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At the Brestsky training ground in the Republic of Belarus, the individual stages of the international competitions “Sniper Frontier” and “Polar Star” continue.

On the second day of the competition of snipers of special forces, snipers from 11 countries demonstrated their professional skill in marksmanship in the competitive exercises “Aiming the aiming point” and “Leapfrog”.

In the Exercise “Retrieval of the aiming point”, the participants of the competition had to hit five targets “Metal Gong” 40×40 cm in size with six shots from a prone position in two minutes at a distance of 300 to 800 m from a prone position.

During the individual leapfrog exercise, the shooters had to hit five special targets with a diameter of 40 cm at a distance of 300 to 800 m from a prone position in 75 seconds with 10 shots. The shooter had the right to use no more than two cartridges for each target.

Competitions of scouts-snipers, radio operators, miners, medical instructors from the special forces of nine countries are held at the competition of special forces “Polar Star”.

Sniper pairs hit different types of targets at a distance of 100 to 500 meters from different positions.

As part of the exercise “Partner” scout radio operators moved to designated positions, deployed a radio station and established communications, after which they destroyed a group of targets at a distance of 200 to 400 meters.

The scouts-miners fulfilled the standards of the “Ambush” exercise, which simulates the actions of the special forces in the mining subgroup during the installation of a concentrated charge and practical detonation. At the same time, they had to establish a charge, deploy an electric explosive network, detonate the charge, then destroy all targets in their firing sectors.

In the course of the “Evacuation” exercise, the scout-sanitary instructors had to find the victim, assess his condition, temporarily stop external bleeding, and evacuate the wounded.

The course of the competitions was watched by the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia, Lieutenant General Yunus-Bek Yevkurov. He noted the high level of preparation and the teams’ commitment to victory.

“The army games as a whole and each competition separately not only allows to determine the strongest in their field, but seriously motivates military specialists to improve their skill level. Army contests, and, in particular, those in which you perform, train both the individual skill of each participant and, to a large extent, team cohesion. I wish the teams success and an honest and beautiful fight, ”said the Deputy Minister.

In total, the teams participating in the international competitions of special forces units will have to go through 6 stages of the competition within two weeks, during which the scouts will solve various tasks in a constantly changing tactical situation in order to determine the best special forces group. During the passage of the stages, servicemen will have to work out for a while dozens of the most difficult exercises and standards for tactical, special, reconnaissance, fire, medical and engineering training. They will perform combat training tasks, including parachute jumps for landing accuracy, performing long marches over rough terrain with overcoming water obstacles, mined terrain, shooting from all types of standard weapons in the daytime and at night, hand-to-hand combat, storming a building, evacuating the wounded and other difficult tasks.

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