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The title page of the manuscript “A Toilette Cosmetic Book for the Fair Sex, or The Art of Acquiring Beauty and Freshness, as well as Correcting Their Imperfections.” Composition by Dr. Liebeck. Translation from German. 1823 year. Main Archive of Moscow

The beauty recipe was found on the pages of Dr. Liebeck’s essay “Cosmetic Toiletry Book for the Fair Sex, or The Art of Acquiring Beauty and Freshness, as well as Correcting the Imperfections of These.”

At all times, special attention was paid to beauty, and women of fashion could not do without cosmetic tweaks. IN Glavarchivdocuments have been preserved that reveal the secrets of beauty and preservation of youth. For example, Dr. Liebeck’s handwritten translation from the German essay “A beauty and beauty book for the fair sex, or the art of acquiring beauty and freshness, as well as correcting their shortcomings” lists many recipes for maintaining an attractive appearance with cosmetics and a healthy lifestyle.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the whiteness of the skin was considered one of the canons of beauty. Therefore, in his work, Liebeck paid close attention to the preservation and improvement of complexion. To prepare a special product, it was required to take a pound (0.45 kilograms) of millet and soak it for 8-10 days in clean river water. It had to be changed every day. Then the water had to be drained and the millet pounded into a batter. In the resulting mass, it was required to squeeze the juice of one lemon. Then three spools (one spool – 4.266 grams) of finely crushed burnt sugar and 12 grains (one grain – 62.2 milligrams) of finely crushed camphor should be added to the solution. After that, the mixture had to be mixed well and pour water with white lily essential oil into it. The mixture was supposed to resemble liquid syrup and not spread over the paper.

The product was laid out with spoons in separate plates on white paper and removed to a place sheltered from dust and light. When everything was dry, they were sent to a porcelain container and stored in a dry place.

The resulting cosmetic product was used as follows: two or three plates were dissolved in clean river water and in the evening before going to bed they wiped the face, neck and hands.

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