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Those who have difficulties obtaining it can send an appeal to the technical support portal.

In the first three days, Muscovites received almost 2.5 million QR codes to visit cafes, restaurants and events. This was told in the operational headquarters for control and monitoring of the situation with coronavirus in Moscow. Those who encountered difficulties left almost 19 thousand calls to the technical support portal. Of these, more than nine thousand applications are related to the search for a digital certificate after vaccination, almost 10 thousand more applications were received from Muscovites who had been ill in the past six months.

Most of those who left an appeal on the fact of vaccination (63 percent of applications reviewed) will receive a QR code today by the end of the day. Those who, for objective reasons, cannot generate a digital certificate, are sent explanations about why the code cannot be issued and what should be done to obtain it.

For example, 23 percent of those who left the appeal following the results of vaccination received it in another region or in a medical facility not subordinate to the Moscow City Health Department. Currently, their data is being reconciled with the federal register of vaccinated. If the data does not appear in the federal register, information about such appeals will be transferred for consideration to the Ministry of Health of Russia. In this case, residents themselves are advised to contact the medical institution where the vaccination was delivered to check the correctness of entering the information into the federal register.

Eight percent were not vaccinated at all. In the medical institutions indicated in the applications, all primary documentation was checked, but neither in it, nor in the information systems there were no vaccination records. In this case, citizens can receive a digital certificate by passing a PCR test.

Among those who applied, five percent were vaccinated with only one component and, accordingly, will receive a QR code only after completing the vaccination with the second component. So far, a QR code can also be generated for them based on the results of the PCR test.

We have made the first component of the vaccine and are sick now 0.1 percent. A certificate cannot be issued to such patients, since they must be isolated and still pose a danger to others. Upon recovery, a QR code will be generated.

0.7 percent were vaccinated with an unregistered vaccine in Russia or were vaccinated in another country. In this case, residents were asked to receive a QR code based on the results of the PCR test.

As for the townspeople who could not receive a digital certificate on the fact of a past illness, 21 percent of requests were satisfied – Muscovites will receive a QR code during this day.

About nine percent of the considered applications were not satisfied, since more than six months have passed since the moment of recovery. Their immunity could be significantly weakened and such people can get sick again and infect others. Therefore, in order to receive a digital certificate, they can be vaccinated or take a PCR test.

About four percent are sick at the moment, so they cannot yet receive a digital certificate. Upon recovery, it will be generated.

In addition, digital certificates are additionally automatically generated for the following citizens:

– residents who had previously confirmed coronavirus by ELISA testing (immunoglobulins M were higher than the reference values, and residents followed quarantine according to the results of the ELISA test);

– patients who brought documents from other hospitals and regions to the clinic confirming the disease with coronavirus;

– patients who, with a negative PCR test, were diagnosed with pneumonia in CT centers.

As for those who were denied to generate a QR code, the reason was often that residents did not apply to medical organizations and did not have a positive PCR test result. In this case, there is no confirmation of the fact of the transferred disease and it is possible to issue a QR code only if a citizen is vaccinated or passes a PCR test.

For all other appeals, a reconciliation with the federal register of cases is currently underway, since the information was not found in the city. Most likely, the patients were being treated in medical institutions not under the jurisdiction of the Moscow Department of Health, but in federal, private or departmental clinics, or outside the city, or did not have a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 at all. If information about the disease of such patients is found in the federal register of those who have been ill, a QR code will be generated.

Anyone who could not receive their QR code for any reason are asked to send an appeal to technical support, indicating the full data on the fact of vaccination or previous illness, the name of the medical institution, with the attachment of supporting documents. This will help specialists as quickly as possible to check the information and help in obtaining a digital certificate.

Each application for technical support is considered in detail, all data is checked against city systems, medical journals in city medical institutions, as well as with federal registers of vaccinated and recovered patients. Based on the results, the townspeople receive an exhaustive answer – either a generated QR code, or an explanation of the reason why it cannot be received, and recommendations.

From June 28, you can enter restaurants and cafes only by using a QR code, which will prove that a person has either recently been ill, or has been vaccinated, or has passed a PCR test and received a negative result. You can find out how to get and use a QR code here.

You can get vaccinated against coronavirus at 119 vaccination centers based on city polyclinics by appointment seven days a week from 08:00 to 22:00. Without vaccination, they are staged in the Healthy Moscow pavilions, which are now open only for vaccination against COVID-19. They work from 08:00 until everyone gets the vaccine during the day. In addition, you can get vaccinated without registration in shopping malls, My Documents flagship offices and other popular city locations.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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