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The new recreation area was arranged in the southern part of the embankment of the Northern River Station. It is a beachfront complex with swimming pools, sun loungers and umbrellas for sun protection, changing rooms, bathrooms and showers, a summer kitchen and a phytobar.

Sergei Sobyanin opened a beach recreation area with swimming pools on the embankment of the Northern River Station, and also examined the landscaped territory of the National Tennis Center of Russia named after Kh.A. Samaranch.

“We have reconstructed all this rather large territory, restored the tennis court, and created the infrastructure. And next to it, they also created one of the largest beach areas in Moscow with heated pools, – said the Mayor of Moscow. – I think that it turned out to be one of the best recreation centers in Moscow – along with VDNKh, Zaryadye, Luzhniki.

Sergei Sobyanin thanked everyone who participated in the improvement of the Juan Antonio Samaranch National Tennis Center of Russia.

According to him, the improvement of the territory will not stop there. It is planned to extend the embankment along the Leningradskoe highway, reorganizing and moving further the territory of the northern cargo port. “The entire territory of the Moskva River and the Vodokanal will be reorganized, become a single complex, and will be included in our program for the reconstruction of the Moskva River embankment. It will be a huge space, convenient and comfortable for Muscovites, ”said Sergei Sobyanin.

Three pools, a pier and a summer kitchen

The new recreation area was arranged in the southern part of the embankment of the Northern River Station. It is a beachfront complex with swimming pools, sun loungers and umbrellas for sun protection, changing rooms, bathrooms and showers, a summer kitchen and a phytobar. This is one of the largest beach areas in Moscow – its area is over five thousand square meters. The beach will be open daily from 10:00 to 22:00, at the same time about 350 people will be able to relax here.

Vacationers will have access to three skimmer-type pools equipped with a water heating system, the temperature of which does not fall below 26 degrees Celsius. In case of good weather conditions, this will extend the operation of the pools until September and even October. Skimmers (tanks to which the pipeline is connected) are the main filtration element, which is responsible for taking the top layer of water, the most polluted (contains up to 70 percent of pollutants), and then sending it to the filter.

Only adults can swim in the large pool with an area of ​​24 x 15 meters and a depth of one and a half meters. For recreation with the whole family, you can use the swimming pool with an area of ​​nine by nine meters (depth – one meter). The third pool is nine by five meters in size and is designed for the smallest, and its depth is 0.75 meters. The water temperature will be 30-32 degrees Celsius, at the guests’ disposal – inflatable toys and armbands.

All pools use a modern cleaning system that provides round-the-clock remote monitoring of the water condition and dosing of active oxygen. Water disinfection is carried out using ultraviolet radiation. Multilayer sand filters provide high-quality mechanical water purification from impurities, and automatic dosing of algicide allows you to purify water from algae.

Every day, employees perform sanitary cleaning of pool bowls (including from poplar fluff and debris), check the filtration system, and analyze the chemical parameters of water. Additionally (twice a month), water is analyzed for parasitological and microbiological indicators. Water quality control in the pools is carried out in accordance with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor.

The changing rooms have storage compartments for personal belongings, bathrooms and showers. Along the perimeter of the pools, 60 sun loungers and parasols, eight shell sofas with a folding visor and 55 multi-seat soft boxes with canopies and pillows were installed.

The phytobar and summer kitchen offer snacks and dishes of European cuisine. You can order signature lemonades, detox cocktails, smoothies, fresh juices, as well as tea or coffee. At the beginning of July, the Rechnoy restaurant will open its doors with Greek cuisine, panoramic windows and a view of the Khimki reservoir – a new gastronomic point that will be open all year round. The summer veranda of the restaurant will start receiving visitors from June 15th.

The safety of guests is ensured by two teams of rescuers. There is a medical office where, if necessary, they will provide first aid.

In the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, surfaces (sun loungers, sofas, tables, etc.) are disinfected several times a day. Employees undergo medical examinations and go home at the first sign of sickness. During the working day, staff wear masks and gloves. Before entering the beach area, guests are measured the temperature, offered to use a sanitizer and asked to put on a mask.

Since May 23, the beach area of ​​the Northern River Station has been operating in a test mode, during which time it has been visited by over six thousand people.

Next to the new recreation area, there is a floating pier for small boats, from which you can get to the beach by crossing a special pedestrian bridge.

The berth is assembled from 14 pontoons, which hold 56 reinforced concrete anchors, sheathed with a special terrace board and equipped with navigation lights, water rescue equipment and mooring devices (bollards and ducks). There are 12 service columns for the supply of electricity and water. Communications are supplied through cable channels and pipelines embedded in the structure of floating pontoons.

At the same time, 35 small vessels (motor boats, boats, catamarans) with a length of 10 to 25 meters can approach the berth.

This summer, beach areas with pools will also operate at VDNKh (Port zone), Luzhniki, Severnoye Tushino, Fili and Sokolniki parks.

According to Sergei Sobyanin, Muscovites have long been asking to improve the area of ​​the Northern River Station. The main station building and part of the park opened to residents last year. “For several years we have been engaged in the restoration of the historic building of the river station, which the whole country knows from old films and from their memories. In addition, they reconstructed a large park of Friendship, which adjoins the Northern River Station, the historical park of the Northern River Station, completely reconstructed the embankment, the quay wall, made such a wonderful walking area out of this whole complex, restored history, made a comfortable public space. Over a year with a little 1.5 million people have visited this territory, “- said the Mayor of Moscow.

National Tennis Center of Russia named after Kh.A. Samarancha

Simultaneously with the creation of the beach area on the embankment of the Northern River Station, the complex improvement of the adjacent territory of the National Tennis Center of Russia named after Kh.A. Samaranch. Its area was 8.5 hectares.

Before the start of work, this territory was in poor condition: there were no convenient pedestrian paths and sidewalks, children’s and sports grounds, and recreation places. Most of it was insufficiently lit in the evening, and the other was littered. There was no continuation of the pedestrian promenade along the water.

In the course of the improvement, an additional entrance to the territory of the tennis center was organized from the Leningradskoye Highway. We have equipped a 1.6-kilometer road and path network – along the new paths you can go down to the comfortable embankment of the Khimki Reservoir, which leads to the park of the Northern River Station. Overhead wires and communications were removed underground in a special cable duct.

President of the Russian Tennis Federation Shamil Tarpishchev thanked the Mayor of Moscow for the high-quality sports zone. “Here is the best territory, I think, in Moscow and the best recreation area. Many thanks to the Moscow Government, to you personally, Sergei Semenovich. I can say that I have never met any such structure and theme base for sports recreation in the world, ”said Shamil Tarpishchev.

On the territory of the tennis center, 11 pavilions for various purposes were erected (warehouses, toilets, security posts, a pumping station, an administration pavilion). Among them there are three pavilions for servicing tennis courts with coaches, showers, changing rooms, recreation rooms for athletes, massage rooms, and a doctor’s office. A veranda for a summer cafe is attached to one of the pavilions.

Another pavilion is designed to serve the beach courts, it also has changing rooms, showers, coaching and relaxation room. For spectators, 12 stands were installed, designed for 1448 people.

In addition, specialists have strengthened the bank of the Khimki reservoir (its length is about 600 meters) with the help of gabions – mesh structures filled with granite stone. Gabions not only make the slopes and slopes durable, but also fit perfectly into the landscape, performing a decorative function. On the shore, a beach area with sun loungers was equipped, you can relax on sun loungers in the shade of trees near the pavilions.

To make the tennis center more comfortable for families and attract more people, two playgrounds for children of different ages were placed on its territory, and two workout grounds with a variety of equipment for training.

For the comfort and safety of visitors, over 220 small architectural forms, more than 320 lighting poles and 54 video surveillance cameras were installed.

New pavilions, stands and recreation areas: the territory of the National Tennis Center has been improved

The plan for landscaping included the planting of more than 6.3 thousand shrubs (among them – cotoneaster, stefanandra, cinquefoil, spirea, irga) and over 350 trees, including elm, linden, birch, maple, bird cherry, as well as laying lawns with an area 3.2 hectares.

The first tennis courts of the National Tennis Center of Russia named after Kh.A. Samaranch was discovered in 2005. Today, athletes have at their disposal 14 outdoor clay courts, one outdoor and four indoor hard courts, as well as seven beach tennis and volleyball courts. It hosted such significant competitions as the Russian championships, the Davis Cup matches, the Challenger series tournaments, the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association), the World Beach Tennis Team Championships, and the European Junior Championships.

In 2023, it is planned to complete the construction of a tennis palace with eight indoor and two outdoor hard-surfaced courts, a gym and a rehabilitation sports center, and a tennis shop. The new complex will have comfortable changing rooms, cafes and recreation areas, underground and surface parking. The premises can be transformed into a tennis court with stands for 3,300 seats or into a conference and concert hall.

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