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25 August 2021, 07:05

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Large trees were planted at night to minimize inconvenience to drivers and pedestrians. The traffic on Leningradsky Prospekt was not blocked.

20 large trees, more than 250 shrubs and 1060 perennials were planted on the territory adjacent to the station of the Big Circle line of the Petrovsky Park metro station, the deputy head said Department of overhaul of the city of Moscow Sergey Melnikov.

“The choice of tree and shrub species was determined by two main factors: the ability to adapt to the conditions of the megalopolis and the prevailing appearance of the street space. To make green spaces look as attractive as possible throughout the growing season, we took into account such features as the change in color shades of leaves during the season and the time of flowering, ”he added.

Three silver maples and 17 limes of the “pallida” variety were planted on the territory near the Petrovsky Park station. All trees were grown in specialized nurseries, where they were prepared for transplantation.

“The age of the maples is 14-16 years, the girth of the trunks is 35-40 centimeters, and the height is about five meters. The top of the maple leaves is green and the back is bluish. Thanks to this, the entire crown acquires a light silvery sheen, which is reflected in the name of this species. Pallida lindens are the most resistant to urban conditions. The planted trees are 16–18 years old, their height is about 8–9 meters, and the girth of the trunks reaches 50–60 centimeters, ”noted Sergei Melnikov.

Among the 254 shrubs that now adorn the territory, there are lilacs, bright green alpine currants, lamarka irga, treelike hydrangea with caps of flowers of different shades, gray spirea with spreading flowering shoots and Cossack juniper.

For trees and shrubs, planting pits with fertile soil and a drainage layer of expanded clay were prepared in advance. It protects the roots from rotting and provides adequate ventilation.

Large trees were planted at night to minimize inconvenience to drivers and pedestrians. The work was carried out with the help of automatic manipulators, about 50 people were involved for this. At the time of planting the trees, traffic on Leningradsky Prospekt was not blocked.

For three years, a specialized organization will take care of trees and shrubs: water, fertilize, protect against diseases and pests. If trees or shrubs still do not take root, the contractor will replace them.

“More than 1060 perennials have been planted along the Moscow alley opposite the Dynamo stadium. Among them are such plants as reed grass, a cereal plant that resembles field grasses, it adorns any composition. The unpretentious Fassen catnip creates a light haze of lavender color on the flower bed. Gray fescue, forming fluffy bushes from tough foliage, brings harmony to flower arrangements, ”added Sergey Melnikov.

The sedum plant lives up to its name and stands out not only for its variegated flowers, but also for tall fleshy shoots. The dark-red purple steeple and oak sage create bright spots against the background of greenery, and the turf pike with its numerous leaves and spikelets forms round bumps.

Caring for perennial plants, like caring for trees, consists of watering, fertilizing with fertilizers and treating them with safe drugs against pests and diseases.

After transplanting into open ground, all plants are stressed. At the same time, the transplanted plant produces numerous new roots and actively takes root. This year there will not be a large number of flowers, the abundant flowering of perennials will begin next summer.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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