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Read the article on where to learn a new profession, how to improve your skills, adapt to the labor market or become an entrepreneur.

Employment Center “My career”in June it will be two years old. During this time, 180 thousand services were rendered to the townspeople. 40 thousand Muscovites applied for help in finding a job, 65 percent of them found work. Over 70 thousand have been trained. However, even such figures will not be able to say more than the people themselves – those who work in “My Career” and who, thanks to the center, managed to get involved in the work of life. We will tell you what professions are in demand now, how to go to work after 50 years and who most often turns to the specialists of the center.

From landscaper to sales consultant

Usually those who cannot find a job on their own turn to the My Career Center for help.

“We work with vulnerable categories of citizens. Women during maternity leave, for example, often lose their qualifications, they are afraid to return to work. Citizens over 50 years old, as a rule, have worked in one place or in the same area all their lives and do not know the modern labor market, it is difficult for them to look for a job and even write a resume. It is sometimes difficult for applicants with disabilities to adapt to society. And young applicants have no experience, ”says Irina Shvets, director of the My Career state budgetary institution.

For high school students (14-17 years old), the center organizes summer paid internships, During which the guys get acquainted with the profession. Summer employment vocational guidance programs are being conducted. You can still have time to join the popular project “Summer of My Career”, which starts on July 1. Young Muscovites will be trained in 15 specialized schools, take online excursions to the city’s largest companies and develop their own social projects. You can register on the website “I’m at home”.

600 applicants apply to My Career every day. “Our services are available to anyone, even not necessarily a citizen of Russia. You just need to make an appointment through the website. Further, the applicant communicates with our career consultant, including in the online format. At the first interview, the task of the consultant is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant, identify existing barriers, and talk about the labor market. The specialist finds suitable fields of activity and selects vacancies, helps to write a resume, prepares the applicant for an interview, and, if necessary, sends him to trainings and vocational training. The client usually finds a job within three months. And even after that, a career consultant helps a person adapt to a new place, ”says Irina.

Sometimes representatives of rare professions come to the employment center: toy collectors, oceanographers, beekeepers, miniature painters, diamond polishers. According to Irina Shvets, no one is denied. So, a year ago a man approached who was looking for a vacancy for a green economy specialist. During the consultation, it turned out that the applicant is sociable, inquisitive, pedantic. He was advised to undergo a training in communications, helped to write a resume, and eventually got a job as a sales assistant in a large chain hardware store.

“Our employees constantly study the needs of job seekers and employers in order to find effective employment mechanisms for all. Now the most demanded specialists are in the IT sphere, builders, web designers, social and medical workers, cooks, couriers, waiters, sales consultants of retail chains and online stores, ”says Irina Shvets.

Recruitment for the Summer of My Career online program continues in Moscow

Employers will teach

If it is difficult for a job seeker to find a job due to a lack of career-critical supra-professional skills, he can study at an open university to develop the skills of a modern person. It is a versatile technology that helps a candidate grow to meet employer requirements. The university has more than 240 study programs.

“At trainings and master classes at the university, applicants improve their motivation, learn stress resistance, communication, managing emotions and interacting with colleagues, and learn how to present themselves to an employer. They participate in unique business games during which they live different emotional life and professional situations in a careful manner. Approximately 80 percent of the success of job seekers depends on the developed personality traits. We see that trainings increase employment efficiency by 30 percent, ”says the head of the center.

Together with employers, the My Career Center is looking for new approaches to employing clients. The united database of the Moscow Employment Service contains 350 thousand vacancies, the pool of partner employers includes 400 companies from various industries. In addition, My Career regularly organizes job fairs (now online) and partner schools, which are very popular among Muscovites.

“They say that a career is built once in a lifetime and at a certain time. And our motto is a career throughout life, ”sums up Irina Shvets.

Mom is a web designer: a training course on website creation starts at the My Career Center

Calling to help

Larisa Sklyaruk is 53 years old. She retired at 50 as a mom of five. I’m not used to staying at home. Before the pandemic, she worked in a travel agency, but everything changed when the borders were closed.

“I didn’t want to look for something in tourism anymore. But there was a desire to help people, and those who have health problems. But I thought: who needs an employee over 50? At first she even dropped her hands. Fortunately, friends talked about the My Career Center: they regularly attended webinars and online meetings with employers there, ”recalls Larisa Sklyaruk.

My Career specialists sent the woman to a three-month Attention and Care partner school training course for nurses. When the studies were over, the staff of the center arranged a meeting for the applicant with potential employers. As a result, she decided to try her hand at a neuropsychiatric boarding school: “At first I was on watch. Now she has grown to become a specialist in the rehabilitation of people with mental disorders. I do not stop learning: “My Career” constantly conducts free webinars and trainings. After the nursing course, I studied psychology, then computers, financial literacy. “

Larisa admits: the work in the boarding school is not easy. She has to deal with people with mental disabilities, elderly people with Alzheimer’s, and sometimes with the wards from the department of mercy. Nevertheless, she is happy because she found her calling.

“My responsibility is to identify what patients are more likely to do and help develop those skills. I find courses, master classes for them, sometimes face-to-face, sometimes online. Again, the center “My Career” helps, on whose projects you meet the right people, make contacts, ”says Larisa.

In particular, she was able to teach dementia patients how to make ceramic beads and compose albums with photographs. Some handicrafts can be displayed on the site “Fair of Masters” (again through “My Career”) and even make money. And patients with severe cerebral palsy now own a computer and play chess.

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