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Being in nature, anyone can get into an emergency. People go far into the forest and forget their way back, pick blueberries and fall into a swamp, find themselves among falling trees in bad weather. In such cases, all hope is for the rescuers.

In summer, the capital’s rescuers have a hot time: they evacuate lost mushroom pickers from the forest and unlucky bathers from ponds and rivers. Thus, the search and rescue squad “LizaAlert” has already received seven thousand applications this year.

Read the article on how the exercises involving the employees of the aviation center, the fire and rescue and volunteer search and rescue teams, the search and rescue service on water bodies take place, as well as what a pneumatic pillow and a space blanket are.

The horses!

In the village of Zybino, a headquarters was set up, around canvas tents. Rescuers, equipped despite the warm weather, in thick trousers, jackets and rubber boots, collect strawberries (“delicious with tea”) and sit on the grass to have a snack. “You have 15 minutes!” – shouts one of the commanders. The participants in the exercise hastily swallow the porridge and scatter to the mobile rescue posts (PSP), gigantic, like tanks, white trucks. Inside there is a table with a telephone and fax machine, benches and a body for storing equipment (crew cabin).


When the 112 service receives a call from the victim or eyewitnesses, a card is drawn up in which the details are prescribed: where the accident occurred, whether there are injuries, how serious they are. Then the application is sent to several departments at once: the police, ambulance, “LisaAlert”, rescuers of different units. They all cooperate with each other. Therefore, their teachings are joint.

This time the exercises are taking place in several natural locations. Rescuers will have to promptly respond to calls from those lost in the forest, drowning in a swamp and a pond, go to the scene and provide assistance. The victims are not real, but otherwise everything should look natural.

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Airborne assault

At the first point, over a field overgrown with bushes, a red Ka-32 helicopter hovered. According to legend, the summer resident went into the forest for strawberries, stumbled along the way, fell somewhere in the bushes and tall grass and could not get up.

A cable is thrown out of the helicopter. Four rescuers with stretchers descend along it in turn. After that, the helicopter departs. Rescuers run into the bushes and soon return from there with the victim. Meanwhile, a white ambulance helicopter lands on a flatter section of the field. The person is brought inside.


If an ambulance helicopter flew on a mission at night or in heavy fog, rescuers-scouts meet it with a signal fire, similar to a smoking torch.

“The signal light is called a flare. This is a tube with a special combustible mixture that does not extinguish even in water. Thanks to the hand flare, the pilot not only sees the point, but can also navigate by the smoke in which direction the wind is blowing in order to land the helicopter normally, ”explains Alexander Dergachev, head of the fire and rescue forces application service of the Department of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Fire Safety.

Trees are not a hindrance

Participants in the exercise line up at the edge of the forest. One of the rescuers communicates with Anya by mobile phone. The girl got lost in the forest and called 112. “I fell and injured my leg. I can’t get up … ”- she cries into the phone. In fact, all the victims today are extras, actors. Their task is to naturally portray those in trouble.

The rescuer offers to call Anya with the help of a megaphone, because if the girl hears, it means that she is somewhere nearby. Further, the team will go deeper into the forest and there will call the victim without a loudspeaker.

Anya is found lying in a pit. She went for strawberries and ended up here because of a thunderstorm. A splint is applied to the girl’s leg, then it is carefully transferred to a stretcher.

It’s time for the next challenge. “Extreme sports are gaining popularity in our city. One paratrooper lost control, got into an air stream, and was thrown into the forest. As a result, he hung from a tree. Unconscious. The call came from the flying club where the parachutist was training, ”Andrei Ivanov dedicates to another legend.

The guy hangs lifelessly on the bitch. The rescuer takes something like a slingshot and fires the wire. She clings to birch branches. The second participant in the exercise intercepts the end of the wire, pulls it towards him and ties a strong rope to this end.

“This is our know-how – a big shot slingshot that can launch a line (thin cable) up to 40 meters up. You cannot throw a thick rope over the branches at once – it will get stuck. And the tench will pass. Then we tied a rope to it and start pulling it over the tree, ”says Andrei Ivanov.

The rescuer climbs a tree on a rope, ties the parachutist with a belt, ties it to his belt, then unfastens the parachute from him and descends with him along the rope. An ATV is already waiting by the tree.

At this time the siren is blaring. Accident: a man was crushed by the trunk of a fallen tree. Eyewitnesses called. At the scene, rescuers cover the victim with a piece of golden “foil”.

“This is a space blanket, thermal film, which is sure to be in the arsenal of rescuers. Since the person had been lying on the ground for a long time, he could have been overcooled, ”explains Alexander Shlyapin.

There are two ways to get the victim out. The first option is with a hydraulic tool, like a bag, which is placed under a tree and filled with liquid. This lifts the trunk. The second option is a pneumatic cushion that is filled with air from a pump.

“Three four! Raised! ” – the man is carried to the boat to be ferried to the other side. An ambulance is already there.

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Always afloat

The head of a man can be seen on the surface of the swamp. He stretched out his hand and shouts. “There was a call from the victim: he fell into a swamp. After that, the connection was lost, “- introduces Alexander Shlyapin.

To get the man out, rescuers use a floating board: a piece of sturdy plastic with handles. One lays down on the board, the other pushes it from the shore, and so it is possible to carefully get close to the drowning man. Then the victim is dragged onto the board, and the rescuer, who remains on the shore, pulls it with a special rope-fishing rod. The man is placed on a stretcher with his stomach down to allow water to escape from the respiratory tract.

At this time, three bathers begin to drown in the middle of the pond. They rode water scooters, but the weather turned badly, and the guys turned over. There are two options for rescuing drowning people. If an accident happened in a hard-to-reach place, a helicopter hovers over the pond, and the rescuer lifts the victims on board using a rope. This time, you can drive up to the pond at the PSP to unload the inflatable motorboats and jet ski.

“If it is possible to swim close to the drowning, we use a lifebuoy, it is thrown from an inflatable boat from a distance of 16 meters. If the distance is 25–30 meters, Aleksandrov’s rescue line will come in handy – a rope with two buoys. Then a jet ski with a raft arrives, the victim is dragged onto it and towed to the shore, ”says Pavel Vorobyov, head of the search and rescue and diving department of the Moscow City Search and Rescue Service on water bodies.

How not to be lost in the forest

The teachings are coming to an end. Finally, the coordinator of the LisaAlert search and rescue squad, Alexander Redkin, gives recommendations to those who like to spend time in nature. For example, when going for a walk, you need to tell family and friends where you are going. You need to have a charged phone and an external battery with you. A whistle, bottle of water, matches, or a lighter will come in handy. It is better to go to the forest in bright clothes, preferably with reflective elements. In an emergency, call 112, report your location, and then don’t go anywhere.

According to rescuers, calls are now received almost daily. By the way, the Active Citizen project also responds to the challenges. Since 2014, he, together with LisaAlert, has been looking for missing people: orientations towards them are regularly published in the “Voting” section. Those people who live or work in the search area of ​​the missing person receive information about him.

“Nevertheless, thanks to the excellent training of employees, over 10 years the number of accidents has decreased by four times, fires – by half. Moscow is now one of the safest cities in the world. The best technologies are in the right hands, ”sums up Andrey Ivanov.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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