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Employees of the Russian Emergencies Ministry and the military personnel of the Ministry of Defense participating in extinguishing fires on the territory of the Mordovian reserve on the border with the Nizhny Novgorod region were surrounded by flames in the middle of the forest.

On August 23, at about 19.00, a grouping with a total of 55 people and 18 pieces of equipment was sent to cut off the fire in one of the quarters of the Mordovian reserve on the border with the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Suddenly the wind rose, and the fire turned into a top fire, which began to rapidly spread over large areas, surrounding the group with lightning speed. People with equipment were trapped in a ring of flame and cut off from escape routes. The main goal now was to try to find a way out of the fiery trap. The primary task was not to let the fire close to people and equipment.

Trees were cut down along the inner edge of the burning ring. Thanks to well-coordinated actions and incredible efforts, the horse fire was localized. However, bottom burning continued and strong smoke was generated. Toward nightfall, the wind died down, the smoke began to thicken, and it was necessary to get out of the fiery captivity as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, a second group of firefighters of the Specialized Fire and Rescue Unit and rescuers of the Volga Regional Search and Rescue Unit of the EMERCOM of Russia has already moved to rescue people. To localize the fire on the escape routes, a tanker truck and heavy equipment were sent to help. Rescuers began to break through to the ring of fire.

The situation was complicated by the dark time of the day and poor visibility due to strong smoke. But, despite this, incredible efforts managed to pave the way for the evacuation of people and equipment. The road was cleared of burning dead wood and fallen trees – dismantling was carried out literally by hand in conditions of zero visibility, when there was a fiery front behind the wall. Fire centers were located along the “path of escape”.

Several hours later, at the cost of tremendous labor, people and equipment were safely evacuated to a safe distance. Thanks to professionalism, bold and decisive actions at the risk of their lives for the sake of a common cause, the hostages of the ring of fire were able to withdraw in full force. Not a single person was hurt. Not a single piece of equipment is damaged!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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