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It will be able to receive about 15 thousand people a day.

A new COVID-19 vaccination center has opened in Luzhniki, mainly for working with foreign citizens.

“Just recently, we tested the vaccination of migrants, opened two vaccination points in Sakharov and Sadovod with a total capacity of about four thousand people a day. This turned out to be extremely small, the service is in great demand. Therefore, today we are opening not even a point, it is difficult to call it a point, but a vaccination center. I think one of the largest in the world. Its total capacity is about 15 thousand people per day, which is about two and a half times more than the one that we opened in Gostiny Dvor, “- said

Sergei Sobyanin while visiting a new vaccination center.

According to the decision of the Ministry of Health of Russia, vaccination of foreign citizens is carried out with a single-component vaccine “Sputnik Light”, developed at the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N.F. Gamalei.

Vaccination points at Luzhniki are located in the fan zone and under the stands of sectors C and D of the Grand Sports Arena, as well as in the skating center (this building is located next to the ice arena).

The capacity of sector C and the fan zone of the Grand Sports Arena is up to 5.5 thousand people per day, sector D – up to 6.9 thousand people. These sectors are intended for the vaccination of individuals who have made their own decisions about vaccination.

The point in the building of the skating center can receive up to 1.9 thousand people a day. Organized groups of foreign workers are vaccinated here. If necessary, the sites deployed in sectors C and D can also be quickly reoriented to vaccinate organized groups.

Payment for vaccination (1300 rubles) by foreign citizens is made using special terminals or centrally by the employer.

At vaccination points, compliance with the rules of epidemiological safety is ensured. Freezers are installed to store the vaccine, warehouses are equipped for personal protective equipment, napkins, disinfectants and other things.

The streams of visitors are bred in such a way that there are no intersections, and the vaccination process itself takes place as quickly and efficiently as possible. For this, special markings are applied. For those wishing to take a break after the procedure, there are relaxation areas.

“Most of the migrants will be vaccinated here, but by and large, none of the willing Muscovites who will come here for vaccination will not be denied. If earlier we vaccinated migrants only in an organized way, through enterprises and organizations, today we invite everyone to this wonderful center, where there is an opportunity to pay for the vaccine (if they are migrants), as well as undergo an initial examination by a doctor and get vaccinated, “Sergei said. Sobyanin.

For employees at vaccination points, special lounges and meals have been created, as well as changing rooms.

Vaccinations are provided by 25 doctors and 99 nurses from city polyclinics. They are assisted by 99 employees of the centers of public services “My Documents” and 123 administrators (employees Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population).

As in other vaccination points, administrators meet visitors, inform about the procedure for completing the procedure, help fill out the necessary documents and escort them to a doctor for examination. At the work place of medical personnel there is a computer connected to the UMIAS system, a table, chairs, mobile medical tables and a medical screen.

Each workstation is numbered, making it much easier for patients to navigate. An employee of the center of public services is constantly next to the nurse, who checks the patient’s passport data and enters the serial number of the vaccine into the registration form.

To get vaccinated, foreign citizens need to conclude an agreement and present documents confirming the legality of their stay in Russia.

Vaccination of organized groups is carried out at the request of employers, who are required to provide a complete set of documents for each foreign worker. The employer also organizes the arrival of employees at the vaccination point at a pre-agreed time. The vaccination is confirmed by a paper certificate, which is handed over to the employer, and he – to his employee. Individuals receive a certificate on the spot. The link to the digital certificate (QR code) will be sent via SMS. The phone number to which you need to send the QR code, during vaccination, is specified by the employee of “My Documents” and enters it into the UMIAS system.

Vaccination points at Luzhniki are open daily from 10:00 to 22:00 (seven days a week).

In addition, a vaccination point for Russian citizens has been operating at the Water Sports Palace since June 17. Thus, Luzhniki is one of the largest COVID-19 vaccination centers in Russia and the world. The capacity of the center is about 15 thousand people a day.

Vaccination of foreigners in Moscow

In addition to Luzhniki, foreign citizens are vaccinated against COVID-19 at the points opened in the multifunctional migration center in the village of Sakharovo and in the Sadovod shopping center.

Also, from July 7, foreign citizens can apply to vaccination points opened on the basis of paid departments of 25 city polyclinics. The vaccination can be done either by appointment by phone or without it.

Vaccination points in polyclinics are intended exclusively for individuals wishing to be vaccinated on an individual basis. Compulsory vaccination of organized groups of foreign workers is not carried out in them.

State Enterprise No. 62, branch No. 5

Planetnaya street, house 37

CDC No. 6

Keramicheskiy proezd, 49b

DC number 5

Abramtsevskaya street, 16

State enterprise number 209, branch number 1

Kremenchugskaya street, house 7, building 1

State enterprise number 209, branch number 3

Veernaya street, 4

GP No. 8

Michurinsky prospect, Olympic Village, 16, building 1

GP No. 2

Fruktovaya street, house 12

State Enterprise No. 2, Branch No. 4

Severnoye Chertanovo, building 805

State Enterprise No. 109

Guryanova Street, 4, Building 3

State Enterprise No. 214

Eletskaya street, 14

DC number 3, branch number 3

Customs lane, 3

DC number 3, branch number 4

Volzhsky Boulevard, 9

State Enterprise No. 175

Chelyabinskaya street, 16

State Enterprise No. 175, Branch No. 1

Stary Gai Street, 5

State Enterprise No. 175, Branch No. 2

Lilac Boulevard, 30

State Enterprise No. 175, Branch No. 4

Izmailovsky prospect, 91a

State Enterprise No. 175, Branch No. 5

Zapadnaya street, 2

GP No. 3

Ermolaevsky lane, houses 22-26

State Enterprise No. 3, Branch No. 1

Bolshaya Bronnaya street, 3

State Enterprise No. 46

Kazakova street, house 17a

GP No. 68

Malaya Yakimanka street, house 22, building 1

State Enterprise No. 68, Branch No. 1

Bolshoy Strochenovsky lane, 23

GB “Grasshoppers”, PA “Krasnaya Pakhra”

Settlement Krasnopakhorskoye, village Krasnaya Pakhra, Zavodskaya street, house 17

GB “Grasshoppers”, clinic “Klenovo”

Settlement Klenovskoye, village Klenovo, Michurin street, building 5

GB “Grasshoppers”, PA “Shishkin Les”

Settlement Mikhailovo-Yartsevskoye, settlement Shishkin Les, building 32

The total throughput of vaccination points for foreign citizens is about 20 thousand people per day.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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