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April 28, 2021 10:02 am

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The building was built in the 17th – early 18th centuries, but it was rebuilt several times. Its current appearance was formed by the beginning of the 19th century. The facades of the chambers are made in the eclectic style.

The Department of Cultural Heritage of the city of Moscow approved the subject of protection of the chambers of the mid-17th – early 18th centuries in the Kadashevskaya Sloboda. They are located opposite the Resurrection Church at 10 1st Kadashevsky Lane.

The two-storey stone chambers on the basement (basement) are the main building of the Zamoskvoretsk estate, which appeared here in the 17th century. About who at that time owned the building, as well as who was its architect, no data has been preserved.

“After conducting scientific research, the experts compiled a list of valuable elements that form the historical appearance of the ancient chambers in the Kadashevskaya Sloboda. All of them were included in the subject of protection approved by our department. These are, for example, the elegant stucco decoration of the building, the lattice of the 18th century in the window on the ground floor, stairs of the late 19th century, and interior decor. All work on the preservation of this monument will be carried out taking into account the subject of protection, “- said the head of the Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage

Alexey Emelyanov.

The chambers are stretched out along the lane. The building became long after an extension was erected on the south side in the 1740s. The house is built with a verb, that is, it has an L-shape.

Throughout the history of its existence, the appearance of the chambers has changed several times. The final appearance of the building was formed by 1913. In the decoration of the facades, there is eclecticism, or a mixture of styles. White-stone cornice, shoulder blades (relief details) at the corners of the building, platbands and sandriks stand out.

By 1917, the house was already part of the estate of the second guild merchant, philanthropist and entrepreneur, “sausage king” Nikolai Grigoriev. The neighboring residential building to the north of the chambers (1st Kadashevsky lane, house 10, building 1) was built by him in the 1880s.

Nikolai Grigorievich was from a peasant family. He became the founder of the “Trading House N.G. Grigoriev with his sons “. It was one of the largest sausage and gastronomic industries in the country, which provided its products not only to the Russian Empire, but also to Western Europe. The factory itself was located near the property of Grigoriev, in the 2nd Kadashevsky lane. It is known that after 1917 the factory was nationalized, and Grigoriev was exiled to the Yaroslavl region, where he died.

Kadashevskaya Sloboda (Kadashi) is a historical area in the Yakimanka area, first mentioned as the village of Kadashevo in the spiritual letter of Ivan III (1504). It got its name from the word “kadashi” – it means a cooper, a master of making barrels, tubs and other wooden utensils. However, the inhabitants of this area were engaged in other crafts as well.

The settlement flourished in the 17th century – then it was one of the richest in Moscow. The sovereign rude court was created here, which produced linen fabrics for the royal household. In Kadash lived weavers, seamstresses, embroiderers who made tablecloths for the royal court.

In the 18th century, the Mint was located in Kadashi (until 1736). It was here that new Peter’s coins were made, which were sent to the maintenance of the fleet. By the way, beard signs were also minted in this courtyard – evidence of the payment of beard tax. After the ban on stone construction by Peter I was canceled throughout Russia, except for St. Petersburg, in 1741 estates of the Moscow nobility and wealthy merchants began to appear here.

In the 19th century, estates continued to be erected on the territory of Kadash, and tenement houses began to be built.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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