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5 August 2021, 07:03

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Design solution

The pond and the area around it will become part of the future Yauza park.

A pond will be put in order in Otradnoye. The work is carried out within the framework of comprehensive landscaping and landscaping of the floodplain of the Chermyanka River in the area from Musorsky Street to Dezhnev Passage.

The channel pond is located on the Kozeevsky brook (the right tributary of the Chermyanka), which flows in the collector. In the center of the reservoir there is a natural island with white willow trees and shrubs.

“Before the start of the landscaping work, the pond surface was littered with large and small household waste. The overflow pipe connecting the pond with Chermyanka was in an unsatisfactory condition, which caused excessive stagnation of water, and, as a result, its flowering. The banks of the pond were also in an unsatisfactory condition, and it was inconvenient to walk along them, ”they said in

press service of the Moscow Department of Overhaul.

The total area of ​​the water surface is 3880 square meters. Due to the nature of the territory, the reservoir, its bottom and banks are cleaned manually and with the help of small equipment. Experts have already removed old trees and leaves, debris, silt and bottom soil formed from the erosion of the coastal slopes of the ravine.

At the bottom of the pond, a layer of sand and gravel mixture and a special insulating film were laid, which would prevent water from going into the ground, and a layer of rubble stone was poured over it. To prevent the earth from slipping into the water from the banks, they are reinforced with larch logs with a diameter of 200-260 millimeters and up to five meters long.

“During the work, the natural island will be preserved, and waterfowl will be able to nest here. Shallow water zones will be built on the channels along the southern and northern coasts. They are very important – the water in these places always warms up, various small animals gather there, which birds feed on, and some species of waterfowl build nests there. In shallow water zones, a bioplato will be arranged – a living filter with special aquatic plants. Crops in shallow water play a significant role from an environmental point of view, they are the main filters of the pond. In one of the channels in the middle of the bioplato there will also be a gabion treatment and filtration facility. The self-cleaning system will consist of three cascade bowls, into which lake reeds, narrow-leaved cattail and calamus will be planted, ”the ministry’s press service noted.

Microorganisms that live on the roots of aquatic plants will purify the water. They will also make a circulation system so that the water does not stagnate. With the help of a pump, it will be supplied to the upper bowl of the cascade, sequentially passing through the second and third. With the help of the second pump, the water will go through the pipe to the western part of the pond, and then to the northern channel. Here it will pass through a shallow water zone with a bioplato, which will provide additional cleaning.

For walks and rest, a wooden flooring will be laid near the reservoir, it will be connected with paths in the park. There will also be four view terraces. All work is planned to be completed in the third quarter of this year.

The pond and recreation areas near it will become part of the future park “Yauza”… A single green zone with a length of more than 16 kilometers will appear – from the Moscow Ring Road to the Rostokinsky aqueduct. On its territory there will be a panda park, an eco-trail with observation platforms and places for quiet relaxation, yoga classes, creative evenings and performances, as well as an eco-center, sports and playgrounds.

A sports cluster will appear in the Yauza park A unique eco-center will appear in the Yauza park

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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