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It will become a platform for exchange of experience, training and communication of all volunteers in the capital.

A youth volunteer center has opened in Moscow.Sergei Sobyaninnoted the importance of creating a platform for the volunteer movement, bringing together a large number of caring people.

“Hundreds of thousands of Muscovites participate in one way or another in the volunteer movement. This is a real boom in a good way. This was especially evident during the pandemic, covid, when, it would seem, all volunteers should hide, sit and be afraid, and so on. And they just went out, helped Muscovites, especially those who were in difficult life situations, brought food, medicines, helped them in everything, on the front line, ”he said during the opening ceremony of the center.

The Youth Volunteer Center is located in a building built in 1880 at the address: Leningradskiy Prospekt, Building 5, Building 1. From 1995 to 2015, the Moscow City Public Organization of pensioners, war veterans, labor, armed forces and law enforcement agencies worked here. The building was overhauled from January 2020 to June 2021.

The workers repaired the facade and equipped the roof, replaced utilities, internal partitions, door blocks, windows and stained-glass windows, finished the premises, installed ventilation and air conditioning systems, and equipped two entrance groups.

The Moscow Mayor presented 11 activists with commemorative medals “Moscow Volunteers” and announced the start of accepting applications for the “Moscow Volunteer – 2021” competition.

“Congratulations, I hope that the heart depicted on this medal will warm both your souls and the souls of those whom you constantly and every day help and think about. Thank you very much!” – he said.

The initiative to make an award for volunteers in the capital appeared last year after the All-Russian campaign #WeMotto, when commemorative medals of the President of the Russian Federation were presented. The award for volunteers in the capital helping during a pandemic was developed by volunteers from Moscow.

For all volunteers in the capital

In a three-storey brick building with an underground level, three universal platforms have been created for organizing events and interacting with the volunteer community – the Team conference hall for 70 people (equipped with sound equipment and a multimedia screen), the Initiative coworking space for 40 people and the Polza coworking space. for 20 people. The total area of ​​the building exceeds one thousand square meters.

The halls are equipped with comfortable furniture, a projector and everything necessary for fruitful group work. In addition, the building houses the working premises of employees of the city institution “Mosvolonter”.

The Youth Volunteer Center will become a place of attraction for all volunteers in the capital. Round tables, seminars, master classes, informal meetings and other events will be held here. A comfortable space and a friendly atmosphere will be an excellent precondition for the birth of bold ideas, new acquaintances and inclusion in the world of volunteerism.

For communication between employers and young job seekers, a special platform “VRabote” has been created, where you can view vacancies, write a resume, and also sign up for an excursion to a company of interest.

“Unlike other career sites, aggregators, we managed to transfer most of it to social networks, where young people spend most of their time, reduce the number of clicks from 45 to four and make such a large social project out of it. We are very well supported by large Moscow employers. Today we have more than 100 major well-known partners, ”said Amir Sarakov, head of the youth employment project“ VRabote ”.

Thanks to the MediaShum project and the Moscow Youth project office, it will be possible to train young bloggers and journalists. “We were an ordinary student media on the basis of the Kosygin Russian State University, later we began to go out to city venues and participate in competitions – we became four times the best student media in Moscow, and then three times the best student media in Russia,” said Vladislav Ustinenkov, head of the MediaShum project.

Maria Chachina, the representative of the On the District project, also thanked Sergei Sobyanin for opening comfortable free areas in the city where young people can study and train.

Resource center “Mosvolonter”

The Moscow City Resource Center “Mosvolonter”, established on February 21, 2014, is the largest support center for the volunteer movement in Russia. More than 617 thousand Muscovites were involved in the center’s programs. On the center site 125 thousand volunteers are registered.

The main tasks of Mosvolonter include comprehensive support of volunteer participants, development of a network of partner organizations in all areas of volunteering, creation and updating of a knowledge base on volunteering. The center is also engaged in research, monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of volunteer activities. In addition, the work of “Mosvolonter” is aimed at improving the interaction of different departments in various volunteer programs, organizing the participation of volunteers in major events in the city, and developing a culture of volunteering among residents.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, such unique areas of volunteerism as:

– media volunteering – for example, professional photographers took part in the Good Badge campaign, taking photos of doctors for their work badges;

– car volunteering – providing assistance using your own car;

– family volunteering – family members come together to take part in useful activities and spend time together;

– volunteering and social entrepreneurship in order to solve the problems of people with disabilities – within the framework of the activities of the regional club “We are together”.

In 2021, the Mosvolonter Center began work in two new areas – cultural and environmental volunteering.

The resource center specialists have developed the “Five Keys of a Successful Volunteer Program” standard – a description of the management technology for organizing effective programs in any area of ​​volunteering. Step-by-step recommendations for attracting, training, supporting, motivating and encouraging volunteers help to solve practical issues of volunteer organizers. The standard takes center stage in a library of best practices and unique technologies, formed in collaboration with leading experts.

The resource center conducts training in the principles and technologies of organizing volunteer activities, prepares coordinators, and forms a leadership asset. More than 40 thousand people have been trained in seven years. Among the most demanded programs are “Get Involved”, “Good Lessons”, “Five Keys”.

Every year Mosvolonter takes part in over 100 city events, organizes volunteer actions, and supports events of socially oriented non-profit and volunteer organizations.

Since the beginning of 2021, volunteers from the capital have helped to hold the European Weightlifting Championship, tropical concerts in the Pharmaceutical Garden, Total Dictation, a fairy tale show on ice “Swan Lake” and others. More than four thousand volunteers took part in the Vaccination Helpers campaign.

More than 1.5 thousand people have joined the volunteer corps of the 76th anniversary of the Victory. In the special conditions of the pandemic, Moscow volunteers implemented the actions “Congratulate the Veteran” and “Red Carnation”, the purpose of which was to give a holiday and good mood to the war veterans.

In 2020, Mosvolonter became the winner of the All-Russian competition for the training program of internships within the framework of the mobility program of the Association of Volunteer Centers. He also won the All-Russian grant competition “Young in Soul”.

All-Russian action of mutual assistance “We are together”

The largest volunteer initiative of the last year was the #WeVotag mutual aid campaign, which started on March 28, 2020. It was organized by the All-Russian Popular Front, the All-Russian Public Movement “Volunteers-Medics” and the Association of Volunteer Centers.

The operator of the action in Moscow is the Mosvolonter resource center.

More than 23 thousand volunteers took part in the action, fulfilling more than 48 thousand applications for the provision of targeted assistance (delivery of food, medicine and essential goods) to Muscovites who were supposed to stay at home.

Over 200 thousand calls were received via the hotline.

More than 420 entrepreneurs and philanthropists became partners of the action and provided material assistance to those in need. More than a thousand medical volunteers provided assistance in Moscow hospitals and clinics.

To preserve the legacy of the action, its organizers decided to transform into the club “We are Together”, which will operate on a permanent basis. This idea received the support of the President of Russia during an online meeting with the participants of the action, which took place on June 26, 2020.

The main goal of the club will be to preserve the partner community through the involvement of people in need in specific projects. The members of the club included representatives of the executive authorities of the city of Moscow, all-Russian public organizations, as well as socially oriented non-profit and commercial organizations.

Sergei Sobyanin especially thanked the volunteers for helping the doctors and working at the vaccination points.

“The guys help by developing the“ Medical Volunteers ”movement when they participate in the work of polyclinics, hospitals, and hospitals. And the fact that a new movement has appeared, the movement of vaccination volunteers – it’s generally great when, at mobile vaccination points in shopping malls, guys help people navigate and cheer them up. In recent days, of course, vaccination has taken on a completely different scale, we are thinking about the development of new sites, and we will need new assistants in order to provide Muscovites with a comfortable vaccination process and at the same time comply with sanitary requirements, and so on, ”said the Moscow Mayor …

Competition “Volunteer of Moscow”

The annual Moscow Volunteer competition has been held since 2014. Representatives of all areas of volunteer activity can take part in it. Winners and awardees are determined in eight nominations in three areas, such as:

– “Activity” – nominations “I am a volunteer” and “Thank you”;

– “Project” – nominations “Organizer of Good Deeds” and “Good Idea”;

– “Team” – nominations “Good team. School ”,“ A kind team. College ”,“ A kind team. University “and” A kind team. Corporate Association “.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020 the number of participants in the competition has doubled compared to 2019.

In 2021, the Moscow Volunteer competition will run until December. To submit an application, you must select a direction and nomination (several are possible) and fill out a simple questionnaire with contact information. As in the previous year, the following are allowed to participate:

– volunteers from the age of 14 inclusive (individual participants);

– volunteer associations (teams of three people), including schools, colleges, universities, state, municipal, commercial and non-profit organizations;

– organizers of volunteer activities (socially oriented non-profit and other organizations).

The innovation of 2021 will be the opportunity to take part in a useful program. Contestants will be able to really support those in need by providing attention and targeted assistance to the elderly, disabled and lonely pensioners, become donors, visit animal shelters or support eco-projects. It is planned that within the framework of the useful program, numerous campaigns will be launched to collect feed for stray dogs and cats and recyclable materials, assess the availability of infrastructure for people with disabilities, and restore and improve cultural heritage sites.

Among other innovations of this year’s competition are the events for the exchange of experience “Good Meetings”, as well as the opportunity to test their volunteer initiative within the framework of the competition task.

The winners of the competition of the past years will act as experts. Among them are Anastasia Bakhmetyeva, winner in the nomination “Organizer of good deeds”, author of the project “MediaDvizh” (competition of school social networks), curator of the senior pupils’ club of the regional public organization of children and youth “Civilization of the Young”, as well as Alexandra Obernaya, winner in the nomination “I volunteer “, a student of the Moscow State Pedagogical University, has more than 250 hours of volunteering, since 2021 she has been an employee of VDNKh responsible for the development of volunteering.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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