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Sports federations and clubs of the capital will conduct tests of unique gadgets.

As part of a pilot testing program for innovative solutions in Moscow, they will test the effectiveness of the latest developments in the field of sports. The gadgets were presented at the Innovations in the Sports Industry exhibition of the Moscow Innovation Agency. It took place at the Start Hub site, located on the territory of the former Krasny Oktyabr factory. The exposition included more than 90 unique solutions designed to improve the training process and strengthen the health of athletes, from IT services and applications to exercise machines and special equipment.

During the event, the authors of the developments could communicate with potential customers and other entrepreneurs, as well as receive detailed information about the city’s support.

“The innovative ecosystem of the city allows high-tech SMEs not only to directly present their developments to potential clients, but also to test their product at their sites and get feedback,” explained the head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of the city of Moscow

Alexey Fursin… “Last year alone, we received over 600 requests from business for testing, of which more than 100 relate to the sports field.”

Sports federations and clubs of the capital, participating in the pilot innovation testing program, curated by the Moscow Innovation Agency, will test the novelties selected for testing in real conditions.

For example, the Russian Luge Federation will test the work of smart fitness bracelets. The developers promise that these devices will help athletes adjust their training and nutritional regimen by collecting and analyzing certain data, including statistics on physical activity and sleep.

The Russian Fencing Federation will test a VR simulator, with the help of which athletes can develop muscle memory and motor skills necessary for a successful fight.

And in Moscow martial arts clubs they will test an innovative fitness tracker designed to train the reaction speed and the pace of strikes. This gadget, attached to a punching bag, will tell fighters when to hit and record it so that it can be compared with the response time since the signal.

Trainers for football players

Among the advanced developments of Russian technology companies selected for testing in Moscow were two unique simulators for football players. Their tests will take place on the basis of one of the largest football schools in the capital for children from three to 16 years old of the “Championika” network. The effectiveness of the gadgets will be tested by about 50–70 young athletes.

One of the devices was developed in the Saratov region. It is designed to develop the speed of reaction and focus of attention by stimulating the activity of analyzer systems and mechanisms of voluntary movements.


The second project is a neuro-game simulator. According to Vadim Kozlov, it is designed to increase the power and accuracy of the strike due to the development of the motor zones of the brain: “Its functionality looks to the future, where information technologies should be actively used in the training of football players. The main task of this simulator is to improve these skills on the field by using the motor zones in the brain and trying to implement play activities while sitting in front of the monitor. According to the developers, actions such as the accuracy and power of the shot on goal can be improved by 30 percent. “

Speaking about participation in the pilot testing of innovations, the sports director of “Championica” expects that the introduction of such advanced developments into the educational process will have a positive impact on future footballers.

“The training methodology of our schools is based on the use of modern approaches in football, European methods and innovations. The decision to take part in the pilot innovation testing program was justified by the desire to provide students with modern education and the most effective tools for the development of gaming qualities. We find this program very useful – it allows us to evaluate new technologies in real training conditions with test groups, see the results, compatibility with our methodology and makes it possible to integrate these solutions into training. “

The simulator tests will take several months. If everything goes well, the question of purchasing a batch of such gadgets may be decided.

Application for online training and competition

Another participant in the pilot innovation testing program, the Taekwondo Federation (ITF) of Russia, was initially interested in the latest developments for conducting classes and tournaments in an online format, but now its plans include testing a mobile application for athletes, which will bring the training and competitive processes to a new one. higher level.


According to him, the development of such a product will take several months and next year it will appear on the market. It will be a joint brainchild of specialists from Moscow and Novosibirsk. Testing will take place online.

“This will allow people to practice and compete anywhere practically at any time, which can be especially important during a period of sanitary and epidemiological restrictions. In addition, it will save significant funds on just one movement of groups of athletes and fans around the country and the world. At the initial stage of testing, it is planned to attract from several dozen to several hundred athletes, when the product is launched on the market, thousands of athletes in all corners of Russia will be able to train in this way, and if we talk about the whole world – millions of people, ”says Maxim Gritchenko.

The Taekwondo Federation joined the innovation pilot testing program in November 2020. Its representatives are regular participants in events held by the Moscow Innovation Agency. Among them are the Forum “Sport and Healthy Lifestyle”, which took place on October 27, 2020, round tables that took place on December 17 and 21, as well as conferences that lasted from March 16 to 23, 2021.

“In parallel with the events, exhibitions of innovative products were organized, presentations of start-ups, innovative products and solutions in the field of sports were held. Thanks to these events, it is possible to exchange information about new products, trends, opinions on the most important issues with colleagues, potential suppliers, specialized government agencies, ideas and ways of their implementation appear, like-minded people and partners are found, ”says Maxim Gritchenko.

Today, the federation uses various online platforms for competitions. In this mode, many tournaments were held, including the largest – the Russian Cup, held in May 2020, in which more than three thousand athletes took part, as well as the Friendship Cup, which took place from January 10 to February 10, 2021 and attracted more than four thousand participants from different countries.

About the program

The innovation pilot testing program was launched at the end of 2019 and has already won national and international recognition. With its help, high-tech small and medium-sized businesses can find a platform in the capital to test their product and evaluate its effectiveness, having received feedback from potential customers.

The number of program participants is constantly growing. More than 100 urban and commercial sites have already been used. The number of requests for testing from businesses is also increasing. Last year, the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development received more than 600 such applications, of which more than 100 were related to testing advanced sports solutions.

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