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More than 28 thousand cadets can participate in training camps here every year.

In September, the educational and methodological center for military-patriotic education of youth “Avangard”, which operates in the “Patriot” park, will be one year old. It is located in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. The Center was visited by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu, the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin and the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov. During the examination, Vladimir Putin talked to the cadets.

“There should be one team, because we will achieve maximum results only by common efforts – team efforts. And you will definitely succeed in both these military disciplines and civil ones. This means that everything will work out in life, ”said the President of Russia.

The number of those wishing to study at Avangard is growing. According to Sergei Sobyanin, out of 40 thousand young people who undergo military training, only 12 thousand have the opportunity to get here.

The Mayor of Moscow noted that in the preparation for military service, girls show even more responsibility and diligence than boys.

“Here is a different rhythm of life – a different purposefulness, overcoming some obstacles,” added Sergei Sobyanin.

Vladimir Putin was shown on mannequins summer and winter outfits of the center’s cadets.

In accordance with the federal law “On Military Duty and Military Service”, students of schools and colleges must acquire basic knowledge in the field of defense (lessons “OBZH” and “Life Safety”), and young men – pupils of the 10th grade and students of the first and second courses of colleges – pass a five-day training camp on the basics of military service.

To carry them out at a high quality level, the governments of Moscow and the Moscow region have opened a joint educational and methodological center for the military-patriotic education of youth “Avangard” by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The creation of the center was supported by Vladimir Putin.

The complex, occupying 28.45 hectares of the territory of the military-historical park of culture and recreation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation “Patriot”, was built in 372 days. The groundbreaking ceremony for the foundation of the center took place on September 10, 2019, and a year later, in September 2020, it was put into operation.

Artificial intelligence, simulators and drones

To accommodate 600 cadets and 157 employees of the center, two residential buildings were created. The cadets live in comfortable four-bed rooms.

Training sessions and cultural and leisure activities are held in the administrative building. Along with classrooms, there is a large assembly hall, modern equipment and simulators have been installed, including:

– a parachute jump simulator, which allows you to work out the elements of landing – from a step into the sky from an aircraft to landing in a given area;

– an interactive shooting gallery, its main element is an armored touch screen on which the image is broadcast;

– simulators of military equipment – simulators with the ability to visualize the terrain and combat object;

– a robotics class for teaching drone control;

– interactive mockup class and military history class.

Near the educational building there is a parade ground for practical training, a laser tag playground and the Universe park.

The sports cluster meets all modern requirements for the comprehensive development and physical fitness of students. It includes a table tennis court, a ground for passing GTO standards, an indoor sports complex, universal playgrounds for basketball, volleyball, mini-football and mini-handball, an outdoor gym, a gymnastic town, a climbing wall with a tourist area, obstacle courses and a ski track.

In addition, the educational and methodological center has a storage warehouse, a medical center, a canteen, a restoration point for military equipment “Bunker”, as well as several parking lots for vehicles.

The center is managed with the help of a special information system “Artificial Intelligence” Vanguard “(IRA), which includes a module for organizing the educational process and a knowledge base in all areas of activity: military-patriotic education, history, military affairs, life safety. Also, the IRA is part of the center’s security system, helping instructors and counselors to track the progress of cadets and control their movement across the territory.

The capacity of the center allows annual training camps for 28,800 cadets, half of whom are from Moscow, the other part from the Moscow region. Training camps for students of Moscow and Moscow region schools and colleges are free of charge.

Online training in 21 days

The first full-time shift in the Avangard center took place from 8 to 13 March this year. It was attended by 600 children from 11 schools and colleges in Moscow. These are pupils of cadet classes, as well as schoolchildren and students who took an active part in sports and patriotic events, including passing the GTO standards, the Victory Ball basketball championship, the Belaya Ladya all-Russian chess competition, the Moscow Olympiad for schoolchildren in complex security (cadet Olympiad) and cybersport tournament “Cybercadets”.

In total, in the 2020/2021 academic year, 1334 students from Moscow attended the training camp in full-time format.

Since November 2020 (including during the anti-epidemic restrictions), the fees were also held in a remote format. Avangard specialists have developed a training program that allows you to master the required amount of knowledge online through interactive lessons, video tutorials and testing. They are conducted on a special platform. The total duration of the program is 15 hours, and it can be completed within 21 days.

In the 2020/2021 academic year, 12 358 students from Moscow successfully passed the training camp using the online platform. In addition, 19,435 students used the platform of the Moscow Center “Patriot.Sport”, another 6,728 people did it on the basis of educational organizations, which had the right to independently develop a five-day training program.

In addition to organizing training camps, the Avangard center is ready to hold military-patriotic events on its site with the participation of students from cadet classes and Moscow representatives of the Yunarmiya movement.

From May 1 to May 9 this year, the gathering of girls from the Yunarmiya movement took place here, who on Victory Day were paraded across Red Square, headed by the First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Yunarmiya Movement, Director of the Avangard educational and methodological center Daria Borisova …

This summer, six shifts took place at the center for representatives of the movement and cadets. A total of 2,348 cadets received primary military training skills, of which 244 were from Moscow.

To prevent the spread of viral and infectious diseases, the Avangard Center has adopted a set of measures, including:

– two-week quarantine of the personnel of the center before the arrival of children;

– glove and mask mode;

– Regular ventilation of the premises;

– bactericidal recirculators and sanitizers in all rooms of the complex;

– daily cleaning of premises using disinfectants.

The medical center has an isolated room with a separate entrance and exit. Deep sanitization of the complex is carried out between shifts.

About patriotic education of youth

One of the important tasks of the city’s education system is the patriotic education of children and adolescents. The work is carried out in several directions.

Among them is museum pedagogy. There are 1,628 museums in Moscow schools, more than half of which have a military-historical focus. Each school museum has an asset from among students, teachers, representatives of the veteran and parent community. In total, there are more than 12 thousand students and 3.8 thousand teachers and veterans.

In addition, there is patronage over memorial signs and objects of military glory. Every year, students from Moscow schools take part in five citywide memorial and patronage actions, under the patronage of which there are one thousand objects of military glory.

One of the directions is the volunteer movement, in which more than 39 thousand schoolchildren and college students take part.

Young people are being prepared for military service. In each educational organization, an educational and material base has been created for holding events for the military-patriotic education of youth and preparation for military service, which includes a subject room with educational and visual aids, technical training aids, a sports campus with elements of an obstacle course, a shooting range or shooting area (electronic shooting simulator).

The result of training students in the basics of military service is a five-day training camp. In the 2020/2021 academic year, 40 672 students from Moscow schools and colleges took part in the training camp (including during the restrictions due to COVID-19), of which 38 675 people – in online format, 1997 people – in full-time format at the base of the center “Avangard” and the state budgetary educational institution of additional professional education of the city of Moscow “Moscow center” Patriot.Sport “”.

A cadet movement has been created in the capital. More than 25 thousand children study in specialized cadet classes of 249 schools. Moscow cadets take part in major city events of a patriotic orientation, including:

– a solemn march on Red Square dedicated to the historic parade on November 7, 1941;

– city forum of cadet education “I have the honor to serve the Fatherland!” at the State Kremlin Palace, dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day;

– the parade of the Moscow cadet movement “The connection of generations will not be interrupted” on Poklonnaya Hill, dedicated to the victory in the Great Patriotic War;

– city festival of young talents “Cadet star”;

– events dedicated to the Day of Military Glory and memorable dates of Russia.

New interesting forms of work with cadets appear every year. So, in September 2017, the educational project “Day of the cadet class at the Victory Museum” was launched. Within the framework of the project, each cadet during the academic year is given the honor of keeping watch at post No. 1 at the Fire of Memory and Glory, as well as the opportunity to take part in lessons, excursions and interactive classes at the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

In the 2018/2019 academic year, a new educational project was launched at the Victory Museum for seventh-grade cadets – “Historical Journey”

In the 2020/2021 academic year, the educational project “Cadet Navigator” began, which is being implemented by the Moscow Center “Patriot.Sport” together with leading universities – the National Research University “Higher School of Economics”, Moscow State Linguistic University, the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under President of the Russian Federation, Moscow State University of Technology and Management named after K.G. Razumovsky.

Today more than 700 cadets have the opportunity to receive additional education in 20 general educational programs of the cadet profile.

An important work in patriotic education is being carried out by the Yunarmiya, a military-patriotic social movement. More than 28 thousand Moscow schoolchildren take part in it. The headquarters of its Moscow regional branch is located on the basis of the Moscow center “Patriot.Sport”.

For representatives of the movement on a gratuitous basis, the Patriot.Sport Center implements specialized educational programs for military-technical training, in particular:

– “Open Skies”: “Young aircraft designer”, “Young military pilot” and “Operator of unmanned aerial vehicles”;

– “Yoongi” Yunarmiya “”: “Navigator of a small vessel”, “Sea rescuer” and “Underwater swimmer”;

– “Defender of the Fatherland”: “Self-defense”, “Sharpshooter”, “Parachutist”;

– “Rescue and Survival in Emergencies”: “Rescue and Assistance in Emergencies”, “School of Survival”, “Fire-technical training”.

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