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The interagency coordination headquarters of Russia and Syria continue to work actively to organize and conduct events aimed at returning Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons to their pre-war places, as well as restoring peaceful life in the republic. Thanks to the consistent and coordinated actions of the Russian and Syrian sides, 2,290,251 Syrians have returned to their places of residence to date.

The Syrian government is doing everything possible to restore the republic’s economy and create favorable living conditions for its citizens. The necessary measures are being taken to combat the spread of coronavirus infection. The restoration and construction of new social infrastructure facilities continues, including in the spheres of health care, education and the power industry. A state program for the development of water supply in the regions of Syria is being implemented, within the framework of which pumping stations are being repaired, electrical equipment is being replaced and water supply networks are being maintained.

The Syrian authorities pay special attention to the development of the educational system, as well as the speedy social adaptation of children who survived the horrors of war. New educational centers are opening, work continues to rebuild school buildings damaged by terrorist attacks, and many creative activities are being held in which children can develop their talents. All this is done in order to see again happy and joyful children’s faces, full of hopes for a peaceful, creative life.

As part of the implementation of the Russian-Syrian agreements reached during the working trip of the Russian interdepartmental delegation to the SAR in July 2021, a visit by Syrian children was organized from 12 to 17 August 2021 at the invitation of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu. victims of hostilities and studying Russian, the capital of Russia.

Syrian children were able to familiarize themselves with the main sights of Moscow, visit the museums of the Moscow Kremlin, objects of the Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora and the Patriot Military-Patriotic Park of Culture and Leisure of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of other historical sites.

Despite the colossal efforts of the Syrian government to finally normalize the situation in the republic, the United States and its allies continue to oppose the implementation of the initiative to return Syrian citizens to their homeland. The imposition by the American side of the authorities of the neighboring countries of Syria, the UN humanitarian structures and international non-governmental organizations of approaches to the solution of the problem of Syrian refugees that meet Washington’s interests causes concern. US-controlled Internet resources continue to carry out an information and propaganda campaign aimed at discrediting the Syrian authorities and promoting theses about the alleged lack of conditions for receiving Syrian families arriving from abroad.

At the same time, the American side “forgets” to mention the living conditions of Syrian refugees in their host countries. So, according to the report of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, currently 85% of the citizens of the SAR in Lebanon are below the poverty line. Extremely difficult sanitary and social conditions are noted in places of their compact residence.

In addition, there is a deterioration in the situation of the Syrians on the territory of Jordan. According to the United Nations, a significant part of the migrants have no permanent income (less than 20% are employed), which creates the preconditions for their being drawn into the ranks of terrorist groups operating in the Syrian conflict zone.

We also draw attention to the absence of signs of improvement in the situation in the Al-Hol refugee camp, located on the territory controlled by the American side in northeastern Syria. According to international observers, the problem of overcrowding in the camp, where 93% of residents are women and children, remains urgent. Also, in El-Khol, the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection and a difficult criminal situation remain, despite the operation carried out by the camp administration in March-April to identify the involvement of its residents in terrorist organizations. This year alone, 65 murders have been recorded in the camp.

No measures are being taken by the United States to resettle the Rukban refugee camp, where the situation also remains critical. Despite repeated requests, the United Nations cannot begin to implement a plan to withdraw the remaining camp residents due to the lack of security guarantees from the American side to date. At the same time, the Syrian authorities are fully prepared to receive their citizens and provide them with everything they need.

We call on the United States not to delay the process of disbanding the Rukban camp and to provide the United Nations with the necessary security guarantees for the operation to voluntarily evacuate its residents.

We are confident that only the end of the occupation of the territories of the sovereign Syrian state and the plundering of Syrian natural resources, as well as the lifting of the illegal politicized sanctions that stifle the country’s economy, will allow the Syrian government to completely normalize the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic.

– Head of the Interdepartmental Coordination Headquarters of the Russian Federation for the Return of Refugees to the Territory of the Syrian Arab Republic – Head of the National Center for Defense Management of the Russian Federation M. Mizintsev

– Head of the Syrian Interdepartmental Coordination Headquarters for the Return of Refugees to the Territory of the Syrian Arab Republic – Minister of Municipal Administration and Environment of the Syrian Arab Republic H. Mahluf

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