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Librarian’s advice: with younger children we read books about animals, with teenagers – world-famous science fiction.

On weekends, the staff of the capital’s reading rooms talk about works that will not leave indifferent either preschoolers or high school students. Natalia Zubkova, Head of Library No. 30, has selected six books that can make a summer day even more interesting.


“How they lived in Russia. Kudelino summer “by Maria Evseeva

With kids, I advise you to read the book by the modern children’s writer Maria Evseyeva “How they lived in Russia. Kudelino summer “. It is very interesting and informative – it tells about how people lived when there were no things that we are used to today: television, gadgets, central heating and even running water. However, life then was very interesting, almost fabulous: shirts, for example, grew right in the field – that is, flax, from which fabrics are made to this day. Kudelya, a boy from ancient times, who met Vanya, his peer from the 21st century, tells about all this.

In winter, be sure to read the second part – “How they lived in Russia. Winter’s Tale of Kudeli ”. In the cold season, too, there was no time for boredom. The book tells about folk traditional amusements, fun, games and various household chores, which they were engaged in in winter in Russia.

“Listen, I’m here! The Story of a Little Chameleon by Brigitte Endres

This is a very touching story about the miracles that true friendship is capable of. The hero of the book – a little cute chameleon – lived in a pet store for a long time and dreamed that one day someone would buy it and take it home. But dreams were in no hurry to turn into reality. With tears in his eyes, the chameleon shouted to customers: “Listen, I’m here!” But nobody heard him. Then he decided to run away and find the owner on his own. And I found – a little girl, whom this meeting gave confidence in her abilities.

The author of the book is German writer Brigitte Endres. She was inspired by her work to write books for children – for a long time she was a primary school teacher. The famous artist Joelle Turlonga created bright and funny illustrations for the story.

Older guys

“The Ghost of the Net” by Tamara Kryukova

If your child loves mysticism or fantasy, be sure to offer him the “Ghost of the Net” by modern writer Tamara Kryukova. Here travels in the XIII century, and ghosts, and a lot of adventures. One scientist manages to capture a real spirit on the camera. He had no idea how it would end!

Tamara Kryukova is a laureate of various children’s literary awards. She received one of them at the all-Russian competition “Scarlet Sails”, in which she won in 2007. I like that the author’s books always reveal in great detail the characters and motives of the heroes, and “Ghost of the Net” is no exception.

“Elk on the couch, vervet on the stove” by Yulia Govorova

Yulia Govorova works in a small zoo in the Pushkin Hills. The heroes of her short stories are pets of the zoo: Yasha the talking raven, Vasilisa the bear, Fedya the sable and many others. The author tells interestingly about the habits of animals, reports what you may not even have guessed about. The book is very kind, light, be sure to take it with you if you go on vacation to nature, to the country.

I think that you will like the stories and someday later you will definitely visit the zoo with the whole family to get to know all its inhabitants. In the meantime, enjoy the illustrations created by Irina Makoveeva, Honored Artist of Russia, laureate of the V.V. Bianchi.


“Sea Hunter” by Nikolai Chukovsky

This book is often suggested to be read to younger children, but I find it more suitable for teenagers. They will be able to comprehend it more deeply. This work is about the Great Patriotic War, about friendship, devotion and hope. The main character is a little girl Katya who helps the sailors.

The biography of the writer is also very interesting. The son of the writer Korney Chukovsky, during the war years Nikolai Chukovsky was a correspondent for the newspaper “Red Baltic Fleet”, participated in the defense of Leningrad, lived here during the entire blockade. Miraculously he survived: once he was late for the bridges, stayed overnight with a friend, and in the morning he found that in the place of his house there were ruins. In October 1943 he became an instructor of the Main Political Directorate of the USSR Navy.

Chukovsky is also known for his translations of books by foreign writers. He undertook, for example, the works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Jack London, Mark Twain, Arthur Conan Doyle and others.

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

I believe that every teenager should definitely read this book. Bradbury is a science fiction classic. In the book that brought him worldwide fame, he fantasizes about the colonization of Mars by humans.

The idea of ​​the work came to Bradbury as a child, when he could not afford to buy a sequel to “The Great Warrior of Mars” by Edgar Burroughs and decided to invent it himself. Then, having matured, he began to write stories about Mars. In 1949, Bradbury went to New York to try to sell his writings, but was refused everywhere until one of the editors advised him to combine everything into one book. And it worked. Very soon, the “Martian Chronicles” fell in love all over the world.

The book is great for reflecting on the topic of good intentions. Will everything people do end well? This question runs like a refrain throughout the story.

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