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The station is located at the intersection of Novatorov Street and Leninsky Prospect.

Sergei Sobyanin inspected the construction progress of the Novatorskaya metro station on the Big Circle Line (BCL).

“Construction of the largest metro construction project in Moscow continues. 11 stations have already been built and put into operation; by the end of the year, we will launch nine more stations. Next year, in 2022, and probably partially in 2023, there will be 11 more stations. Thus, by the end of this year, two-thirds of the large underground ring of the Moscow metro will be built. We started the southern section in 2017, several stations are already in a high degree of readiness, ”the Moscow Mayor noted.

According to him, the construction of the BCL is being carried out at a record high pace and is approaching completion. Tunneling is now 97 percent complete, and the overall construction readiness of the world’s largest metro ring has exceeded 80 percent.

Work on the BKL section from Prospekt Vernadsky to Kakhovskaya began in April 2017. Now it is 87 percent ready. The total length of the section is seven kilometers.

Station “Novatorskaya”

Novatorskaya is located at the intersection of Novatorov Street and Leninsky Prospect. It is planned that it will provide a transfer to the station of the same name under construction Trinity line

The two-span column of a shallow station with an island platform will have two lobbies with exits to Leninsky Prospekt, Novatorov Street, residential and public buildings and public transport stops.

Novatorskaya will have a unique design. Its main accent will be a suspended ceiling, which will be laid out with multi-format triplex panels with three shades of orange film.

The track walls will be closed with a hinged noise suppression system – a prefabricated structure made of aluminum honeycomb panels. The central row of rectangular columns is faced with gray marble with a pronounced texture. The floor will be laid with light gray granite with black gabbro-diabase. The information panels with the station name will be made of black glass, and the letters will be made white.

The territory adjacent to the station will be landscaped and landscaped: asphalt and granite will be laid, lawns will be laid. In addition, the roadway of Novatorov Street (526 meters) and Udaltsova Street (100 meters) will be restored. To stop public transport, drive pockets with a width of three meters are equipped.

The arrangement of the main structures of the station is almost complete. Now specialists are carrying out architectural and finishing works, installing engineering systems. The construction readiness of the station is 88 percent.

“Construction and installation work has been completed in full. Now the architectural and finishing works are underway. You can see that we are practically coming to an end. Engineering and technical work is 95 percent completed, and we will start commissioning work in the near future. The station is in a fairly high degree of readiness. Escalators, basic equipment – everything is assembled. I think that in the near future we will begin to prepare documents for commissioning, ”said Vladimir Petruk, chairman of the board of directors of the contractor.

The opening of the southern section of the BCL will improve transport services for the Prospekt Vernadsky, Obruchevsky, Konkovo, Cheryomushki and Zyuzino districts with a population of about 550 thousand people, reduce the load on the central and southern sections of the Sokolnicheskaya, Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya and Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya metro lines, and reduce the traffic intensity on the adjacent streets by about 10-15 percent and ensure the integration of the Troitskaya line under construction into the metro system.

Planned record

BCL is the world’s largest metro construction project. Its length will be 70 kilometers, the line will have 31 stations and three electric depots (including the existing section “Kakhovskaya” – “Kashirskaya”). The BCL will be three times larger than the existing Circle Line. In addition, it could become the longest subway ring line in the world, overtaking the second ring line of the Beijing subway (its length is 57 kilometers).

The BCL will connect the existing and prospective radial lines at a distance of up to 10 kilometers from the existing Ring Line, which will relieve the first (stations within the ring) and the second (Ring Line) interchange subway lines.

During the construction of the BCL, technical solutions are laid that will allow to connect to it Rublevo-Arkhangelskaya (at the Narodnoye Opolchenie station), Troitskaya (at the Novatorskaya station), a promising line to Biryulyovo and Shcherbinka (on Klenovy Boulevard).


From BKL stations it will be possible to make 23 transfers to other metro lines, four transfers to the Moscow Central Circle (MCC), six transfers to the Moscow Central Diameters – MCD-1 “Belorussko-Savelovsky” (Odintsovo – Lobnya) and MCD-2 “Kursk- Riga “(Nakhabino – Podolsk), 11 changes on the railway line. The largest transport hubs of the Big Circle Line will be Delovoy Tsentr, Savelovskaya, Nizhegorodskaya, Novatorskaya and others.

The tunneling of all tunnels on the BCL is planned to be completed this year

Year after year: how the Moscow metro is being built

The first ideas for the construction of the Great Circle Line appeared in 1985, but due to lack of resources and for other reasons, the project was not started for 25 years. The decision to start the construction of the BCL was made by Sergei Sobyanin.

The construction of the line is divided into sections:

– northwest – from the “Business Center” to “Savelovskaya”. Stages: “Business Center” – “Petrovsky Park” (the section is open to passengers on February 26, 2018), “Petrovsky Park” – “Savelovskaya” (open to passengers on December 30, 2018);

– north-east – from “Savelovskaya” to “Nizhegorodskaya”. Stages: Nizhegorodskaya – Lefortovo (open to passengers on March 27, 2020), Lefortovo – Electrozavodskaya (open to passengers on December 31, 2020), Electrozavodskaya – Savelovskaya;

– western – from “Khoroshevskaya” to “Kuntsevskaya”. Stages: “Khoroshevskaya” – “Karamyshevskaya”, “Karamyshevskaya” – “Kuntsevskaya”;

– southwest – from “Kuntsevskaya” to “Prospect Vernadsky”. Stages: “Aminevskaya” – “Prospect Vernadsky”, “Kuntsevskaya” – “Aminevskaya”;

– southern – from Prospect Vernadsky to Kakhovskaya (including the reconstruction of the Kashirskaya – Kakhovskaya section);

– east – from “Kashirskaya” to “Nizhegorodskaya”.

Since 2011, 309 kilometers of lines, 150 stations, three additional lobbies of the metro, MCC and MCD, as well as 11 electric depots have been commissioned.

Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line:

– section from “Maryin” to “Zyablikov” (three stations);

– section from Maryina Roshcha to Seligerskaya (six stations);

– the second vestibule of the Maryina Roshcha station;

– the second vestibule of the Petrovsko-Razumovskaya station.

Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line:

– section from Novogireev to Novokosin (one station);

– section from Delovoy Tsentr to Ramenok (five stations);

– section from “Ramenki” to “Rasskazovka” (seven stations).

Zamoskvoretskaya line:

– section from Krasnogvardeyskaya to Alma-Atinskaya (one station);

– Technopark station;

– section from “River Station” to “Khovrin” (two stations).

Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line:

– section from “Mitin” to “Pyatnitskoye shosse” (one station).

Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line:

– section from Vykhino to Kotelniki (three stations);

– Spartak station.

Butovskaya line:

– section from “Starokachalovskaya Street” to “Bitsevsky Park” (two stations).

Sokolnicheskaya line:

– section from “Yugo-Zapadnaya” to “Salaryev” (three stations);

– section from Salaryev to Kommunarka (four stations).

Nekrasovskaya line:

– section from Kosin to Nekrasovka (four stations);

– section from Nizhegorodskaya to Kosin (three stations).

Large circular line:

– section from Delovoy Tsentr to Savelovskaya (six stations);

– section from Nizhegorodskaya to Lefortovo (three stations);

– section from Lefortovo to Elektrozavodskaya (one station);

– transfer between the stations “Petrovsky Park” of the Big Circle Line and “Dynamo” of the Zamoskvoretskaya Line.

Filevskaya line:

– the second lobby of the Mezhdunarodnaya station.

Moscow Central Circle: 31 stations.

Moscow Central Diameters (MCD-1, MCD-2): 60 stations, of which 20 are interchange stations at metro stations, MCC and MCD.

Electric depot (including reconstruction): Mitino, Brateevo, Pechatniki, Vykhino, Planernoe, Nizhegorodskoe, Likhobory, Solntsevo, Vladykino, Rudnevo, Sokol.

More than 27 kilometers and 11 new stations: plans for this year

The plans for 2021 are to complete the construction of 27.4 kilometers of lines and 11 metro stations, including:

– Western section of the BCL from Khoroshevskaya to Kuntsevskaya (8.1 kilometers, four stations);

– south-western section of the BCL from Kuntsevskaya to Prospekt Vernadsky (9.2 kilometers, four stations);

– the southern section of the BCL from Prospekt Vernadsky to Kakhovskaya (seven kilometers, three stations);

– a connecting line with the Nizhegorodskoye depot (1.9 kilometers);

– dead ends behind the station “Business Center” BCL (1.2 kilometers);

– the second vestibule of the Lesoparkovaya station of the Butovskaya line;

– transfer from the BCL to the existing Aviamotornaya station of the Kalininskaya line.

To close the loop: the BCL is planned to be completed by the end of 2022Plans for 2021: which metro stations will open in Moscow

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