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Since the inception of “NPO Lab” in 2016, more than 40 thousand employees of non-profit organizations have become its listeners, more than five thousand people have joined the program since the beginning of this year.

Since 2016, the network of coworking centers of non-profit organizations (NCOs) of the Committee for Public Relations and Youth Policy of Moscow has been implementing the NCO Lab program. She helps authors and participants of socially oriented projects to undergo professional training. Students master the intricacies of legal, organizational, financial and other aspects of the activities of NGOs.

As told Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Mayor of Moscow, on average over seven thousand people join the educational program a year.

“The annual audience of NPO Lab exceeds seven thousand people. Thanks to the introduction of the online format, the number of participants has grown. Since the beginning of this year, more than five thousand employees of non-profit organizations have completed training. Nowadays, classes devoted to digitalization in the work of NGOs and promotion in social networks are especially popular, ”noted Natalya Sergunina.

There are several training formats: refresher courses (upon completion, certificates of the established form are issued), a three-month online course (its listeners receive certificates) or individual seminars, webinars and master classes on various topics. All classes within the NCO Lab program are free of charge.

The leaders of NGOs who took the course told why they decided to take part in the program and how the knowledge gained helped them in their work.

Intellectual development

The Center for Intellectual Culture and Sports “Kaissa” has been working with children, youth and adults for more than seven years.

“Club work is carried out in all intellectual sports, including checkers and chess. We also have workshops, studios and public associations: an art design workshop, a youth public association “Yunarmiya”, a school of social design, a club of young diplomats and intellectual volunteers, ”says Elvira Umanskaya, head of the center.

The projects of the center “Chess for Friendship”, the workshop of chess animators “Grandmaster” and “Chess for Everyone” are the winners of the Moscow Mayor’s grant competitions in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

The NPO Lab program, according to Elvira Umanskaya, is a real storehouse of knowledge. The staff of the center took courses such as “Management and Development of Non-Profit Organizations” and “Applied Research for Non-Profit Organizations”.

Support for patients with oncology

Lydia Chuperka’s training in the NCO Lab program prompted the idea of ​​creating her own charitable organization – the Three Joy Foundation.

“It was an offline course that lasted for a month. We were told about the basics, for example, what types of NPO activities exist, what documents are needed to create an NPO. Another topic related to the choice of a name for the organization. It turns out that it plays a big role. The name should sound good and be close to what you do, ”shared Lydia.

Three joys in the name of the organization – life, health and love – are the main, in her opinion, human values. The fund, founded two years ago, supports children and adults with oncology, providing legal, psychological and material assistance, attracting funds from private investors.

“It all started when my mother got cancer. At that time I did not know where to run, to which organizations to turn for help. It was 2009. Fortunately, I met a foundation, whose employee explained what to do. And after that, I realized that I was not the only one: thousands of people find themselves in a situation of ignorance and confusion due to illness. And I decided that I had to help them, ”says Lydia.

During the work of the fund, tens of thousands of people have received help. Many patients managed to overcome the disease and return to a fulfilling life. Recalling the history of her foundation, Lydia notes the undoubted benefits of the NCO Lab courses.

“Today, training is even more accessible: for those who have little time, an online format is provided. I myself watch the NCO Lab webinars to systematize my knowledge from time to time, ”says Lydia.

Rehabilitation and prevention of age-related changes

The goal of the regional public organization “Golden Weave” is to help those who find themselves in difficult life situations, including the poor, and older people. The head of the organization, Natalya Sysoeva, says that in the spoke therapy club, people are engaged in knitting to prevent age-related changes, as well as for the purpose of rehabilitation after various diseases and injuries (through the development of fine motor skills). Another rehabilitation project is called “Draw + Knit = Come Back After Stroke”. In addition, the organization conducts classes on arts and crafts, psychology, Nordic walking, and so on with retirees.

For the first time Natalia Sysoeva became a listener of the NCO Lab program five years ago.

“The training took place in full-time format. Personally, this gave me the opportunity not only to gain the necessary knowledge at the initial stages of work and promotion in the field of NGOs, but also to get acquainted with colleagues, to establish the necessary connections, on the basis of which partnership projects began to be implemented in the future, ” she says. – Now I began to actively use the YouTube channel “NKO Lab”. This is a very convenient format: the page contains the entire library of seminars, so if you have any question, you can always go to this library and find the necessary materials. “

According to Natalya, the courses “Management and Development of Non-Profit Organizations”, “Personnel Management in Non-Profit Organizations”, as well as lessons on reportage photography and video filming were useful for her.

Music, culture, education

Elena German, general director of the autonomous non-profit organization Music, Culture, Education, having learned about the NPO Lab program from her acquaintances, enrolled in the NPO Management and Development course, successfully completed the training and received a confirmation certificate.

“The course took place online and lasted three months,” says Elena. – He helped to structure ideas, formulate tasks, and most importantly – to understand what we want. Thanks to the course, we began work on the organization’s website, established work in social networks. “

The activities of the NGO, represented by Elena, are primarily aimed at popularizing classical music.


“The basis of our projects is the cycle of concerts of classical chamber music“ Music in the Mansions ”, which we have been holding in Moscow since 2008. The cycle is a synthesis of music, architecture and history. The concerts take place in the halls and living rooms of the capital’s historic mansions. The atmosphere of these concerts is close to the atmosphere of the 19th century music salons. This gives listeners the opportunity to make a real musical journey through old Moscow, ”explains Elena.

Participants of the concerts are soloists of the Moscow State Academic Philharmonic Society and Moscow Opera Theaters, laureates of international competitions. In 2020, the project won the Moscow Mayor’s grant competition.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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