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For kids – a book on how to overcome fears, for teenagers – an exciting adventure novel.

On weekends, employees of city reading rooms tell about children’s books, which the whole family should definitely get to know. This time the recommendations are given by Olga Merezhkina, head of the library № 169 “Prospect”. She advises parents of preschoolers to pay attention to the books of Sergei Kozlov and Diana Amft, and to teenagers – to the good stories of Gerald Durrell.


“Really, we will always be?” Sergey Kozlov

It is very important that the child grows up on kind and bright stories, this makes him an empathic and empathetic person. Therefore, for reading with young children, I recommend the book of the Soviet writer-storyteller Sergei Kozlov “Really, we will always be?” These are really kind, warm and touching stories about forest friends – Bear Cub, Hedgehog, Hare and other inhabitants of the forest.

Sergey Kozlov wrote the books “Hedgehog in the Fog”, “Tryam! Hello!” other. I think that parents will also be happy to remember their own childhood spent with these heroes.

“How to love a Spider?” Diana Amft

Is your child afraid of spiders? Read with him a good tale about the little Spider. He is offended when people, looking at him, say: “Fu, what disgusting!” Indeed, in fact, he is completely harmless and even cute.

This book teaches toddlers not to make a final conclusion about what we don’t like or scare us. Perhaps you should look at it differently, learn about the positive aspects. Diana Amft herself was also afraid of spiders as a child, and that is why she decided to write a story about how to overcome this fear.

Older guys

“Brother Wolf” Michelle Peyver

For children of primary school age, I highly recommend reading the Chronicles of Dark Ages series, which begins with Brother Wolf. This is a very fascinating story about the boy Torak and the wolf cub, who became his best friend. Together they must save the inhabitants of the forest from the bloodthirsty bear. The heroes live in a primitive time, when one can rely only on the favor of the spirits, their resourcefulness and the strength of their hands.

This is one of those books that children read without stopping. The series “Chronicles of Dark Ages” made the English writer Michelle Peyver famous all over the world, these works have been translated into 33 languages. The idea was born to her in childhood, when she began to get carried away with the history and myths of the primitive world. At that time she read a lot, mainly books about animals. Most of all she loved (and loves – today the writer is 60 years old, she lives in England) wolves, so in the “Chronicles of Dark Ages” they occupy a special place.

“Family heirloom” by Petr Gorelik

The book by Pyotr Gorelik, a writer, veteran of the Great Patriotic War, looks like a museum tour, in which exhibits play an important role. The fact is that the main characters in the book are the most ordinary buttons that talk about their owners and the historical events that span the First and Second World Wars. One button was sewn to the tunic of the French soldier, the other to the blouse of the female pilot. You will find out about the rest if you pick up this book.

The work is written in a very lively, simple and understandable language. Read in one breath. The author, by the way, was 95 years old at the time of the book’s creation.


Mechanical Heart by Peter Bunzle

A gripping adventure novel written by the English writer Peter Bunzle. The main character, Lily Hartman, studies at an academy for real ladies, delves into all the intricacies of etiquette, reads courtesy textbooks. But in fact, she wants adventures that excite the soul, and she finds an outlet in the books that her father sends her.

But one day he disappears, and the girl, in the company of a reasonable mechanical fox, who will play a very important role in this story, goes in search of him. But that’s not all. They are pursued by terrible people with silver eyes and by no means good intentions. Readers who love adventure will love the book: there are chases on airships, unexpected acquaintances, and a lot of other interesting things.

My Family and Other Beasts by Gerald Durrell

With this book, children should begin their acquaintance with the world of one of the most famous naturalist writers. In her works, Darrella touches on two hobbies – traveling and studying animals.

He wrote this book, inspired by his own memories of childhood. He tells about the big family of the boy Jerry (this is Darrell himself), who decided to move from the cold dank England to the warm Greek island of Corfu. How they lived on the island, what kind of pets they have – you will learn about all this by reading the book. The work is permeated with sparkling humor, in places it can cause Homeric laughter – it will definitely not be boring.

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