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The instructor-dog handler of the correctional colony No. 35 Aleksey Sentemov and his friends were able to prevent the death of the teenager. According to the employee himself, the guy was saved only thanks to a coincidence.

The other day in the village of Kusye-Aleksandrovsky, while on vacation, Aleksey Sentemov, together with his friends Stanislav and Ivan, decided to go to the Koiva River. Friends wanted to swim on a hot summer day.

Arriving at the place, Alexey and his friend Stanislav have already entered the water, and classmate Ivan just rode up to the shore on a bicycle. Not far from them, a girl and a guy of 17 years old were swimming. Suddenly, the screams of a girl called for help were heard, and Alexei and Stanislav immediately swam in her direction. While swimming, the young people noticed that a guy was drowning next to the girl and was about to lose consciousness. The teenager then plunged into the water, then floated up, pushing off the bottom of the river, trying to swallow air.

Without hesitation, Alexey and Stanislav began to pull him towards the coast, but they themselves had almost no strength left, as they were sailing against a strong current.

– While they were dragging him, it seemed that now we would drown ourselves, there was no strength at all. Closer to the shore, a classmate Ivan came to our aid, by the way, he works in the police, and the three of us began to provide the guy with first aid, – said Alexey Sentemov.

After a while, the teenager came to his senses. It turned out that he lives nearby, came with a friend to swim in the river and decided to swim across it to the other side, but did not calculate the strength.

– We offered to take them home, but the guys flatly refused, perhaps they were afraid that their parents would scold them. Only after a while did I realize what had happened at all. I did everything automatically. When they pulled the guy out of the water, I thought only about what tragedy could happen in the family if the guy drowned. We just did what anyone in our place should do! – said Alexey Sentemov.

The next day, the teenager found Alexey via social networks and thanked him for saving him.

Aleksey Sentemov modestly kept silent about his act, he did not tell any of his colleagues and the colony leadership about what had happened, but the story of the incident got into one of the local newspapers from the words of other eyewitnesses. This is how the colleagues learned about the act of their colleague.

Press service of the GUFSIN of Russia for the Perm Territory

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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