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How did The Book of Changes lead to the study of the Chinese language, why did walks in the park become the reason for an unconscious passion for geography, and what should be done to learn three foreign languages? The best schoolchildren of the capital, who became winners and prize-winners of the All-Russian Olympiad, talk about their preparation, hobbies and plans for the future.

This year almost half of all diplomas The All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren was won by students from the capital. Some of the guys were among the best in several subjects at once. And for the first time in the history of the Olympiad, a blind schoolgirl was named among the winners. Winners and awardees from Moscow told how to achieve such success, where to go to study and what to do with their lives.

More and more blind children participate in Olympiads

Elisabeth Pfannenschmidt graduated from the 10th grade at Boarding School No. 1 for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind. She became the best in the country in German, received an All-Russian medalist diploma in French and became a regional medalist in English. The girl has been studying all three languages ​​for a long time and loves them equally.

“My dad is German. As a child, my mother spoke Russian to me, and my father spoke German. And when I was five years old, I started learning more English, ”she recalls.

Elizabeth notes that foreign languages ​​are easy for her. During the preparation for the Olympiads, the girl additionally studied together with sighted schoolchildren.

“In the classroom, the children were given a task in text format. And I needed to translate it for myself using a special application. If it didn’t work out, I asked my mother or brother to read it – my mother speaks French, and my brother speaks German and English. That is, they sent me assignments in advance, because I still do them more slowly, and already in the classroom I sat and rechecked them while everyone else was doing them, ”says the schoolgirl.

The girl says that she tries to listen to films and audiobooks in foreign languages ​​more, and to distract herself, she turns on music in one language or another.

According to Elizabeth, more and more blind students participate in the Olympiads, many of the children reach the regional and final stages. “For example, my classmate went to the final stage in ecology. Unfortunately, she did not become a prize-winner, but she has everything ahead. And one more guy from our school took Russian language course, ”she says.

Foreign languages ​​are not Elizabeth’s only hobbies. She also plays the piano, sings, studies mathematics and chess, and occasionally writes poetry. The girl believes that she is lucky with her classmates and family – they are always ready to support and help.

Elizabeth has already decided on her future profession. It will be related to foreign languages.

“I decided that I would become a teacher of foreign languages. I want to teach children, especially the blind, because now there are few foreign language teachers who know Braille, ”the girl emphasizes.

Learn Chinese from the age of five

Dmitry Fedorov this year graduated from the 11th grade of school number 1286. He became the winner of the Olympiad in the Chinese language and the prize-winner in economics.

Dmitry began studying economics a year ago; it is with this subject that he connects his future. He is familiar with the Chinese language from the age of five, he began to learn it with his mother, and already in the sixth grade he decided to participate in the Olympiad and test his knowledge. By the way, the young man has another oriental hobby, with which he met even earlier than with the Chinese language – this is origami.

“My parents were interested in the“ Book of Changes ”and read it in Russian translation. But they understood that the Russian text did not fully convey the meaning, so they decided to learn Chinese in order to read this book in the original, ”recalls Dmitry.

He adds that he still cannot read the “Book of Changes” in the original, but the study of a language that is completely different from Russian helped to develop memory. Dmitry notes that when he began to study economics, he almost immediately memorized all the new information. And a keen interest in it helps to understand a new subject well, according to the young man.

“To prepare well for the Olympiad in a subject, you need to love it. If there is no interest, then it will be difficult to prepare for the competition. And if you love this subject and you are interested in it, then preparation will not be perceived as hard work, ”says the winner.

Another secret is good sleep. Dmitry Fedorov believes that it is better to get an extra hour of sleep – then it will pay off with increased productivity. He is going to enter MGIMO for international economic relations – a prize in the Olympiad gives the right to do this without entrance exams.

“At MGIMO I will study economics and oriental languages ​​- this is an excellent option to combine the two directions. I think that my profession will be related to international economic relations, and I dream of working with the East, ”says Dmitry.

Hardening from a music school

Olga Ovchinnikova graduated from the 11th grade of school number 1561. She won the Olympiad in geography and became a regional prize-winner in physical culture.

“I am seriously involved in geography and prepared thoroughly. And physical education is, one might say, accidental. I was asked to take part in the school stage, then in the municipal, then in the regional, and I was very surprised when I became a prize-winner, ”explains the graduate.

Professionally, the girl does not play sports, although she is fond of figure skating, goes swimming, rides a bicycle in the park every weekend, and in winter – skiing. According to Olga, cycling through the forest from early childhood, perhaps, became the reason for the love of nature and passion for geography. Such a hobby also greatly develops observation.

Planning helps Olga to prepare for the Olympics. You should study without taking long breaks, and most importantly – clearly understand what you need.

“I made myself a plan for the year, for the summer. And even if I could not complete some points, it still gave a result. Already during the drawing up of the plan, I saw the amount of work, I understood what I needed to do. It motivated me well: it helped me to tune in, to understand that there were a lot of things to do, and to get to work, ”says Olga about the secret of success.

Planning helps Olga not only win Olympiads, but also find time for other hobbies, such as music. The girl graduated from music school, violin class and continues to play. It helps her to relax after studying geography.

Remembering her studies at a music school, Olga says that it was this experience that helped her to cultivate in herself the desire to show the best result. “At the music school there were tests four times a year. And they could not be retaken. You need to play right now and as good as you can. This hardening helps in the Olympiads. There is the same principle – to come and show the maximum right now, ”she explains.

The girl plans to continue studying geography. Olga has not yet chosen a specific direction, but she has already decided on the university. Thanks to the victory in the Olympiad, she will go there without exams.

“I want to enter the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University. So far, I have not decided what area I will link my life with. I hope that after the first year I will be able to decide when it will be necessary to choose a department. But while I plan to do physical geography, perhaps meteorology, I am also considering cartography, ”says Olga.

Humanities and exact sciences complement each other

Alexey Kravatsky took part in the final stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren in four subjects at once. He became the winner in economics, as well as the prize-winner in physics and art. In addition, the young man was a prize-winner of the regional stage in mathematics.

This year Aleksey graduated from the 10th grade of the Second School Lyceum, where they pay great attention to the physics and mathematics direction. And until the seventh grade, he studied at a school with a humanitarian orientation. Also, the young man graduated from a music school and attended an art school.

“Humanities and exact sciences complement each other, creating a complete picture of the world. In the humanities, more attention is paid to a person, independent reflections and conclusions, which may be different, are more valuable there. And in mathematics there are strict criteria for whether a problem is correctly solved or not. The solution must be flawless at all stages. Partially correct decisions are not evaluated, ”says the student.

Now the young man pays more attention to physics. Olympiads help to study this subject thoroughly.

Alexey believes that having chosen the main direction, one should not forget about other school subjects. And in order to win the Olympiads, you need to specially prepare, solve the tasks of the past years – this allows you to assess your level. It is also useful to attend the courses of the Center for Pedagogical Excellence and travel to training camps, at least in preparation for the final stage.

“When preparing, you shouldn’t live only on Olympiad tasks. You need to read books, watch films, plays, go to exhibitions. This is especially important in humanitarian subjects. For example, at art olympiads, questions often come across that were not understood at the training camp. But they can be easily dealt with due to the general cultural development and logic, ”the guy is sure.

By the way, apart from school subjects, Alexey is fond of programming and even … plant growing. He germinates the seeds of trees and shrubs collected in the park and then plants seedlings in his area, making it greener. The student has not yet chosen his future profession, but I am sure that it will be associated with the exact sciences.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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