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April 30, 2021, 14:04

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These works are part of a large-scale regional overhaul program. It includes the renovation of over 350 memorial houses.

In 2021 Fund for capital repairs of apartment buildings in Moscow planned to renovate the facade of a historic building on Nikitsky Boulevard (house 9), known as the house of polar explorers. These works are part of a large-scale regional overhaul programs.

In the style of the Stalinist neo-Renaissance

Initially, it was the apartment house of Countess N.A. Sheremeteva, built in 1901 by the architect Alexander Meisner and rebuilt in 1936-1937 by order of the Glavsevmorput by the architect Yevgeny Iokheles in the style of the Stalinist neo-Renaissance. This is one of the finest examples of pre-war Soviet architecture. The building is crowned with a wide cornice and faces the boulevard with an almost symmetrical facade. The left wing is slightly turned towards the plane of the facade and differs in the size and shape of the windows.

Eugene Iocheles included a small pre-revolutionary apartment building in the project, organically fitting it into the larger scale of new construction. He also defended the strict forms of the facade, abandoning the recommended figures of penguins and polar bears. The house was built for the families of explorers and explorers of the Arctic, who at that time were revered in the same way as astronauts three decades later. Over the years, seven heroes of the Soviet Union lived here, including the pilot Anatoly Lyapidevsky, who was the first to receive this award.

The architect was able to radically change the facade and the internal plan of the old building, at the angle of which, due to the geometry of Nikitsky Boulevard, the main part of the new house turned out to be in this place. Thanks to the central volume and two side walls, the building looks symmetrical. The walls are completed by a wide cornice.

The house of polar explorers stands out in the development of the Boulevard Ring. The risalits (the decorative part of the facade, which protrudes beyond the main part of the building at the level of the outer floors) were decorated with galleries with a geometric pattern on the walls. The central volume of the house is decorated with loggias and pilasters with capitals, allowing the high facade to be divided. Its main part is painted beige, contrasting with the ocher-reddish walls of the loggias. The walls are decorated with geometric patterns.


How historic houses are restored

The best way to maintain a building is to renovate it regularly. On average, after a quarter of a century, each of them needs major repairs, so almost all Moscow houses are included in the regional capital repair program. There are few exceptions: houses for demolition, reconstruction included in the renovation program, as well as houses with fewer than three apartments.

In the houses-monuments, the specialists of contracting organizations of the capital repair fund of the capital give a second life to facades and foundations, basements and roofs, as well as change engineering communications and carry out a comprehensive overhaul of the entrance. The restoration of such a house does not always take longer than the repair of an ordinary high-rise building. For example, it takes the same time to change pipes and communications. But some of the works, which are typical for memorial houses, require a special approach. First of all, this concerns the renovation of the historical facade, especially if there are many decorative elements on it.

When forming the capital’s overhaul program, the age of residential buildings, lifespan of elevators, years of reconstruction and previous overhaul, the state of internal engineering systems and the need for renovation were taken into account. Based on these data, the engineering systems of Moscow high-rise buildings were distributed over three-year capital plans. A year before the work is carried out, apartment owners receive notifications about the overhaul, including proposals for the scope of work. Thanks to the convenient digital serviceyou can even see the list of systems with the distribution by the proposed overhaul years from your own smartphone.

After receiving notification of the upcoming overhaul, the owners must hold a general meeting to determine the timing and scope of work.

Overhaul in a memorial apartment building is a complex process. Such renovation requires a delicate balance between the technical requirements for modern buildings and the preservation of the uniqueness of the object. For example, plastic windows cannot be installed in a memorial house or the historically inherent color must not be changed.

The method and technologies for repairing a monument house are defined in the design and estimate documentation, which undergoes state expertise and is agreed with the city Department of Cultural HeritageThat provides supervision.

Based on the results of competitive procedures, a contractor is determined from among those licensed by the Ministry of Culture of Russia, which will have to perform work as part of the overhaul.

The general repair scheme is not applied at cultural heritage sites. Builders always use customized solutions. To preserve the historical appearance, strict control is carried out throughout the entire process. The renovation is supervised by both the Overhaul Fund and the Department of Cultural Heritage.

“The overhaul program includes more than 350 memorial houses. Their repair imposes special obligations, including work in accordance with Federal Law No. 73 “On objects of cultural heritage (historical and cultural monuments) of the peoples of the Russian Federation,” “the press service said.

Fund for capital repairs of Moscow

The terms and types of work under the overhaul program are specified by the short-term plan. There are 4,437 houses in the plan for 2021–2023. This is part of a large-scale regional overhaul programs… All construction and installation work is carried out in strict accordance with building standards, including city rules for maintaining silence.

Painstakingly and comprehensively: how major repairs are made in monumental houses

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