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Until the end of the summer, informative lectures and videos about sharks, as well as online meetings with scientists, ichthyologists, travelers and ecologists, will be waiting for subscribers on the Moskvarium pages on social networks and on its official YouTube channel.

What speed can a mako shark develop, how many teeth does a great white shark have, are all sharks aggressive and which of them live in the seas of Russia? These and other questions will be answered to users within the framework of the new online program “Sharks in Moscow”, which was prepared by “Moskvarium” at VDNKh.

“For several years, Moskvarium has been celebrating Shark Awareness Day. Usually on this day, our specialists told visitors about these amazing predators, but this year for the first time we decided to launch a large online program that will last until the end of summer. A large number of misconceptions and myths are associated with sharks, many people consider them bloodthirsty monsters, meeting with which is deadly. As part of the virtual program, we have prepared educational videos, infographics, lectures, as well as online meetings with leading scientists and travelers who will tell the whole truth about sharks, about their vulnerability and declining populations of many species, about the important role of these aquatic inhabitants in the ecosystem of our planet. “, – said the press service of the Moskvarium at VDNKh.

Educational materials about sharks will be published every Thursday from July 15 to August 26 at 12:00 on the pages of Moskvarium in social networks “Instagram”, Facebook, “In contact with”as well as on the official YouTube channel

So, on July 15, users will have access to an overview video, which will showcase all the sharks living in the Moskvarium. These are tiger, sandy, whitetip, blacktip, feline, zebra, marten, Japanese bull, hammerhead and carpet sharks.

On the same day on the Moskvarium page in the social network “Instagram”a special competition will begin for subscribers. Participants will need to come up with a name for a non-existent shark species in the comments under the post and explain their idea. The names of the three winners will be announced on the account on July 22nd. Each of the finalists will receive two tickets to the aquarium at VDNKh, which operates in compliance with all necessary security measures.

The online program “Sharks in Moscow” will bring together not only Moskvarium specialists, but also invited lecturers – the president of the underwater club of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov Dmitry Orlov and TV presenter, producer of the film “Big White Dance” Valdis Pelsh. During virtual lectures, guests will learn, in particular, about different types of sharks, their unique structure, as well as about their origin, evolution, habitat and lifestyle. For example, experts will tell you what time the predecessor of the modern shark, the megalodon, lived, whether it is dangerous to stroke a zebra shark and where you can swim with whale sharks.

In addition, as part of the online program, users will be able to see the Moskvarium kindergarten with cubs of a cat shark. You can view the full schedule at official website Moskvarium at VDNKh.

World Shark Awareness Day is celebrated annually in many countries of the world on July 14th. On this day, experts talk about the important role of sharks in the planet’s ecosystem and their vulnerable position. Many sharks are ocean nurses, reducing the number of weak and sick individuals of other species.

Scientists have proven that the disappearance of these predators will lead to an increase in the number of other animals and, consequently, to an imbalance in the ecosystems of the seas and oceans. There are over 500 different shark species in the world. They live in the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern Oceans, as well as in many seas. In addition, there are several freshwater shark species that inhabit the rivers.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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