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By the end of the year, it is planned to open a school, a kindergarten and a clinic in Kommunarka.

On the eve of the ninth anniversary of the expansion of Moscow’s borders, a new road was opened from Shcherbinka to Yuzhny Butovo. In addition, Sergei Sobyanin inspected the construction progress of the Prokshino business park, as well as a school, kindergarten and clinic in Kommunarka.

“During this time, fifty parks have been built and reconstructed in New Moscow. If we talk about the quality of construction of new micro-districts, they are not only not inferior to the old Moscow ones, they are already micro-districts of a new generation, they are much better. We see today, both in demand and in price, that these areas, this housing is gradually catching up with the areas that are located near the Moscow Ring Road within the old city boundaries. This speaks of the demand and the quality of what is being done here, ”said the Moscow Mayor.

Sergei Sobyanin added that there is still a lot of work to be done in the new territories, but every year the opportunities of residents and the level of comfort will grow.

New road from Shcherbinka to Butovo

Construction of a new four-lane road linking Shcherbinka with Yuzhny Butovo began in December 2018 and was completed in June 2021.

The route is 3.2 kilometers long and runs from Ostafyevskoe highway to Chechersky proezd. Traffic is regulated by six traffic lights. There are seven modern stopping pavilions for boarding and disembarking public transport passengers.

To reduce the noise level, protective screens with a total length of 811 meters were installed along the road.

The adjacent territory has been landscaped: 15.8 hectares of lawns have been laid out, 173 trees and 335 shrubs have been planted.

The specialists also rebuilt 57 kilometers of utilities and built two local treatment facilities.

The new road will allow residents of Shcherbinka to get to the stations of the Butovskaya metro line in five to seven minutes. In addition, the accessibility of the Shcherbinka MCD-2 station will improve for Butovo residents. It is also expected that the load on the Varshavskoe highway will decrease.

In the future, the new road will become part of the Voskresenskoye – Karakashevo – Shcherbinka highway with a length of 11.1 kilometers. Its construction is scheduled to be completed in 2023. As a result, an additional transport connection will appear between Kaluga and Varshavskoye highways, and transport services for more than 200 thousand residents of adjacent settlements will be improved.

School and kindergarten in Kommunarka

The construction of a school for 550 pupils and a kindergarten for 150 pupils as part of a residential complex at 22 Potapovskaya Roscha Street began in November 2018. It was carried out at the expense of private investment on an individual project.

Upon completion of the construction, the building with a total area of ​​12.65 thousand square meters will be transferred to the ownership of the city free of charge as part of the fulfillment of the developer’s investment obligations. It is planned that on September 1 of this year they will open their doors, becoming part of the school number 338.

The first pupils of the school and the pupils of the kindergarten will be children from an actively populated residential complex, as well as those living in nearby summer cottages.

“These are unique projects that are not in the city. Many such schools in New Moscow are better than those classical schools that were built in Moscow earlier in large numbers, ”Sergei Sobyanin noted. According to him, all modern technologies that are now used in the construction of schools have been applied in the new buildings. At the same time, investors themselves chose interesting structures and architecture for their projects.

The new educational complex will create a barrier-free environment and provide conditions for the education of children with disabilities. All navigation information will be duplicated in Braille.

During the construction of the building, energy-saving and other modern environmentally friendly technologies are used. In particular, they use faucets with automatic water supply, drinking fountains instead of coolers and plastic cups, and separate waste collection.

The main architectural feature of the building will be the central zone with a transforming amphitheater. It will be equipped with a projector, screen and modern multimedia equipment. The zone is designed for 350 people, thanks to innovative design solutions and modern equipment, it can turn into a lecture hall, cinema, dance or concert hall, as well as a hall for exhibitions of school works. The amphitheater is conceived as the center of the school’s social life, a special noisy zone. Thanks to special acoustic panels, neither loud music nor children’s voices will interfere with your classroom activities.

“This is really a very cozy modern loft-style school for children from the first to the 11th grade. It will collect all the modern trends in Moscow and world education. We moved away from the usual understanding of the assembly hall, in the central area of ​​the hall there will be an atrium, which will serve as a zone for children and adults events, and for the implementation of the Cinema at School project, and, of course, for the educational process, “said Maria Andrianova, director school number 338.

The kitchen, serving room, pantry area and seating area will be equipped with modern appliances that will provide children with full hot meals.

A large outdoor sports area will be created on the adjacent territory – a stadium with a football field and running tracks, a rollerdrome, a pump track, a modern sports ground and benches for recreation.

Functionally, the educational complex is divided into two blocks with separate entrances.

The school block on the ground floor will house changing rooms for elementary and high school, classrooms for elementary classes, a cookery, workshops for working with fabric and wood (can be used, among other things, to prepare students for the Worldskills and Abilympics professional skill contests).

“The concept of coworking spaces is used very successfully, when any room can be multifunctional. These are active changes, and zones for board games, which are now very popular among students, and the organization of a buffet zone, a cafeteria for high school students. Also, the space can be used for training sessions, because everything is provided for this, ”added Maria Andrianova.

Schoolchildren will have at their disposal two gyms with semi-professional equipment – gymnastic apparatus, parallel bars, wall bars, ropes, rings and basketball backboards. One of the halls will be equipped with spectator stands for competitions and tournaments. Safety in physical education lessons will be ensured by special wall protection, dividing nets and screens on the windows. In addition, a professional climbing wall will appear at the school, where classes will be conducted by an experienced instructor.

On the second floor, a large recreational area will be arranged – a place for holding meetings, debates, working in project groups or preparing homework. It will also house classrooms for primary schools.

The third floor will become a modern high-tech space. There will be an IT training ground where you can conduct classes in computer science and robotics, prepare for scientific and practical conferences and championships. At the prototyping center, the guys can try to create any object: hand-craft clay, wood, or 3D print. Scientific laboratory “Fablab” will allow students to set up experiments and experiments in physics, chemistry, biology and create projects at the intersection of sciences.

For the development of creative abilities, a media laboratory has been equipped, consisting of a recording studio and a television studio. Here schoolchildren will be able to prepare stories and record programs. The TV studio is equipped with professional entry-level cameras with the ability to record video in high definition, a prompter for an announcer, sets of equipment for journalists to work outdoors and indoors. The equipment in the recording studio will allow you to record podcasts and broadcast on the school radio. In addition, it will be possible to practice music here – for this there are electric and bass guitars with sound processors, a bass drum, a synthesizer and drums.

A theater studio will be located nearby, where those who wish can practice oratory, choreography, acting, stage speech, and stage performances.

An information center, a media library with a teachers’ section and a library will be located on the fourth floor. There will also be a pottery workshop with a kiln, equipped by analogy with the Stroganovka industrial design department (an art class with easels, a model room, a computer class with design programs and a pottery workshop). Pottery classes can be interesting not only for schoolchildren, but also for adults, including participants in the Moscow Longevity project. There will also be a fine arts studio with an art zone, where students will be taught painting, design and silk painting.

The preschool block will house a kindergarten for six groups of 25 children each. In addition to group cells, it provides a sports and music halls, premises for additional education and a methodological study.

New children’s and adult clinic in Kommunarka

The new polyclinic in Kommunarka at 10/4 Sosensky Stan Street will meet advanced healthcare standards and will significantly expand the access of local residents to medical services.

“One of the most scarce here is polyclinic facilities. This polyclinic will serve about 100 thousand people – this is just a huge number, ”said Sergei Sobyanin. According to him, the construction was delayed due to the fact that the project of the building had to be changed. He instructed the prefect of the TyNAO, Dmitry Nabokin, to speed up the completion of the work, so that by the beginning of 2022 it would be possible to form the staff of the new polyclinic.

The six-storey building (together with the basements) with a total area of ​​11.7 thousand square meters will consist of two separate blocks for adults and children. It is planned to house branch No. 2 (polyclinic departments) of the Troitsk City Hospital with an adult department for 500 visits and a children’s department for 250 visits per shift. An antenatal clinic will also be opened here.

The clinic will employ 643 people: 228 doctors, 317 nurses and 98 other staff. The patients of the new polyclinic will be 100 thousand residents of Sosensky and other nearby settlements of the TyNAO – 80 thousand adults and 20 thousand children.

The premises of the children’s and adult clinics will be isolated from each other, which will exclude the intersection of the flow of visitors.

The adult block will house departments of general practitioners, offices of specialist doctors, a department of prevention, functional diagnostics and rehabilitation.

For children, a department of medical prevention will be opened with offices for issuing certificates and referrals and first-aid appointments, as well as a pediatric department. The department of radiation diagnostics and surgical rooms will be available to visitors.

The clinic will be attended by general practitioners / therapists, pediatricians, cardiologists, otorhinolaryngologists, surgeons, neurologists, ophthalmologists, urologists, obstetricians-gynecologists and other specialists. The offices of the medical staff will be equipped with computers connected to the UMIAS.

The clinic’s specialists will carry out diagnostics using state-of-the-art equipment, including X-ray, mammography, ultrasound machines, electroencephalograph, electrocardiograph, video endoscopic stands for gastroscopy and colonoscopy. Thus, patients will be able to have the most common examinations as close to home as possible.

Doctors will be able to carry out a full cycle of medical care to restore and maintain health, prophylaxis and during the rehabilitation period after rehabilitation treatment. Patients will have access to dynamic magnetotherapy (helps to reduce pain), darsonvalization (allows you to increase the tone of the body and increase the resistance of the immune system), galvanization (widely used in inflammatory diseases).

The antenatal clinic will install modern equipment for diagnosing pregnancy and assessing the condition of the fetus. Patients will be able to undergo examination on new expert-class ultrasound machines.

The provision of medical care is organized in accordance with the new Moscow standard for polyclinics. The premises are zoned in such a way as to reduce the likelihood of queues and to make waiting for a reception as comfortable and not burdensome as possible. The most visited doctors’ offices will be located on the lower floors, for example, offices for taking blood, taking tests and doctors on duty. Then – offices of general practitioners, pediatric and other departments. Less visited offices are planned to be located on the upper floors.

For visitors in the building of the polyclinic will be equipped with zones of comfortable stay with air conditioners, coolers with drinking water, TVs, soft sofas and armchairs. In the offices of specialists, ergonomic furniture will be installed – armchairs, wardrobes, tables and chairs. For patients with limited mobility, a barrier-free environment will be created – ramps, tactile, visual and light indicators will be installed.

The territory adjacent to the clinic will be landscaped: an asphalt pavement will be laid, benches and waste bins will be installed, bushes will be planted, a parking lot for 15 cars will be organized.

At the moment, the underground and ground parts of the building have been erected, translucent structures, roofing and partitions have been mounted. The overall construction readiness of the facility is over 40 percent.

The construction of a children’s and adult clinic in Kommunarka is planned to be completed by the end of 2021.

Business quarter “Prokshino”

The construction of the Prokshino business quarter began at the end of 2020 through private investment. The project was developed by the international architectural bureau Callison RTKL.

The business quarter will be located near the station of the same name on the Sokolnicheskaya metro line, at the intersection of major highways under construction Solntsevo – Butovo – Varshavskoe shosse and Mamyri – Penino – Sharapovo.

It is planned to construct five buildings with a total area of ​​177 thousand square meters as part of the Prokshino business quarter. It will create over 16 thousand jobs. The volume of investments in the implementation of the project will amount to 17.3 billion rubles.

“This is the beginning of our cluster“ Prokshino ”- sports, event and educational. The business quarter will become the development center of this territory, its growth point. I think that not only Muscovites will come here, but it will become a tourist destination in Moscow, ”said Ignatiy Danilidi, General Director of the A101 Group of Companies.

The office part is being created in accordance with the modern requirements of investors and tenants. Among them are environmental friendliness, low number of storeys, walking distance from the metro or residence, as well as agile spaces that can quickly transform for different tasks during the day while maintaining comfortable working conditions.

More than half of the business quarter (including the retail part) will be occupied by spaces for mini-vernissages, test zones, and taking photos or videos for social networks. Classic stores are also waiting for a transformation – they will be able to get acquainted with the goods and place an online order.

The business quarter will be as friendly as possible to employees and visitors – numerous meeting rooms, coffee points, open terraces and a panoramic restaurant will be organized for them.

The first and minus the first floors will be occupied by a two-level parking lot with a service area and a car wash. Electric charging for cars and scooters will become an obligatory part of the infrastructure.

The territory of the business quarter will be connected with transport infrastructure and neighboring areas according to the principles of mixed-use development, which allow combining business and trade functions with service and recreational functions in accordance with modern urban trends. The space between the office buildings will be organized in the form of a partially covered urban promenade, which will become the main place for meetings, leisure and entertainment.

The first stage of the Prokshino business quarter is in the active stage of construction – a 13-storey office and shopping center with an area of ​​42 thousand square meters, which will employ over three thousand people. A class A office space and a local shopping center of an innovative format will be created in the building. It will be connected to the Prokshino metro station by a direct covered walkway, organized according to the principle of “dry feet”.

During the construction of the first stage of the business quarter, a number of high-tech solutions are used. Among them is a video analytics-based building access control and management system. Office employees will be able to go through the verification procedure using face recognition. The video surveillance system in the space is invisible, but it allows you to keep track of working hours, monitor the work of cleaning services, the movement of goods and property, prevent vandalism, monitor atypical behavior and, in general, ensure security in the business center. Facial biometrics can also be used for new contactless or remote banking services and for analyzing the effectiveness of retail concepts.

At the moment, in the office part of the building, monolithic works are being carried out at the level of the fourth floor. In the trading part, work is being completed on the overlap of the first floor. The specialists equip the high-pressure supply cable lines and the main water supply system, as well as lay the main heating network.

It is planned to complete the construction of the first stage of the Prokshino business quarter in 2023.

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