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During its reconstruction, the Vykhino metro station will be modernized, a shopping center will be built, and parking lots will be equipped.

In the coming years, it is planned to carry out a comprehensive reconstruction of the Vykhino transport interchange hub (TPU). Sergei Sobyaninvisited the Vykhino-Zhulebino area and examined the transport hub.

“The Vykhinsky transport interchange hub is one of the most problematic in Moscow – its passenger traffic as a transshipment point was about 400 thousand passengers per day. This whole area was, to put it mildly, not very comfortable – a wild market, a lot of unauthorized retail outlets, dirt, lack of logistics, and so on, “said the Mayor of Moscow.

According to him, in recent years the city has done a lot for the normal functioning of this transport and interchange hub – the number of passengers using it has halved. “Firstly, the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya metro line to Kotelniki was extended, and accordingly, the number of people changing trains here has significantly decreased. Then the Nekrasovskaya metro line was introduced – the passenger traffic decreased even further. And of course, we put things in order on the territory, ”said Sergei Sobyanin.

The next stage is to create a modern transport hub here. It will begin to design this year. The TPU project will consist of three parts, each of which will be responsible for the city, Russian Railways and the investor, who will be selected on a competitive basis in the coming months. They plan to start construction next year, the Mayor of Moscow noted.

“This is the MCD-3 station, which will be built on the basis of the existing railway platform. This is the task of “Russian Railways” under the contract. In addition, the platform of the Vykhino metro station will be reconstructed, which is also not in very good condition, it is not very comfortable for passengers. And the third object is a commercial one, which implies the construction of a concourse over the tracks and the creation of additional crossings, convenient for residents, ”he explained.

Largest TPU

The Vykhino transport hub unites stations of the Kazan direction of the Moscow railway (in the future – MCD-3) and the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya metro line, as well as surface urban transport.

Due to its convenient location and close integration of urban and suburban transport, for several decades Vykhino was the largest transport hub in Moscow. The passenger traffic reached 400 thousand people a day.

At the same time, Vykhino was one of the most uncomfortable and congested interchange hubs in the city. In the 1990s, the lack of transport infrastructure was exacerbated by uncontrolled kiosk and other uncivilized trade.

Since 2011, the Moscow Government has been working to improve the quality of passenger service at Vykhino TPU.


Passenger traffic was reduced approximately twice (from 400 to 170 thousand) due to the extension of the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya metro line to Vykhino-Zhulebino and Kotelniki. The Vykhino bus station was moved to Kotelniki, and part of the routes of surface urban passenger transport – to Nekrasovka.

After the opening of the Moscow Central Circle, commuter train passengers were offered an alternative transfer to the Andronovka TPU. In addition, work was carried out to increase the attractiveness of TPU Elektrozavodskaya and Aviamotornaya.

The opening of the Nekrasovskaya metro line and the Early Early Time campaign, which provided discounts for travel on the metro outside the morning rush hour, also contributed to the decrease in passenger traffic at Vykhino TPU. The food market on Veshnyakovskaya Street was liquidated, as well as numerous rows of trade pavilions on both sides of the railway. Illegal trade from hands and land was stopped.

At the Vykhino TPU, the lighting was updated, comfortable public transport stops, as well as taxi ranks were organized. Parking pockets, dividing fences and two additional traffic lights were installed on Krasny Kazanets Street.

Reconstruction of TPU “Vykhino”

The next step in the development of the Vykhino TPU will be a comprehensive reconstruction of the transport infrastructure and the creation of comfortable conditions for passengers. Another important task is the creation of additional jobs and the formation of a high-quality public space for local residents.

Modernization of the Vykhino metro station will be a key element of the project. Built in 1966, the station does not meet modern transport service standards. The transfer between different modes of transport is carried out across the street. Station crossings do not correspond to the volume of passenger traffic. There are no conditions for passengers with limited mobility.

As part of the reconstruction of the station, it is planned to build a modern overground passenger terminal (concourse) with a common distribution hall, railway and metro ticket offices, turnstiles, as well as facilities for passing service and passenger services.

Transfers will be carried out in a warm dry circuit, and elevators and escalators will make them comfortable and fast, including for passengers with disabilities. The exploited roof of the concourse is planned to be used as a recreation area for passengers and local residents, installing benches and playgrounds on it. Also, the construction of the concourse will reduce the noise impact of metro and electric trains on the adjacent neighborhoods.

The embarkation and disembarkation fronts of ground transport passengers will be covered with canopies with a total area of ​​six thousand square meters.

In addition, the modernization project includes the construction of a shopping center, a multi-level parking lot for 680 cars, a turning platform and a flat parking lot for 160 cars, as well as a partial reconstruction of the adjacent section of Khlobystova Street. The TPU territory free from construction will be landscaped and landscaped.

The reconstruction of the Vykhino TPU is planned at the expense of investors. The main work on the development of the transport interchange hub will be completed in 2025.

According to preliminary data, the passenger traffic of TPU by 2030 will not change and will continue to amount to 170-190 thousand people per day. At the same time, Vykhino will become a more comfortable place for passengers and local residents.

Improvement of the rest of the Vykhino-Zhulebino district will also continue. The Mayor of Moscow announced that he would give instructions to start planting large trees here, which can protect residential areas from traffic noise. “Every year we plant thousands of trees, most of them are small and do not take root well. By and large, they are of little use. We need to plant 10-, 20-, 30-year-old trees here so that they immediately create a green front and close the road, ”Sergei Sobyanin said.

He added that landscaping and landscaping will also help those who live near the Northeast Expressway under construction. “The expressway itself does not create environmental problems, it improves the transport situation. Each chord reduces the overrun of millions of cars, the ecology is improved. But residents of houses that are nearby are not up to these considerations. Of course, this is a certain discomfort for them. Therefore, let’s improve and green the territory, ”added the Mayor of Moscow.

He also instructed to create a leisure center on the site of the former cinema “Enthusiast”. “At one time it was popular, it was closed and cannot give it a new life. Because just cinemas are in little demand, new formats are now popular and something else needs to be invented here, not just a cinema to open, ”Sergei Sobyanin said.

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