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Moscow volunteers told where to find time for good deeds, how volunteering helps in life, and why getting up at four in the morning is not at all difficult.

The volunteer community of Moscow today is over 610 thousand who are not indifferent. Among them are officially registered volunteers, as well as employees of non-profit organizations and authorities involved in volunteering. Every year, with the support of volunteers, more than 170 events are held – charitable and commemorative events, festivals, city holidays.

Among the volunteers are people of different ages and professions. They develop sports, event, social, cultural, patriotic and media volunteering. There are those who volunteer in medicine and donation. Helping others, volunteers try different directions, get to know people and gain experience that can be useful in everyday life.

Moscow volunteers talked about what volunteering means to them and how to find time for good deeds.

Marina Rip: I started calling my parents more often

Marina Rip is an active volunteer. A year and a half ago, she joined the volunteers of the #WeTogether campaign. Since then, despite her busy work schedule, Marina Rip has always tried to find time to help others.

“I remember how, after the briefing, I immediately went to the first delivery of groceries. I really wanted to help people who needed support. My grandmother needed water, and she only asked for one bottle, because she was worried that it would be hard for me to carry. The first delivery of groceries gave me one hundred percent understanding that people just need help, and not only during a pandemic. I started calling my parents more often, ”she recalls.

Better at home: how volunteers help elderly Muscovites

Marina Rip likes the social and medical areas of volunteering the most. She supports older single people, children with disabilities, orphans, large families, helps in hospitals, and participates in various organizational activities. Marina Rip plans to try herself in sports volunteering, helping the participants of the race.

“Volunteering for me is a gratuitous help to people and society, a lot of positive emotions and memorable moments. Volunteering is a way of life. Volunteering makes the world a better and kinder place, thanks to it I am changing for the better, ”she said.

Kirill Karpievich: If I want to help, then I have time for this

Kirill Karpievich is a student of the Moscow Automobile and Highway State Technical University (MADI). His volunteer work began in 2015 when he joined the volunteer corps in his hometown of Neryungri in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). After moving to Moscow, Kirill continued to volunteer.

The young man prefers an eventful direction, as this allows him to gain experience that can be useful in later life. For example, during the XXIX World Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk, he volunteered for the group that was responsible for arrivals and departures at Sheremetyevo airport and learned a lot about the airport.

“During the time I spent on duty, I got a really clear picture of how the service of arrivals and departures at a modern airport is arranged, how the process of interaction between the consular offices of the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Border Guard Service of the FSB of Russia is arranged. I even learned what to do when I forgot important documents in my suitcase, and my luggage was already on the plane! Got a tremendous experience of communicating with foreign guests, ”Kirill Karpievich recalls.

High five, por favor, arigato: volunteers of the 2018 World Cup – about their work and guests of the capital

A volunteer always finds time to support others, while at the same time he studies at the university. According to him, combining study with volunteering is not easy, but possible.

“I rarely have to find time to volunteer. If I want to help, then I have time for this. Volunteering, of course, is about people, communication, emotions. It gives a sense of accomplishment to the world. The feeling that you are investing a part of yourself in something that makes other people happier. A volunteer is, first of all, a person with an active civic position who is ready to provide all possible assistance in various fields free of charge, ”Kirill Karpievich said.

Lyubov Efremova: It becomes a way of life

Lyubov Efremova is an active “silver” volunteer. She became a member of the volunteer movement in November 2019 at the Young Old: New Seniors festival.

“I’m retired, I don’t work now, but how great it is when you are young at heart! Therefore, there is a lot of time for volunteering, but it is still not enough. I want everything at once! It is exciting, it becomes a way of life, ”says Lyubov Efremova about volunteering.

Thanks to friends and close-minded people – as active as she is – Lyubov came to the Silver Age volunteer center. When I started active work, I wanted to learn more about volunteering. This is how she got to know Mosvolonter, attended a training program for novice volunteers “Get involved!” Today, her list of good deeds includes forums, sports marathons, events in the Victory Museum and the Darwin Museum. She also took part in the Vaccination Helper campaign and is going to get vaccinated herself after her natural antibodies decrease after an illness.

Volunteering as a way of life: who are the “silver” volunteers

Lyubov Efremova says that many of her acquaintances and friends do not understand why they need to get up at four in the morning for five days in a row in order to be in time by seven in the morning on the other side of the city. To this she replies: “You have to be a volunteer in order to feel the involvement in important events, to become a part of a huge volunteer team.”

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