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At the Dubrovichi training ground, the preparation of a new target environment for the participants of the Aviadarts International Competition within the framework of ARMI-2021 has been completed.

“For the contestants, we have prepared 2 types of targets – one target for small arms and unguided missile weapons, the other for aerial bombs. Each competitor will have their own target. For the use of an aircraft cannon and NAR, it is a mock-up of automotive equipment with shields of 3 by 5 meters, and having a certain color so that it is easier to find an individual target from the air. And for aerial bombs – a circle with a diameter of 100 meters, in the center of which is a cross. The pilots pulled out the target numbers independently during the draw, ”said Major Sergei Darer, Chief of Staff of the Dubrovichi test site.

The first type of targets is used by the crews of army, fighter, assault and bomber aviation, the second type – by long-range and bomber aviation pilots.

“The measurement of hits is done automatically. The Klever system is located at the test site, which records the hits of the crews. In addition, the panel of judges regularly, after the use of aviation weapons of a group of crews, travels to the target field and records the work of each competitor. If there are controversial questions, then the data of objective control are analyzed, ”emphasized the chief of staff of the landfill.

The day before, the drawing of lots of targets took place at the Diagilevo airfield. Crews of fighter, assault and army aviation “blindly chose” targets for missile and small arms, long-range and bomber aviation pilots got targets for bombing, and crews of military transport aviation – coordinates for airborne cargo.

“Most of the targets are destroyed by the crews during the practical stages, therefore, after each of these stages, the personnel of the training ground replace the target elements so that the target environment is always fully prepared for the competition,” concluded Major Sergei Darer.

The international competition for aircrew training of flight crews “Aviadarts-2021” is held in the Ryazan region from August 22 to September 4. The competition involves the Dyagilevo airfield and the Dubrovichi training ground. Teams of the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation are participating. There are about 60 crews in total.

The pilots will have to compete in the following elements of the competition: visual aerial reconnaissance, piloting technique, navigation. The final stage will be the combat use of aviation weapons against ground targets. The crews will perform practical launches of unguided aircraft missiles, bombing and firing aircraft cannons.

The test is held in 7 nominations for the types of aviation: fighter aircraft, attack aircraft, bomber aircraft, long-range aircraft, military transport aviation, army aviation in combat and army aviation in transport and combat helicopters.

The flights involved J-10 and J-16 (Jian), H-6 (Hong), Y-9, and Y-20 (Yun) planes of the People’s Liberation Army of China, Su-25 attack aircraft, Mi-8 and Mi helicopters -24 Air Force of the Republic of Belarus, Su-35s fighters, Su-34 bombers, Mi-28n and Ka-52 helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces and other types of aviation equipment.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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