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You can participate in donor campaigns regardless of age and profession. Volunteers give lectures, organize donor days at work, support those who donate blood for the first time.

Donor Day is celebrated around the world on June 14 In Moscow, the donor movement is growing every year: today blood is donated not only in hospitals, but also in universities, in production facilities and in offices. Dozens of events are held annually, in which three thousand donor volunteers participate. Everyone can join the movement, even if for some reason they cannot donate blood. Volunteers told how donors help the blood service and why they are not afraid of donations.

Some statistics

The donor donates only 450 milliliters of blood at a time, but even this small amount can save the lives of three people. Over the past year, volunteers from the capital donated more than 135 liters of blood, and since the beginning of this year, about 90 liters more. Most often, the N.V. Sklifosovsky Hospital named after M.P. Konchalovsky, Morozovskaya Children’s Hospital, Hospital No. 1 named after N.I. Pirogov and federal centers of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

Donor days are held by the resource center “Mosvolonter”and the regional branch of the Medical Volunteers movement. To organize the collection of blood, they attract about 100 volunteers every year. Among them there are not only donors with experience, but also those who, for medical reasons, cannot donate blood. They explain to people how important it is to donate blood and how to do it correctly.

“The need for donated blood or its components has always been and will be. Unfortunately, so far no analogs equivalent to them have been created and will hardly be created in the foreseeable future. And without the availability of sufficient reserves of blood components today, the work of a doctor in many areas of medicine – surgery, oncology, transplantation, treatment of hematological and many other diseases – is unthinkable. Therefore, each person who decides to become a donor is very important for us: sooner or later, the blood donated by him may be necessary to save someone’s life, ”emphasizes Olga Mayorova, chief physician of the O.K. Gavrilov.

According to her, the active support of donor and volunteer movements from the Moscow Government is invaluable. “We are sincerely grateful to everyone who participates in these movements, and even more so on a permanent basis. This is a really serious and responsible decision, and it is gratifying that there are people in Moscow who are ready to come to the aid of doctors at any time to save the lives of our patients, ”adds Olga Mayorova.

How to become a blood donor

Close to newbies

Nikita Kozhinov became a blood donor while studying at the university. A few years later, he began to organize donor actions and help people who want to become donors. In the company where Nikita works, he and his colleagues spend donor days. A whole movement of voluntary donation and several thematic projects grew out of these actions.

“We organize donor campaigns at different sites. The most important thing is that people leave them satisfied with the fact that they were able to do a good deed. For me, the very moment when a bag with my blood is marked and taken to the laboratory is positive. Then I understand that the job is done, everything is fine. The goal has been achieved, ”says the volunteer.

As the organizer of the actions, Nikita donated blood together with newcomers more than once to support them. “Most have the opportunity to help others in this way. If we introduce into active practice the exchange of good deeds, then the world around us will become better, and the lack of whole blood and its components will disappear. Each new donor after the action shared his positive impressions with me. Therefore, I wish everyone to have the opportunity to become a donor, ”he notes.

Together with colleagues

Even those who do not donate blood for medical reasons can become part of the donor community. You can also help by promoting general ideas, as Dmitry Bazhenov does. He founded the Ripple. Popularization of blood donation among nuclear workers ”. The actions organized by him helped to collect more than a thousand liters of blood, and last year the volunteer himself became a prize-winner competition “Volunteer of Russia” in the nomination “Protecting with the heart”.

“Everyone can help others if there are medical contraindications to donating blood. Organizers of donor actions always need support, and volunteers know how to help others like no one else. I myself cannot donate blood, but my project helps to attract workers of the nuclear industry to this good cause, ”explains Dmitry Bazhenov.

He says he always takes pride in those who come to such events. “According to statistics, every third person in the world may need donated blood at least once in their life. There are never many donors. And it is important to convey that it is safe to donate blood, and most importantly, it is good for the body. The situation with the number of blood donors is changing for the better every year. Now it is important to attract attention and increase the number of bone marrow donors, ”emphasizes the volunteer.

Help without fear

Dzhemiyat Kurbanova was waiting for her 18th birthday to take part in the donor action. According to her, it is more comfortable to donate blood together with classmates, acquaintances, and friends. “You see their smiles and you feel supported. The main thing is not to be afraid, and if you have any questions, you can always ask the doctors. Donation is not scary, but interesting and useful, ”says Cemiyat.

Today, for medical reasons, she cannot participate in donations, but as a medical volunteer Dzhemiyat organizes donor Saturdays, offsite blood transfusion centers, lectures and conducts master classes for schoolchildren, students and groups.

“Every donation must be correct and safe. I talk about the rules for preparing for it and why you shouldn’t believe in the existing myths and stereotypes about donation. For me, donors are real heroes because they help and do not stand aside, ”she adds.

An example for loved ones

Konstantin Knyazev became a donor about two years ago when he was in college. Today he is an active medical volunteer who donated blood seven times and platelets twice.

“To be a donor is to be ready to give a particle of yourself for the sake of another person, to find an opportunity to spend a little time to save someone’s life,” he said.

Gradually, friends and relatives began to join Constantine. According to him, many of them did not attach much importance to donation.

“The wonderful feeling that you did the right thing makes me come back again and again. And everyone who comes to the donation is heroes for me. They may be worried, but they are never afraid. Good gives strength. And we share this power with those who really need it, ”the volunteer adds.

It is possible to help the donor community regardless of age and profession. To do this, you need to know the rules of a responsible donor, contraindications for donating blood and monitor your health. Information about donor campaigns supported by Mosvolonter can be found at resource center website and on his pages on social networks “In contact with” and “Instagram”

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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