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Librarian Tips: Choosing books for toddlers and discussing twisted detective stories with teenagers.

On weekends, employees of Moscow libraries tell about books that will help you spend an interesting family evening. Nadezhda Krasnova, librarian of the first category of library number 111, advises Luis Sashar, Viktor Krotov, Lotta Geffenblad and other children’s writers.


Book series “Mama Mu” by Yui Wislander

For the youngest readers and their parents, I would like to recommend good books, to which you will want to return more than once later. These are fairy tales about a cheerful, very cheerful cow, which made the Swedish writer Yui Wieslander famous all over the world. What Mu just doesn’t do: swim in the pool, ride a swing, sled … And at the end of every story there is always an important thought, for example: “Sometimes, to tell the truth, you need to brace yourself.”

The series is beautifully illustrated, and it is very important for kids to look at the pictures. Responsible for visual pleasure is the artist and writer Sven Nordqvist – the creator of a series of books about old Petson and his kitten Findus.

Series of books “Krapa and Lyapa” by Lotte Geffenblad

First of all, in the books of the Swedish writer and artist Lotta Geffenblad, you will notice the illustrations. The main characters, speckled hares Krapa and Lyapa, are depicted very nicely. The text in all the books in the series is simple, easy to understand, the kids instantly immerse themselves in the plot.

Krapa and Lyapa are doing repairs, relaxing on a picnic, making something – you will not get bored with them. And at the end of each book there is a master class related to its topic: after reading a story, you can, for example, learn how to assemble a telescope and protect yourself from wasps.

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Older guys

“Ignatius the worm and his friends” by Viktor Krotov

I recommend to junior schoolchildren to get acquainted with the book of the modern writer Viktor Krotov. Ignatius the worm is a touching, funny, inquisitive and benevolent hero. Many interesting things happen to him and his friends, and they learn a lesson from each adventure. But these are not boring instructive stories about how important it is to behave well and obey elders, but light funny stories about kindness, friendship and mutual assistance.

The book will make adults smile and think about important things. For example, I really like this phrase: “Yes, I’m probably more an earthworm than an earthworm. However, the point is not in the name, but in what is the main thing you are doing. ” Another worm is trying to understand the unknown, finds an explanation for unfamiliar words. Just think: “Philosophy is when you know what to do.”

Bella’s Kitten, or Curious Nose by Daisy Meadows

In the book by the English writer Daisy Meadows (her real name is Linda Ann Chapman), young readers will find adventure, magic and a story of friendship. This kind fairy tale shows how important it is to help loved ones and everyone who needs help, not to be afraid of difficulties.

The main character, the talking kitty Bella, dreams of becoming an explorer. She gets into trouble, and the girls Lily and Jess rush to her rescue.


The Pits by Luis Sashar

One of my favorite teen writers is the American writer Louis Sachar. Acquaintance with his “Pits” at one time led me, an adult, into great delight. Read with your children and you will experience a full range of emotions.

The main character Stanley ends up in the Green Lake camp for difficult teenagers. Pupils are forced to dig holes in a dry lake day after day. Why this is needed, no one knows except the head of the camp, but she is in no hurry to reveal the secret. “Pits” are exciting adventures, real tests, testing of human abilities and character building.

This piece has only one drawback – it seems too short. But you can meet your favorite heroes again – in 2003, the film “Treasure” was shot based on the book with Sigourney Weaver, John Voight and Patricia Arquette.

The Boy Who Lost Face by Luis Sachar

Another book by Sashar. I read it quite recently and immediately fell in love with it. The main character, boy David, is trying to prove to his peers that he is cool, wants to join their party and even participates in the robbery of an old woman. True, the robbery is a little strange – they steal a cane.

After that, such strange things begin to happen to David that he even begins to think that the old woman has put a curse on him. However, read and find out about everything yourself. I can only add that the book will appeal not only to teenagers, but also to their parents. She is no worse than the most twisted detectives that adults read.

More great books, verified by readers of children’s libraries and their staff, – in the rubric “Tips for a librarian”.

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