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It’s nice that the trip to the Rostov region coincided with the period between the Olympics and Paralympics. In the Rostov region, after the Moscow region, there is probably the largest piggy bank of medals won at this Olympics. At the previous Olympics, the Rostov region also never fell below the first three places in the Russian regions.

Therefore, I asked the Governor of the Rostov Region V.Yu. Golubev, and he kindly agreed to invite you to this meeting. I would like to congratulate you, express my deep gratitude and especially note that the medals were won in a difficult situation. The pandemic environment had a specific effect on all athletes, but you were in an additional complicated, unequal environment, given the campaign unleashed against Russian athletes, our country. And it continues. To withstand the onslaught of attacks, deliberately false statements, which boil down to the collective responsibility of all athletes, including all “clean” athletes (and they were all “clean” from our country at the Olympics), required courage, and you showed it. I would like to congratulate the Olympic champions and prize-winners present here, as well as greet all the coaches – former Olympians who have brought medals of various denominations in previous years.

Ahead of the Paralympics and S.V. Burlakov, as I understand it, will participate.

Question: No. There was no para-karate. Karate is included, but para-karate is not. There is work to do.

Foreign Minister Lavrov: You won’t? It’s a pity. Otherwise, they would have won for sure. They were afraid that you would defeat everyone in any case. As our partners probably think, we cannot be given medals now. I would like to greet you separately, considering the victories you have won in para-karate and in everything else you do – triathlon, swimming, shooting. I wish you success. As I understand it, you are going to the polls. Nobody can stop you here. I am sure that people will express their attitude to your personality, to the social activities that you are engaged in. Thank you so much again.

I would be glad if you have any comments or questions.

Question: The last time the Summer Olympic Games were held in our country was in 1980. Are you considering the possibility of holding the Summer Olympic Games in Russia in 2036?

Foreign Minister Lavrov: It is being considered. Applications are being prepared. Several cities for sure: St. Petersburg, Kazan and a number of others.

Question: We will be grateful if the Olympic Games are held in the Rostov region.

Foreign Minister Lavrov: It is not the Foreign Ministry that makes decisions. I think the Government has some procedures. Several cities have already submitted their applications, so don’t delay.

Q: Have you watched the competition at the Tokyo Olympics?

Foreign Minister Lavrov: I didn’t look, I was staring.

Question: Who were you rooting for?

Foreign Minister Lavrov: I saw your victory.

Question: Thank you.

Foreign Minister Lavrov: Every day, the desire to cheer for their own people, at least remotely, drives to the screen. I got tremendous pleasure. I can’t say that I woke up at five in the morning for a competition that began at that time in the Japanese time zone, but I watched almost everything in the recording, even at work. I have a TV. I write some papers, read something and out of the corner of my eye, if there are broadcasts, I definitely look. It was impressive. Wonderful victory.

Now we will watch the Paralympics, cheer for all of our people.

Q: Do you plan to watch the Paralympic Games?

Foreign Minister Lavrov: Yes. I just said.

Question: Who will you root for?

Foreign Minister Lavrov: To root for ours in all forms.

Question: What kind of sport is preferable for you?

Foreign Minister Lavrov: Football is my favorite. I am also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Rowing Slalom Federation. This is rough water, canoes, kayaks. I love rafting myself, and I was asked to head the Board of Trustees of rough water rowers. Unfortunately, they did not win anything medal at the Olympics. And in the Paralympics, in my opinion, there is no such kind.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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