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758 residents of neighboring houses are moving to the new building on Parkova Street, built under the renovation program.

In the Mitino district, the renovation program includes 14 houses located in Novobratsevsky, which was once a workers’ settlement. 2.4 thousand residents should move to new apartments. Two launch sites have been identified in the area.

Sergei Sobyanin examined a new building located at 33 Parkovaya Street, as well as a new biathlon center at 35 Baryshikha Street. The house built in Novobrattsevsky is housing of a qualitatively new level.

“It has an improved finish, there are entrances to the entrances and elevators on the same level with the ground, the first floors are given over to some commercial structures – trade, service enterprises, so that everything is close to the house. All balconies are glazed, with baskets for air conditioners, ”Sergei Sobyanin said.

The new house on Parkovaya Street began to be populated in March. Urban planning documentation is being developed for the second launch pad on the same street (possession 7). Residents of the district said that they are looking forward to relocation to new apartments. They began to be given keys, and some of them had already managed to move.

“I think that the residents of Novobrattsevsky will not wait long, we will move everyone in two waves. After we demolish the neighboring houses, we will go to the site and start the second stage of construction in order to move all those who remain to these houses, ”said the Moscow Mayor.

Landscaped courtyard and barrier-free environment

A two-section monolithic building with underground parking on Parkovaya Street was built according to an individual project. The façade was decorated with dark brown and white porcelain stoneware hinged panels. Loggias and balconies were glazed, and a metal basket for an air conditioner was installed for each apartment. This will preserve the appearance of the building during operation.

The new building has 301 apartments (118 one-room, 98 two-room and 85 three-room). Their total area is 16.9 thousand square meters. The improved finishing of apartments and common areas is made in accordance with the requirements of the Moscow renovation standard. Technical and office premises are located on the non-residential ground floor with a modern stained-glass glazing system.

“Inside the building there are smart sensors that can be configured not only throughout the house, but also individually in each apartment: these are smart metering devices for the consumption of cold and hot water, and electricity, and heat, and a video surveillance system, fire safety”, – emphasized Sergei Sobyanin.

The building has a barrier-free environment for the convenience of people with limited mobility. In the underground parking for 128 cars, you can go down by elevators directly from your floor. Moreover, residents of the house can buy parking spaces at a 40 percent discount, and unsold ones will be offered to residents living in other houses of the district.

A landscaped courtyard with a playground and sports grounds will create a comfortable and safe environment for all residents, including small children and people with limited mobility.

You can get from the house to the Mitino metro station in about 20 minutes, walking through a picturesque forest park, and there is also the possibility to take a bus.

A high-quality and balanced urban environment will be created in the microdistrict. According to the planning project approved by the Moscow Government, they intend to build two social facilities – a general education school for 500 places with a kindergarten for 100 places and a children’s and adult clinic for 320 visits per shift. The objects of trade and consumer services will be located in the built-in and attached premises of residential buildings.

More than 700 new settlers

242 families are moving into the new building – 758 residents of neighboring houses, also located on Parkovaya Street. We are talking about houses 7, 29, 30 and 31.

The Resettlement Information Center, in which future new settlers receive the necessary assistance, is located on the first floor of the newly built house. Now 208 families (86 percent) have agreed to resettlement, the rest are in the process of choosing a new housing.

Among the first newcomers to the house are the family of pensioners Viktor and Larisa Volkov, with whom the daughter’s family lives with a 10-year-old grandson. In the near future, they should move from a three-room apartment with an area of ​​64.3 square meters on the fifth floor of the house to be settled (Parkovaya Street, Building 29) into a new three-room apartment with a total area of ​​74.3 square meters on the eighth floor.

Sergei Sobyanin spoke about the implementation of the renovation program Renovation program: almost three million square meters of housing is being built in Moscow

Renovation in Moscow

The renovation program in Moscow was approved on August 1, 2017. It includes 5175 houses – about 350 thousand apartments with a total area of ​​16.4 million square meters. They are home to about a million people.

The first participants in the program moved into new homes in February 2018. The resettlement of residents of 271 houses into 96 newly-built houses is underway or has already been completed. In general, 39.8 thousand Muscovites are resettled. Of these, 30.8 thousand people have already moved to new apartments. In total, during 2021, it is planned to begin the resettlement of about 30 thousand residents.

To help the townspeople with resettlement, information centers are opened, where you can get advice from representatives of the City Property Department, the Moscow Renovation Fund, the prefecture, the management company, the general contractor and others. Also, Muscovites can use the service “Assistance in organizing the move” and free order transport and movers

For the implementation of the program, 513 launch sites were selected. It will be possible to build 8.1 million square meters of housing on them. The sites are located in all administrative districts of the city and as close as possible to the five-story buildings included in the program.

115 residential buildings with a total area of ​​1.3 million square meters have already been built. The design and construction of 265 houses with a total area of ​​4.7 million square meters is also underway.

Biathlon Center “New Star”

A large sports complex has also appeared in the Mitino area. The construction of the New Star center on Baryshikha Street was completed in June 2021.

“This year it should be launched – literally in August it will already receive visitors. It will be a multifunctional center for biathlon training and for training children, ”said Sergei Sobyanin.

The new sports complex is designed for year-round training in biathlon, handball, cross-country skiing and orienteering. While inspecting the new building, the athletes turned to the Mayor of Moscow with a request to help make a training track nearby. Sergei Sobyanin agreed to discuss this issue with the leadership of the Moscow Region and develop a joint project.

The building with an area of ​​8.8 thousand square meters is equipped with a shooting range, a gym and a games room. The first shooting range in Moscow (24 by 60 meters) is four 50-meter shooting galleries (for two places each) for shooting from sports long-barreled small-caliber firearms with a rifled barrel (caliber – 5.6 mm) and sports pneumatic weapons (caliber – 4.5 mm, power – up to 7.5 joules).

The 120 square meter gym is equipped with versatile equipment to work out all muscle groups, it has a cardio area and a free weights area with a full range of Olympic-grade dumbbells and barbells. The multi-purpose playroom is 28 by 92 meters in size and is divided into two playgrounds. It will be possible to conduct combined trainings in various sports: tennis, mini-football, volleyball, badminton, general physical training.

In addition, the building is equipped with changing rooms, rooms for storing weapons, preparing and storing skis and a methodology room. On the territory of the center there is a parking for 25 cars, and next to it, in a forested area, there is a ski track for outdoor trainings. Preparations are underway for putting the facility into operation.

Students of city sports schools will train at the Novaya Zvezda center, including sports schools of the Olympic reserve No. 102 (biathlon, cross-country skiing, orienteering), No. 101 Tushino (badminton, handball) and others. In addition to them, everyone will be able to visit the sports complex.

Sports infrastructure of Moscow

Since 2011, about 140 sports infrastructure facilities have been built and reconstructed in the capital under the Sport of Moscow program. This year, five facilities have already been commissioned, including a service center for street sports in Luzhniki (reconstruction), a sports and recreation complex (FOC) with a swimming pool in Zelenograd (Kryukovo district, communal area Aleksandrovka, passage No. 624), FOK with a diagnostic center on Khalturinskaya street (Preobrazhenskoye district, VAO) and others.

By the end of the year, the construction of more than 20 sports facilities will be completed. Among them are a multifunctional sports complex in the Mnevnikovskaya floodplain, an international sambo center, a boxing center and other facilities in Luzhniki, three ice palaces (in Solntsevo, Nekrasovka and the settlement of Marushkinsky), three football fields (two in the 9th microdistrict of Zelenograd and one on Paustovskogo Street), as well as the track and field arena of the sports school No. 82 on Engineering Street, the VMH-velodrome on Angarskaya Street, a sports complex with a swimming pool on Izmailovsky Boulevard and a multifunctional sports complex on Tushinskaya Street.

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