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26 August 2021, 10:01

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Still from the film “Martin Eden”. Directed by P. Marcello. 2019 year

The main premieres of the week and, of course, the “Night of Cinema” action. Choosing a show to your liking and interests.

Starting this week, in the Moschino cinemas, you can watch a film by one of the most interesting contemporary directors in Italy, a new adaptation of the medieval poem about the Green Knight and an excellent fantastic action movie that celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, but has not lost its brilliance. Read more in the article.

In the cinema halls of the Moschino network, smart seating is organized to maintain a social distance between the audience. When buying a ticket, the system blocks seats around and makes sure that the hall is not more than 50 percent full. You can buy tickets at website.

The plot of Jack London’s main novel about an uneducated sailor who does the impossible and becomes a famous writer, but loses interest in life, was transferred from America in the early twentieth century to Italy, either in the 1950s or in the 1970s. Together with the title character, we go from the Neapolitan slums to a luxury hotel, fall in love and gradually become disillusioned, admire nature and enjoy the music, but we go further and further from joy.

Martin Eden is played by Luca Marinelli, surprisingly similar to the young Vladimir Mayakovsky. This similarity seems no coincidence: the Soviet poet respected London’s novel very much and even wrote a screenplay based on it with David Burliuk. The film “Born Not for Money” with Mayakovsky as Eden was created in 1918; unfortunately, it has not survived. Filmed 100 years later, the painting by Pietro Marcello, if desired, can be considered its kind of continuation.

Pietro Marcello is better known as a documentary filmmaker, and in the fictional “Martin Eden” there are many documentary inserts – cuts from archival videos made in Italy. In part, this film, like all the director’s work, is dedicated to the longing for the passing time. The premiere of “Martin Eden” took place at the Venice Film Festival, where Luca Marinelli won the Best Male Lead Award.

David Lowry’s psychedelic fantasy is based on the poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, written by an unknown author in the 14th century and later translated into modern English by John Tolkien.

At the New Year’s celebration, a mysterious Green Knight appears in King Arthur’s palace, who offers a strange bet: anyone can hit him with an ax, but he reserves the right to respond to the blow after a year. The king’s nephew, the knight Gawain (Dev Patel), without thinking twice, chops off his head, but he puts it back and makes an appointment with him. A year later, Gawain goes in search of the Green Chapel, where he will have to pay a debt of honor, keeping his word.

The plot of the medieval poem about Gawain and the Green Knight has already been filmed. The first film based on it was filmed in 1973, the second in 1984, both were worked on by British director Stephen Weeks.

Starting this week in theaters it will be possible to watch (or revisit) Escape from New York, John Carpenter’s fantasy action movie, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Filmed in 1981, the film tells about life in the United States back in 1997. The crime rate has increased so much that Manhattan Island has been turned into a maximum security walled prison where inmates live by their own rules. This is where the one-eyed Serpent Plissken (Kurt Russell), a former military man, now a soldier of fortune, goes on a mission. Caught while robbing the federal reserve, he is forced to accept the terms of the police.

His task is to take out the president, who is being held there by terrorists, from the cursed island. If successful, he gets freedom. The hero has a matter of hours to complete – a serum is injected into his body, which will kill him if he does not receive the antidote.

“Movie night”

One of the main annual events – the action “Movie Night” – will take place this Saturday. The program includes premieres of new films, screenings of ageless classics from film, tours of the Cinema Museum, lectures on cinema and much more. Those who have not yet decided on their own plans for August 28 should look into guideon the main films.

Please note: despite the fact that the action is called “Cinema Night”, the events begin during the daytime. All screenings are free, for most of them you need to register. The organizers warn: free seats may appear at any time, so it is worth updating the registration page for the event you are interested in.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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