronavirus,” added Vladimir Putin.

At the same time, the coronavirus has not been completely defeated and remains a serious threat, which can only be protected by vaccination.

“Once again I appeal to the citizens of Russia: my dears, we must not lose our vigilance. I ask you to take care of yourself and your loved ones, to comply with all the recommendations of doctors and sanitary services as responsibly as possible, ”said Vladimir Putin. – Get vaccinated. Only in this way will we block a deadly epidemic. There is no other way. Another way is worse: to get sick with hard-to-predict consequences. “

To make Russia ready for the emergence of dangerous infections in the future, it is planned to ensure the production of the entire range of vaccines, substances for pharmaceuticals and medicines for infections by 2030 using mainly Russian equipment and domestic components.

“Russia should be ready within four days, exactly within four days, to develop its own test systems and in the shortest time to create an effective domestic vaccine, to begin its mass production. We set these tasks for ourselves. To achieve these goals, we define the period – by 2030. But the sooner we do this, the better, ”the President of Russia emphasized.

The main task for the coming years will also be to increase the life expectancy of Russians. In 2030 it should reach 78 years old.

“Saving the people of Russia is our highest national priority. This priority determines all the provisions of the updated Constitution on the protection of the family, on the most important role of parents in the upbringing of children, on the strengthening of social guarantees, the development of the economy, education and culture. Our strategy is to re-achieve sustainable population growth, ”said Vladimir Putin.

For this, the program of medical examination and professional examinations will be expanded. From July 1, citizens of all ages will be able to pass them. The main attention is planned to be paid to the organs that are most affected by the coronavirus – the lungs, blood vessels and the heart. “I instruct the Government to implement additional measures to combat diseases, which are the main causes of premature mortality. These are, as I said, cardiovascular diseases and, in addition, malignant neoplasms, respiratory diseases. Hepatitis C also takes a lot of young lives. Here, too, solutions are needed that will make it possible to minimize this threat to the health of the nation in the next decade, ”said Vladimir Putin.

Another way to protect the health of residents will be to reduce the volume of harmful emissions into the atmosphere by 20 percent until 2024. Also, a law will be adopted on the liability of enterprise owners for environmental damage.

To improve the demographic situation, it is also planned to continue supporting families with children.

From July 1, children aged eight to 16, inclusive, growing up in single-parent families, will receive a payment, the amount of which, on average, depending on the region, will amount to 5650 rubles. For pregnant women in difficult life situations, a monthly payment will be established, on average in the country it will be 6,350 rubles. In addition, from 2021, sick leave for the care of a child under the age of seven will be paid at the rate of 100 percent of earnings.

“I propose to make one more lump sum payment to families where children of school age grow up, namely: 10 thousand rubles for all schoolchildren. Moreover, to extend this measure to future first-graders, to children who will only go to school this year. We will make the payment in mid-August so that the parents have time to get their child to school, ”added Vladimir Putin.

At the same time, already in 2022, the principles of social treasury will be introduced, when all federal benefits, pensions, and other social allowances will be drawn up and paid in a one-stop-shop mode upon the creation of a family, birth of a child, retirement or other life situation. After three years, the vast majority of state and municipal services should be provided to citizens remotely.

Children’s rest will also become more accessible. In 2021, it is planned to return half the cost of the voucher when children travel to a summer camp, and pilot projects for organizing student tourism will be launched. The tourist cashback program is also being extended until the end of the year – compensation for 20 percent of the costs of tourist trips in Russia.

Education is also expected to undergo positive changes. Until the end of 2024, at least 1,300 new schools will appear in the country, in which more than a million children will be able to study, and about 16,000 specialized buses will be purchased to transport schoolchildren. Curators of educational groups of technical schools and colleges will receive a monthly bonus of five thousand rubles. In the country’s universities in the next two years, 45 thousand more budget-funded places will appear, of which at least 70 percent will be in the regions.

“Starting this year, at least 100 universities in the constituent entities of the Federation will receive grants from 100 million rubles and more for the opening of student technology parks, business incubators, updating the educational and laboratory facilities and training programs. All state universities will be able to apply for such support, including those that train future teachers, doctors, workers in the field of transport and culture. I am sure that the young generation of Russians, Russian scientists will fully declare themselves in new significant research projects, ”said the President of Russia.

In addition, support is provided for the development of the country’s regions. Thus, the entire volume of commercial debt of a constituent entity of the Federation, which exceeds 25 percent of its own revenues, is planned to be replaced by budget loans with a maturity date of 2029. Also, the restructuring of those budget loans that were provided to the regions last year for the implementation of measures related to countering the epidemic will be carried out.

Within a month, the Russian government should submit a plan to support small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, and by the end of the year – to restore the labor market. For example, the state is ready to stimulate private investment to create new jobs.

According to Sergei Sobyanin, the continuation of work to achieve national goals in the difficult economic conditions of the pandemic is an important signal in the message of the President of Russia.

“We continue to provide social support to families with children, those who have found themselves in difficult life situations, on the one hand. On the other hand, we are actively continuing investment projects. This is what the President said: we are not postponing our national goals, we are not deviating from them. Such a powerful signal for everyone – for the regional and federal authorities, and for the whole society. These are important messages. The leader’s confidence, the confidence that we will win is always important for Russia, and in such difficult times it is especially important, ”Sergei Sobyanin said, commenting on the results of the President’s message.

The Moscow Mayor also outlined the importance of the interim results of the fight against the pandemic, which Vladimir Putin summed up. “I gave an assessment to the regional authorities and the health care system – to all structures that actively fought against the pandemic. And of course, the President’s words of gratitude to doctors and social workers are very important. This situation is not over yet, and we see such a message – humane, very important for everyone, ”stressed Sergei Sobyanin.

The event at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, where Vladimir Putin announced his annual message to the Federal Assembly, was attended by members of the Federation Council, deputies of the State Duma, members of the Russian Government, heads of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts, the governor’s corps, chairmen of legislative assemblies of the constituent entities of the Federation, heads of traditional confessions, public figures, including heads of public chambers of the regions, heads of major mass media.

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