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“Ordinary Afghans pay for Washington’s mistakes”

– Nikolai Platonovich, events in Afghanistan are developing rapidly. Just a couple of weeks ago, almost no one in the world believed that Kabul would fall in August and the government would hastily leave the country. Most shocked, it seems, are the Americans and their NATO allies. Why did it all happen so suddenly?

– The confidence of the military and political leadership of the United States and its allies that they fully controlled the situation in Afghanistan led to ignorance and underestimation of the real situation.

This is partly the result of the incompetence of the intelligence services of the United States, Britain and other NATO countries, which apparently did not sufficiently purposefully approach the collection and analysis of information, or did not work well with it.

The same mistakes were made in other regions of the world, including the Middle East, including Syria, Iraq, Libya.

But an even more significant reason for what happened is the next hope of the Anglo-Saxons on their typical conviction in the correctness of the decisions made. At the same time, failures and their consequences are attributed to others. America is doing just that now. She blames the government of Ashraf Ghani, whom she herself brought to power, for everything that happened, and also speaks of the insufficient training of the Afghan army.

Ordinary Afghans are paying the price for Washington’s mistakes. Note that the American and European military are taking out of the country military personnel and citizens of their states. The Afghans who collaborated with them, in the main, are left to fend for themselves.

At the same time, one can ask European advocates of human rights, how does all this correlate with the notorious Western values?

– Don’t you think that America is ignoring its defeat in this situation, because its image in the world has been severely damaged?

– Among the Americans there are those who profited from this war, so they are not particularly worried about what the world thinks about the United States. For this category of citizens, the 20-year war has become a gold mine. According to Washington, the United States has spent more than $ 1 trillion in taxpayers directly on it. And if we take into account also the indirect costs, then it is almost twice as much.

Including personally enriched the American military, through whose hands passed billions of tranches of the Afghan army. Let me remind you that only about $ 90 billion was spent on training its staff. At the same time, information about the theft is kept silent.

The military-industrial complex and the so-called private contractors received super-profits. The United States did not even bother to take out of the country a huge amount of weapons and military equipment, but simply abandoned it.

In addition, Washington checked the loyalty of those in power in NATO countries and a number of other states involved in the adventure in Afghanistan, including in the post-Soviet countries, primarily in Georgia.

At the same time, I cannot but touch upon Ukraine, where Washington has brought to power and continues to bring in people loyal to it. The USA is pumping this country with unnecessary weapons for the Americans themselves, closing their eyes, but in fact they support the burgeoning neo-Nazism, the growth of extremism, crime, drug trafficking, interethnic and sectarian strife.

At the same time, Kiev obsequiously serves the interests of overseas patrons, striving to enter NATO. But was the ousted pro-American regime in Kabul saved by the fact that Afghanistan had the status of the main US ally outside NATO? A similar situation awaits supporters of the American choice in Ukraine, where neo-Nazis are capable of coming to power, the country is heading for disintegration, and the White House at some point will not remember its Kiev supporters.

– However, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Joe Biden himself said that the US did not lose, but achieved the main goal of its stay in Afghanistan, neutralizing the organizers of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks …

– The United States is silent about the fact that it set broader tasks – the fight against international terrorism, the suppression of drug trafficking and the training of the security forces of Afghanistan.

In reality, during the presence of American troops, the number of terrorist acts in Afghanistan has grown exponentially. Al-Qaeda, ISIS, the Islamic Movement of East Turkestan (all banned in the Russian Federation) and other terrorist groups that consider Afghan territory as a base for the subsequent transfer of activity to the states of Central Asia, to Chinese Xinjiang , to the north of Iran, in the direction of India, creating “sleeping cells” in these states.

Instead of fighting drug trafficking for two decades of military-political administration of Afghanistan, the United States implemented in it a project to create a drug laboratory on a global scale. Opiate production increased more than 40 times.

The West was never able to train the army, police, and special services in military affairs. The morally and psychologically decayed armed forces surrendered without a fight.

While spending huge sums on the maintenance of its troops, the United States did not create social infrastructure and civilian enterprises. For ordinary Afghans, only devastation remained, the development of the country itself was thrown back decades.

“Russia is interested in a peaceful, united, developing Afghanistan”

– In turn, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says that the alliance does not exclude the possibility of remote strikes against international terrorist groups in Afghanistan. How effective is it?

– They will strike blows, they will bravely report to the world community, only peaceful Afghans will suffer from this again.

A whole generation of people has grown up in the country who do not know what it is like to live in a world without constant fear. According to the most modest and clearly underestimated estimates, over 40 thousand civilians have died in Afghanistan over 20 years, not counting tens of thousands of killed soldiers of government forces.

This is the result of US interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

– How active is the intervention of the States in the internal affairs of Russia?

– These tasks remain with Washington. A whole legion of American political strategists and nongovernmental organizations are trying to influence the election campaigns in Russia in order to advance agents of influence into power, trying to whip up social tension in society for this. But the United States itself has many problems without external interference. There, intrastate contradictions and racial prejudices are intensifying. The closest ally of Washington, England, which left the European Union without calculating all the consequences, also developed internal political problems.

– How does the Russian Security Council monitor the development of the situation in Afghanistan?

– The situation in Afghanistan is in the field of vision of the Security Council. At one of the next operational meetings with the permanent members of the Security Council, this issue will become the main one. Additional measures to ensure stability in the region will be discussed. Contacts have already been intensified through the security councils, law enforcement agencies, special services and military departments with the states closest to Afghanistan, primarily with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, as well as with China, Iran, India and Pakistan. We will also actively use the potential of the CSTO and SCO. In order to ensure security in Central Asia, we will welcome closer cooperation with the CSTO of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Our priority task is to ensure control over migration flows from Afghanistan, to protect the region from the movement of terrorists across the border under the guise of refugees, from the spread of radical ideology, arms smuggling and drug trafficking.

– Should we expect the entry of a Russian military contingent into Afghanistan? Recently, they have been talking a lot about this, drawing parallels with Syria …

– There are no prerequisites for this. In the Afghan direction, we will focus primarily on political and diplomatic efforts, together with our partners, we will look for ways to establish an intra-Afghan dialogue and a peaceful settlement of the problems existing in the country. For these purposes, in particular, the Moscow format has been created and is functioning successfully. In addition, we attach great importance to the coordinating role of the UN in international efforts for an Afghan settlement.

Russia is interested in a peaceful, united and developing Afghanistan, from the territory of which no threats to the region will come. We are ready to establish a dialogue with those forces that will rely on the will of the Afghan people, follow their aspirations and work to transform Afghanistan into a normally functioning, strong, prosperous state.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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