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There are 133 offices in Moscow “My Documents”, which employ more than 10 thousand people.

You can drink coffee and, sending the child to the play area, quickly and without hassle draw up documents for a car or recalculate utility bills today in one of 133 offices. “My documents”… And the first such office was opened in Moscow in the Lefortovo district on August 22, 2011. Over the 10 years of operation of the offices of “My Documents”, the provision of public services in the capital has reached a qualitatively new level. Now Muscovites do not have to travel to several institutions located in different parts of the capital, adjust to their working hours, stand in queues for hours. Read about how the system of public services in Moscow developed during these years in the article.

One window principle – saving time and nerves

Before the appearance of My Documents offices, government services in the capital were provided by about 1200 reception offices of various authorities. In order to obtain the required document, Muscovites often had to pay two or three visits. And the average time for processing a service was six hours.

The main task in the creation of multifunctional centers was to combine all public services under one roof. A huge amount of work has been done: if in 2011 less than 100 government services could be obtained in the centers, then in 2015 – about 160. Today, more than 280 services of various departments are available to people, from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia to the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the City of Moscow … They can be obtained in one of the nearly seven thousand windows of the My Documents offices. After all, one of the main advantages of modern centers of public services is that they work on the principle of one window.


Over the years of work of the offices of “My Documents”, the waiting time in the queue has significantly reduced. If in 2013 the waiting time was about 40 minutes, today it does not exceed 15 minutes. At the same time, the average waiting time is only 5-10 minutes, despite the fact that about 70 thousand people apply to the centers every day. “10 years ago, in order to obtain the necessary documents, with each application it was necessary to apply to the relevant departments, which were located in different parts of the city. Many organizations worked according to a certain schedule, with a lunch break, until 17-18 hours. Muscovites had to take time off from work and stand in queues. For example, to get a passport, you had to go to the passport office. There, as a rule, one person worked there, who dealt with documents and at the same time answered questions, and there was a queue to him. There was no waiting area, no opportunity to print documents, take photos, ”says Tatiana Poretskova.

In 2013, only four percent of services were provided on an extraterritorial basis, and since 2020, 98 percent of services can be obtained at any convenient office, regardless of the place of registration.

Execute documents in one package

Today Muscovites can draw up documents in one package in nine common life situations – these are “Birth of a child”, “Large family”, “Change of name”, “I am a motorist”, “I pay taxes”, “I have lost my documents”, “Change of place residence ”,“ Purchase of housing ”and“ Registration of inheritance ”. During one visit, you can submit several applications at once, and then only pick up the finished documents. “We form package services based on the needs of residents. Previously, for example, in order to obtain a child’s birth certificate, one had to apply to the Civil Registry Office. The document was handed over on the day of the visit. Then the parents went to social services to receive payments. Part of the payments was represented by the Pension Fund, and its branch also had to be visited. To register a child at the place of residence of one of the parents, you had to contact your passport office. The chain of these departments had to be passed sequentially, because the original of the certificate was needed everywhere, ”recalls Tatiana Poretskova.

More and more services do not require contacting the authorities at all, if the necessary information is already in federal databases. For example, after registration, the child will receive an insurance number of an individual personal account (SNILS) automatically. Parents do not need to submit any applications for this. If the mother is registered on the portal of public services, after registering the birth of the child’s SNILS, it is sent to her personal account.

And already more than 100 services can be obtained in in electronic format… Among them are benefits for children, compensation for large families, registration of a parking permit, temporary registration, extracts from various registers.

Since this year, Muscovites have had the opportunity to consult with experts online. To do this, on the website, you need to select the service “Appointment to the centers of public services and departments”, then – the section “Multifunctional centers for the provision of public services in the city of Moscow”, and then go to the tab “Video consultation in the centers of public services”.

More than 10 thousand people have used the service “Acquisition of housing” in the centers of public servicesMore than 100 services of the centers “My Documents” are available onlinePublic service centers have expanded the list of topics for video consultations

Flagship plank

The network of public service centers is constantly expanding its boundaries. There are 133 My Documents offices in Moscow, including six flagships and the Palace of Public Services at VDNKh. Each center is created with care for the comfort of Muscovites. They have cafes and play areas for children, mother and child rooms and waiting areas. In addition to receiving services, in the centers you can take pictures, print documents and check your health.

Flagship offices have set the bar high in the provision of public services. The first such office opened in the Central District, in the Afimall City shopping and entertainment center in 2018, and today the flagships are also open in the Eastern, South-Eastern, Southern and South-Western administrative districts of Moscow. The last flagship – Northern District – opened in April at the Metropolis shopping center.

In beautiful and spacious offices, you can get an extended list of services and take advantage of additional services. Only in the flagships are services available such as vehicle registration, issuing a driver’s license on the day of application, receiving an out-of-court bankruptcy petition, state registration of individual entrepreneurs, acquiring citizenship by minor children (only in the South-Western Administrative District and the Central Administrative District). And in the flagships of the South Administrative District and the South-Eastern Administrative District, you can issue a passport for a child in a day.

Flagship centers are opening in convenient public places, in large shopping centers close to the metro. Another advantage is the opening hours from 10:00 to 22:00 without breaks and weekends, thanks to which residents can get the necessary services without taking time off from work.

Often, flagship offices become sites for testing new services and projects. For example, robot consultants work in the flagship in the Shchelkovsky shopping and entertainment center. They can tell you what documents are required to receive government services and whether you need to pay a fee. And in the flagship office of the Central Administrative District and in the center of public services of the Donskoy region last fall appeared cryptobiocabins, which are now already in 15 centers of public services. With their help, you can issue a biometric foreign passport without the help of an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

More than 280 services can be obtained in each My Documents office. In the Palace of Public Services at VDNKh there is a unique service for individuals – registration of ownership of real estate objects located in any region of Russia on an extraterritorial basis (in other centers of public services, it is possible to register ownership without reference to place of residence only to real estate located in Moscow).

It is important that the number of public services in the centers is also constantly increasing. Among the latest innovations is the expansion of the list of registry office services. Starting this year, in the offices of “My Documents” you can get married in a non-formal setting, as well as divorce with mutual consent and the absence of minor children.

Professional development and “sincere service”

According to Tatiana Poretskova, the first employees of the centers of public services were employees of various departments, who were transferred to the offices of “My Documents”. At that time, they only possessed knowledge in their field and could provide a limited list of services. Therefore, one of the important tasks was the creation of a centralized training system for specialists.

“At first, employees were trained separately within each center. And in 2015, the first Russian training center “My Documents” was opened, where specialists are trained centrally. Today, every new employee undergoes trainings, ”notes Tatiana Poretskova.

It is important that specialists learn not only to provide public services, but also master the art of communication, an individual approach to everyone and skills of behavior in stressful situations. For experienced employees, regular courses are provided to improve professional qualities and improve skills when working in non-standard situations. When a new service appears or the order of its provision changes, all employees also undergo training.

In 2014, the “Moscow Standard of Public Services” was introduced in the offices of “My Documents”, and in 2017 the concept of “Sincere Service” appeared. Its purpose is not just to provide public services, but to look at the situation from the applicant’s point of view.

“We must perceive a resident who comes to us as a close friend or relative. And the desire to help in solving his questions and problems must be sincere. We tried to completely eliminate the negative experience of past receptions, so we are working to make our employees friendlier. The specialist should be interested in the resident solving all the issues and leaving satisfied, and not returning again with the same problem, ”says Tatiana Poretskova.

This approach is planned to be introduced in other city institutions. The first were polyclinics, renovated according to the new Moscow standard. Now the residents are met in them not by medical staff, but by the administrators of the My Documents offices. They will help create an atmosphere of friendliness in medical institutions and provide a personalized approach to patients.

Convenience, sincerity … and umbrellas: how the Palace of Public Services works at VDNKhOn the occasion of the anniversary of the centers of public services, an online exhibition was opened on the portal “I am Home”From May 31, seven registry office services will be available in the centers “My Documents”

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