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Librarian’s advice: we learn to make up stories with toddlers, and we read about love and friendship with teenagers.

On weekends, employees of Moscow libraries talk about children’s books that will be of interest to adults as well. Oksana Monakhova, chief bibliographer of the Central City Children’s Library named after A.P. Gaidar, recommends works by Stanislav Vostokov, Anna Provost and other authors.


“Thunderstorm. The story of the dog that found a home

A touching story about friendship between man and animal, patience, trust, love and hope. One day a girl finds a small dog under a park bench, which is afraid of everything and does not dare to go out. The girl tries to make friends with her every day. When the dog nevertheless gets out of its shelter to go after the new owner, a thunderstorm begins.

This is a book without words, in it you will find only illustrations by the Chinese artist Guojin, which will help develop a child’s imagination. The little reader will become a co-author, he will come up with some elements of the plot and tell him himself. In addition, flipping through the book over and over again, he can compose a new story about a frightened stray puppy and a girl who managed to tame him.

The author said that this story was inspired by an incident from her own life, when she lost her beloved dog and could not find it. And then Guojin began to hope that the pet would definitely find a new owner.

Baek Hina’s “Magic Lollipops”

Fancy lollipops help a shy boy named Don Don hear what animals and inanimate objects are saying. And they also help him understand that sincere love and care is hidden behind his father’s grumbling, to believe in himself and take the first step towards real friendship. Is it true that the lollipops are magic, each reader will decide for himself. The book will give adults the opportunity to look at themselves from the outside and answer an important question: do you forget to tell your child that you love him during your everyday worries?

Particularly noteworthy are pictures that look like frames from a puppet cartoon. Miniature figurines of heroes come to life thanks to professional photography and the author’s meticulous work with decorations and lighting.

Baek Hina is a renowned South Korean children’s writer and illustrator, whose books have been translated into many languages ​​of the world. Last year she became the best illustrator of the year at the International Children’s Book Fair in Bologna. And for the book “I am a puppy”, the prequel to “Magic Lollipops”, she received the prestigious International Astrid Lindgren Memorial Prize.

Older guys

“Procopius Kapitonov” by Stanislav Vostokov

The nine-year-old boy Procopius comes to visit his grandmother in the tiny village of Kochka, where there are only 13 houses and 33 residents. The hero spends his time very well: picks mushrooms, bathes in the river and … communicates with the talking goat Kuzey. A new friend helps the boy expose the city scammers who want to rob the village club. But that is not all. For his online diary dedicated to incredible village news, Procopius receives the Golden Blogger award from the Governor.

Stanislav Vostokov, a writer and travel lover, was also awarded for his story: he took second place in the popular vote at the Kniguru-2020 literary competition. The book will help the children understand: something interesting can be found even in the most ordinary things, and also – to look differently at the village, nature. This is especially useful for those living in a big city.

“Barbara Er couldn’t fly” by Polina Ivanushkina

I would also like to recommend this fantastic story of the modern writer and journalist Polina Ivanushkina. The main character, the girl Barbara, is nine years old. She felt incredibly lonely until she met a praying mantis named Rainbow Magnificent. He tells her to enjoy every little thing.

It is Rainbow the Magnificent who helps her to stop being angry with her parents who spend all their time on business trips and even work at home without raising their heads. The book is ideal for reading in a family circle – behind the magic plot there are serious questions that can be discussed together.


“Station junction” by Maria Ushenina

A very good book by a modern writer about friendship, first love, betrayal and feelings of guilt and loss. The main characters, schoolchildren Yura and Sanya, are friends, but they have completely different interests. Sanya is a fan of the railroad; by the whistle of a locomotive, he can determine its type. Yura does not understand anything about steam locomotives, but he is ready for the sake of a friend to get wet in the pouring rain, freeze in the wind at the depot.

They live near the city of Cherepovets, where there is a museum of railway equipment. The text contains a lot of interesting information about electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, passenger trains and electric trains. But the most interesting thing is the junction station. Boys perceive it not only as a crossing point for railway lines, but for them it is also a symbol of choosing a future path in life.

“Fall” to Anna Provost

Lucas spends every summer in a small Belgian town, in the house of his grandfather, an artist. After his death, the boy learns a terrible family secret and from that moment begins to think about the connection between the past and the present. What happened in a quiet town in 1945? Why does the old nun hate his grandfather? How not to fall under the influence of the charismatic leader of a local neo-Nazi organization and not lose your self?

In my opinion, the book has only two drawbacks – the paperback and the aggressive cover design. But the content is beyond praise. It is not only about the dark secrets of the past and the difficulties of moral choice, but also about first love, forgiveness and … dancing.

Belgian writer Anne Provost wrote this novel in 1994, but many of the issues it touches on are still relevant today. The book received many literary awards and even entered the Belgian school curriculum.

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