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We will tell you how to get a QR code, whether you need vaccination for those who have been ill and where to get the vaccination procedure.

Who can get vaccinated?

Any citizen of the Russian Federation over 18 years of age who has not had an acute respiratory viral infection two weeks before vaccination, has not been sick at the time of vaccination and has not been in contact with coronavirus patients for the last two weeks can be vaccinated.

Is it true that without vaccination, cafes and restaurants will no longer be allowed in?

Since June 28, in Moscow, due to a very difficult situation with the spread of coronavirus infection, only those who have been vaccinated, have been ill with COVID-19 within the last six months, or have a negative PCR test valid for three days will be able to visit public catering establishments. … It is necessary to undergo PCR testing in one of the laboratories in the city of Moscow that transmit information to the UMIAS system. Restaurants and cafes are required to establish a system for checking the presence of QR codes. Food courts will be open only after checking the control system that prevents visitors from entering the seating area without QR codes. Catering establishments that do not comply with these requirements will only be able to work for take-out or delivery.

How do I get a QR code?

In order to receive a QR code, you need a standard or full account on the portal or on a single portal of state and municipal services

You can get the QR code in the electronic medical card, in your personal account on the portal and the unified portal of state and municipal services, on the website or in the specialized application “State services. Stop coronavirus “, as well as in the registry of the city polyclinic.

How to prove that you got vaccinated?

The presence of protection against coronavirus is confirmed by a special QR code, which can be obtained in the electronic medical record, on the and portals, the unified portal of state and municipal services, or in the specialized application “State services. Stop coronavirus “, as well as in the registry of the city polyclinic. Paper references or certificates are not accepted.

Do you need a vaccine for those who have already had COVID-19?

Yes. The presence of antibodies is not a contraindication to vaccination and does not guarantee that a person cannot be a carrier of the virus. In addition, the majority of patients in Moscow are now being diagnosed with a mutated Indian strain – “delta” – which has turned out to be more aggressive. It penetrates the body faster, and the level of immunity should be twice as high as in Wuhan. Currently, there is no single proven method for measuring the level of antibodies sufficient to create immunity in a person, or a system for assessing the effectiveness and speed of adaptation of antibodies to mutating strains of the virus. In conditions when the spread of the Indian strain is gaining momentum and the incidence is growing sharply, doctors believe that it is necessary to vaccinate without regard to the level of antibodies six months after the illness.

Can I get vaccinated against coronavirus infection immediately after recovery?

It is recommended to get vaccinated about six months after recovery.

Do I need to re-vaccinate those who got vaccinated in the fall?

Those who were vaccinated more than six months ago in an unfavorable epidemiological situation need to undergo revaccination. It will start in the capital shortly.

Can a vaccine be used to treat someone who is already sick with COVID-19?

The vaccine is intended to prevent disease. If there are symptoms of SARS, it is temporarily impossible to get vaccinated. It is recommended to get vaccinated about six months after recovery.

Can a child be vaccinated?

Only those over 18 can be vaccinated against coronavirus. However, a trial of the Sputnik V vaccine for adolescents will begin in the near future.

Who shouldn’t be vaccinated against the coronavirus? Are there any contraindications?

Vaccination should be temporarily postponed only in case of acute infectious diseases, emergency conditions and exacerbation of serious chronic diseases.

Is Moscow residence required?

Not. Any adult citizen of Russia can be vaccinated at the work sites of mobile teams.

How to sign up for a vaccination?

You can get vaccinated by appointment at one of the 100 points on the basis of city polyclinics. If you are attached to a medical facility, you can register online on and UMIAS portals. If you do not have an attachment or a compulsory medical insurance policy, sign up for an inoculation by phone.

Get vaccinated without an appointment can in popular public places where mobile teams work. The Healthy Moscow pavilions are now open only for COVID-19 vaccinations and are open from 08:00 to 20:00. If there is a queue at the pavilion by the end of the working day, the reception will continue until everyone who comes is vaccinated.

Healthy Moscow pavilions will be open only for vaccination against COVID-19

Is there a pre-vaccination medical examination?

Yes, everyone who comes for the vaccination undergoes a preliminary medical examination. After the procedure, patients are under the supervision of a doctor for about half an hour.

How is the procedure going?

The vaccine is given twice, with an interval of two to three weeks (depending on the chosen vaccine). You only need to make an appointment for the first injection. The second will be recorded automatically. So that you do not forget about the second injection, an SMS message will come a day before it with a reminder (date, time and address where you need to arrive). If you had your first vaccine in another area, you can you get in Moscow.

Who should get the COVID-19 vaccine?

In Moscow, 60 percent of workers in the service sector have been vaccinated. The corresponding decree adopted by the chief sanitary doctor of the capital. Employees of the trade, catering, education, health care, centers of public services, transport, theaters and a number of other areas are required to be vaccinated.

In Moscow, 60 percent of workers in the service sector have been vaccinatedStrengthen protection against COVID-19: why revaccination is needed

Is it true that a vaccine is the most reliable remedy for a virus?

Numerous medical studies in the field of epidemiology have proven that vaccination is the best protection against infectious diseases. It allows you to create natural immunity to a specific pathogen, which prevents the development of the disease and its complications.

Is self-isolation necessary before or after coronavirus vaccination?

No, you can lead a normal life. But do not forget about the general topical precautions: social distance and mask mode in public places.

Do I need to wear a mask and gloves after vaccination?

After vaccination, it is necessary to comply with the general sanitary and epidemiological requirements, that is, keep a social distance and use a mask and gloves in public places.

Is it true that by getting vaccinated you can win a car?

Yes. An additional vaccination incentive program has been launched in the capital, which applies to all citizens over 18 years of age. She complemented the incentive promotion “Million Prizes”(#We winCOVIDTogether), which was valid for residents of the capital over 60 years old.

Until July 11, 2021, those who receive the first component of the COVID-19 vaccine for the first time will become participants raffle cars… Five cars worth about one million rubles will be drawn once a week.

A program to stimulate the vaccination of Russians over 18 years old will be launched in the capital

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