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Even in a forest park within the city, you can get lost. Here’s what you need to remember to prevent this from happening.

On the eve of Ecologist Day, Mospriroda specialists recalled the rules for visiting specially protected natural areas of the capital. Of course, walking in a forest park within the city limits is much safer than walking in a forest, but you can get lost here too. Here’s what you shouldn’t forget when going on a hike.

Dress properly

Particular attention should be paid to clothing – it must be matched to the weather and treated with a special tick spray. Also, for protection from insects, it is better to choose dense light clothing with a collar and cuffs on the sleeves. It is recommended that you wear a hat, rubber boots or boots, and tuck your trousers into your socks.

Collect the backpack

You must definitely take a charged phone with you, with the help of special equipment rescuers will be able to determine the location of a lost traveler. For orientation, it is worth taking a compass, a map of the area, a notebook and a pencil. A raincoat or umbrella, warm clothes and medicines will be useful. You may also need a camera, flashlight with spare batteries, whistle, clock, food and water.

Don’t forget the rules

Before the hike, you need to think over and plot the route on the map in advance. Family and friends should be warned about the direction of travel and the estimated time of return. Forces and time are required to be calculated in order to return before dark.

Being in a forest park, you need to remember the direction and pay attention to the signs: hemp, a fallen tree. It is important not to stray far from the road and familiar places or try to take shortcuts.

For children, the most important rule is not to leave adults a single step.

It is better to go to the forest with an experienced person who knows the area.

Preserve nature

During the hike, you need to observe simple rules respect for nature:

– you cannot shoot down mushrooms, pick berries, pick flowers, break the cobweb;

– it is better to walk along a path or trail, the dog must be kept on a leash;

– in order not to disturb forest dwellers, one should not make noise, destroy anthills, take animals from the forest;

– garbage must not be left in natural areas;

– do not feed animals and birds in the warm season, when they themselves can find food for themselves.

Remember the phone number of the rescue service – 112

If the traveler gets lost, it is better for him to climb the hill and explore the surroundings – this is how you can find landmarks. It will be useful to call for help and listen to the sounds: the hum of cars and the barking of dogs can tell you the direction.

It is better to choose the well-trodden path from the paths.

Specialists of the rescue service can provide assistance, they can be called by phone 112.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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