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Representatives of the younger generation of the volunteer movement manage to live life to the fullest: to study, communicate with their peers and at the same time be of benefit to society. Read the article on why the idea of ​​selfless help to other people is so attractive to them.

In Moscow, more than 38 thousand teenagers are engaged in volunteer activities. About 13 thousand children over 14 years old are registered on the website of the resource center “Mosvolonter”… In 2020, they participated in 54 events, such as the Russian Creative Week and the Moscow Volunteer competition. In addition, the guys joined the volunteer corps for the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

“Since the beginning of this year, young volunteers have participated in 43 programs and campaigns. Among them are “Congratulate the Veteran”, “Feed a Friend” and “Spring Week of Kindness”, as well as a series of events “Seven Years of Good Deeds” for the birthday of “Mosvolonter”. Each of the children has their own history of joining the ranks of volunteers, but one thing unites them – the desire to help others, making the world kinder, ”she said.

Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Mayor of Moscow.

As a gratitude, the organizers of the actions often prepare various incentives for volunteers: certificates, free tickets to cultural events, souvenirs and others. The volunteer movement is supported by many metropolitan universities: in such educational institutions, future applicants can receive points upon admission, and in the future they can also count on an increased scholarship.

Volunteers are one big family

Ivan Shumsky has been volunteering since the age of 14. He started with participation in the international program “Football for Friendship”, in which he attended the opening of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and then became a volunteer in the football park on Red Square. Now the young man has about 40 events of various levels in his collection. In 2019, he tried himself as a team leader at the My District forum as part of the Moscow Urban Forum.

This year Ivan Shumsky is graduating from school and preparing for the Unified State Exam, he does not forget his volunteer activities, helping Mosvolonter with conducting training programs.

“Volunteers are one big family. We all help each other not only within the framework of events, but also in everyday life. Volunteering allows you to get to know a lot of new, cool people. Experience, in my opinion, is another very important thing. Teamwork, the ability to distribute responsibilities and much more – all this comes from volunteering. But the main thing that volunteering brings to our lives is kindness, ”he concludes.

Communication with like-minded people

Konstantin Denisov is 14 years old, this year he graduated from the eighth grade. And I became a volunteer a few months ago, and it happened quite by accident.

“I found the Mosvolonter website, at that time it was January and registration for the VDNKh Skating Rink was open. It became interesting to participate, and I liked it, ”says Konstantin.

At the VDNKh Skating Rink, he helped with navigation and informed visitors about security measures. At first, his family and friends did not take the teenager’s initiative seriously, but over time, their opinion changed.

“At first, my parents thought that I wouldn’t really like it, but it turned out to be the opposite, and it took me four months already,” he says.

According to Konstantin, in addition to helping other people, in volunteering he is attracted by the opportunity to communicate with like-minded people, including representatives of the older generation, and learn from their experience.

An example for peers

Samira Babaeva joined the volunteer movement three years ago.

“I became a volunteer thanks to two people: my aunt and social studies teacher Natalya Ivanovna Molokina. My aunt was often in hospitals because of my brother’s hospitalizations, and every time she returned home, she enthusiastically talked about the volunteers who gave gifts to little patients and supported them with their performances. “I also want to help people and make them happy!” – then I thought. And in the eighth grade, at a social studies lesson, the teacher said that new volunteers were being recruited into the Open Hearts school squad. Good luck! I immediately collected and submitted all the necessary documents, ”the girl recalls.

Samira is now 16 years old. She is finishing school next year and plans to go to medical school. In the meantime, she actively participates in various actions of the Mosvolonter resource center.

“The most sensational event at which I understood the whole essence of volunteering was the Russian Creative Week, which took place from September 11 to 13, 2020. On it, we helped in lectures with a friendly team with team leader Mikhail Harsik. It was great! We got a lot of emotions, ”says Samira.

The girl’s activity became an example for many peers. After Samira, together with her friends from the Open Hearts squad, spoke about volunteer vacancies at her school, several of her acquaintances, as well as her sister and her classmates, joined the movement.

“In my opinion, volunteering makes everyone feel important to society. And of course it gives experience, she said. – And I also really like to hear words of gratitude – both from those whom I helped and from those with whom I helped. From smiles, as they say, the soul is warmer. “

If you want, then there is enough time

Zernishan Abdullaeva, a friend and classmate of Samira Babaeva, began her career with medical volunteering.

“I am very interested in this area, because I plan to link my life with medicine. Gradually, I began to engage in not only this branch of volunteering. The events where I helped were of a social direction, sometimes cultural, patriotic, eventful, ecological. In fact, it all depends on what promotions are taking place in a given period of time. I try to participate in everyone. “Not so much time,” you say. The most important thing is desire. If you want, there will be enough time for everything, ”Zernishan notes.

According to the girl, the most memorable events for her were the “Russian Creative Week” and the action dedicated to March 8, in which Zernishan managed to participate as a team leader (a volunteer who coordinates the work of other participants). She also enthusiastically talks about the Victory Train campaign, emphasizing the role of mentors for young volunteers.

“The Victory Train is one of your favorite events! I was both a guide and registering people for the train. Also at this event was the team leader Irina Pechenikhina. I am incredibly grateful to her for everything she does for me and not only. She always takes care of all her volunteers. I am sure that if something happens in my life, then I can calmly approach her and tell her, and she will always support and motivate me in return, ”the girl shares.

According to Zernishan, thanks to volunteering, she has acquired many friends, useful skills and more.

“Being a volunteer is an incredible experience! For me, volunteering is when you come home from an event tired, but still happy and ready to help all people. “

Atmosphere of kindness

17-year-old Ilya Tyulin has extensive experience in volunteering. He has participated in over 40 events ranging from small school events to global events. During the pandemic, he joined the #WeTogether campaign as a headquarters volunteer.

Ilya joined the volunteer corps in 2019. Relatives immediately supported his hobby. But some peers, having learned what he does, are still surprised. However, for those who do not understand how you can devote your free time to this, Ilya has an answer.

“In volunteering, I like the atmosphere of kindness and positiveness. At each event you meet new people who are open and ready to talk to you on different topics. I also like that you can not pretend to be someone, but be yourself, ”he explains.

Talking about communication with senior colleagues, the young man emphasizes that everyone is equal in volunteering – during events, the age difference is not felt. At the same time, everyone will find their own in the volunteer community: young people will be able to show themselves and learn something, and for their older comrades this is an opportunity to support newcomers, share their experience with them.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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