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Along the odd side of the street, there will be a convenient walking route with recreation areas, separated from the roadway by a large green alley, on which linden, mountain ash and maples will be planted.

Comprehensive landscaping continues on the territory of the Presnensky District of Moscow. Work is underway on the section from Barrikadnaya Street to the Third Transport Ring and in the December Uprising Park.

“As a rule, if we start landscaping in an area, we restore facades, restore lighting, paths, install sports and children’s playgrounds. This is already the standard. In such historical parks, it is necessary to do this carefully, because this is history – it must be preserved, “he noted.

Sergei Sobyanin

Krasnaya Presnya is a historical street in Moscow, where there are many points of attraction for residents and guests of the capital: the Moscow Zoo, the Mostorg department store, the monument to the heroes of the 1905 revolution, the Mayakovsky family’s apartment museum and the December Uprising Park. Zvenigorodskoe highway is primarily used for transit, and the main public spaces along it are courtyards.

The improvement project aims to emphasize the importance of Krasnaya Presnya as an iconic and unique street in the city, and to create a comfortable environment for local residents on the Zvenigorodskoye highway.

Trees, shrubs and lawns that disappeared from it many decades ago will return to Krasnaya Presnya Street. Along the odd (southern) side of the street, a convenient walking route with recreation areas will appear, separated from the roadway by a large green alley. Lindens, mountain ash and maples will be planted here. At the corner of Krasnaya Presnya and Trekhgorny Val, a cozy view area with recreation areas will be built, which will become a new point of attraction for residents of the district and people working nearby.

Comfortable sidewalks, trees and bushes will be planted on the section of the Zvenigorodskoye Highway from Krasnaya Presnya Street to the Third Transport Ring. Highways will be illuminated by modern lanterns with energy-saving lamps with pleasant soft light. Overhead lines will be removed underground, which will clear the sky from wires.

A green island between 1905 Street and Trekhgorny Val – the December Uprising Park, created 100 years ago, will sparkle with fresh colors. Comfortable benches will be installed here and the park fence will be repaired. Additionally, trees and shrubs will be planted, flower beds with perennial plants will be set up, modern playgrounds for children of all ages will be installed. The park will have new areas for sports, as well as two dog grounds – separately for large and small breeds. For the convenience of people with limited mobility, parents with strollers and cyclists, a ramp is installed at the entrance from Rochdelskaya Street.

An inconspicuous building with a long history, which was in disrepair, will also be put in order in the district. We are talking about the guardhouse of the Presnenskaya outpost. This is the only one of the 18 guardhouse of the Kamer-Kollezhsky Val that has survived to our time. In the old building, where the guard was once located, the walls, roof and basement will be repaired.

The total area of ​​the improvement is 25.85 hectares. At the moment, about 60 percent of the work has been completed. More than 420 people work at the facilities, 100 pieces of equipment are involved.

It is planned to complete the work by the end of August 2021.

Embankments and parks are the main improvement objects of Moscow in 2021

Since 2011, 765 park areas with a total area of ​​over 18.5 thousand hectares have been put in order and landscaped at a new quality level in the city. Moscow parks have turned into modern facilities that provide ample opportunities for a comfortable stay within walking distance from residential buildings. These are bike paths, sports and workout grounds in summer, ski tracks, skating rinks and slides for skiing in winter.

“Much has been done, but in fact, when you enter another area, there is still a lot of work to do. Courtyards have to be rebuilt – many are outdated. Even those that were landscaping, say, eight years ago, seem inferior – they have to be done anew, according to a different standard. Many parks have to be renovated. And many of the embankments of the Moskva River are completely, completely killed. There is a lot of work, but the eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing it, ”said Sergei Sobyanin.

Last year, he said, all landscaping work was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many people were at home, and the work could create discomfort for the residents of the city.

“In general, the situation was quite difficult. This year we have resumed work despite all the difficulties, they are going on in all regions. New parks, squares, embankments, streets – everything began to be actively improved, ”added the Mayor of Moscow.

The improvement plans for 2021 include over 20 public spaces in the center and administrative districts. They are located at addresses such as:

– Dmitrovsky lane connecting Petrovka and Bolshaya Dmitrovka streets;

– Leninsky Prospect from Kravchenko Street to the Moscow Ring Road (continuation of the work begun last year);

– Krasnaya Presnya Street and Zvenigorodskoye Highway from the Barrikadnaya metro station to the Third Transport Ring (2.7 kilometers), as well as the December Uprising Park;

– a section of Andropov Avenue from Nagatinskaya Embankment to Kolomensky Proezd, as well as Proletarsky Avenue;

– Shabolovka street in the area of ​​house 48 (public space near the center “My work”).


It is also planned to put in order 110 landmark objects, park and green areas. Complex improvement of the embankments of Balchug Island – Sofiyskaya, Raushskaya, Sadovnicheskaya and Kosmodamianskaya, as well as adjacent Sadovnicheskaya streets, Komissariatsky, Faleevsky, 1st and 2nd Raushsky lanes is underway. Work will continue near the Kievsky railway station.

Also this year, two territories are being improved in the floodplain of the Yauza tributary of the Chermyanka River – from Dezhnev Passage to Molodtsov Street (along Yurlovsky Passage) and from Mussorgsky Street to Dezhnev Passage (along Mussorgsky Street). Bicycle routes, an eco-trail, decks and observation platforms, children’s and sports zones, as well as the Yauza ecological and educational center will appear here.

Panda Park with a rope maze will appear in the floodplain of the Chermyanka riverSensory garden and vertical farm: what will be the eco-center in the floodplain of the Chermyanka river

Within the framework of the program “My District”, landscaping works have been deployed on landmark district objects and park areas with a total area of ​​over one thousand hectares. Among them:

– recreation area near Deguninsky pond (CAO, West Degunino district);

– a public garden on Zvezdny Boulevard (SVAO, Ostankinsky district);

– boulevard along Turistskaya Street (North-West Administrative District, North Tushino region);

– Park of Test Pilots (CJSC, Troparevo-Nikulino region);

– the territory adjacent to the Saltykovsky forest park (VAO, Novokosino district);

– square named after A.S. Khlobystov (SEAD, Vykhino-Zhulebino region) and others.

32 water bodies will be put in order, including Kalitnikovsky (Central Administrative District, Tagansky District), Kapustinsky (North Eastern Administrative District, Sviblovo District), Medvedkovsky (North Eastern Administrative District, Severnoye Medvedkovo District), Golyanovsky (Eastern Administrative District, Golyanovo District), Vladimirsky (Eastern Administrative District, Perovo District) ponds and a cascade of ponds in the Troitskoye estate (TyNAO, Mosrentgen settlement).

Also, within the framework of the program “My District”, it is planned to improve the territories of 375 educational facilities with a total area of ​​414 hectares.

Yards, parks, reservoirs: this year, about five thousand objects will be put in order in the capitalImprovement works will take place in Dmitrovsky lane and on Shabolovka

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